Singapore High Court dismisses 36 death row inmates’ challenge against execution delay prevention measures

The Singapore’s High Court on Tuesday rejected a constitutional challenge brought by 36 death row inmates against new measures designed to prevent delays in their executions.

The 36 inmates, who are not represented by a lawyer, argued that two of the provisions were “onerous”, “oppressive” and inconsistent with the rights to a fair trial and access to justice contained in Article 9 of the Constitution.

Commenting on the judgement, M Ravi said the fact that 36 death row inmates were unrepresented is an indictment on the entire legal profession and a black day for Singapore.

“What has happened to our oath to argue cases without fear or favour? It is clear that it’s a broken system when lawyers are afraid to represent death row inmates and this state of affairs puts the entire profession into disrepute,“

Alleged e-bike theft caught on CCTV at Redhill Food Centre

Two individuals, suspected to be juveniles, were reportedly seen stealing a JiMove brand e-bike from Redhill Food Centre on Thursday evening.

The footage depicts the two entering the food court, after which one of them swiftly took control of the parked e-bike and rode away with it.

Singapore Police warn of S$4 suitcase phishing scam impersonating SIA

The police issued a warning about a phishing scam via Facebook ads using Singapore Airlines’ logo.

Fraudsters offered suitcases at S$4, posing as ‘Singapore Airlines Travel.’ SIA cautioned customers to use only their official website and app for transactions.