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How “unanimous ” is the support from stakeholders for Lawrence Wong’s premiership?

Set to become PM on 15 May, Lawrence Wong’s path to leadership prompts questions: Did he truly win over all dissenting stakeholders, or are some approvals still pending?



Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will hand over the premiership to his deputy, Lawrence Wong, on 15 May after twenty years in the role, as announced by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on 15 April.

The announcement came two years after Cabinet ministers selected Mr Wong to lead the fourth-generation (4G) team of political leaders from the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP), and seven months ahead of the party’s 70th anniversary in November.

“DPM Wong has the unanimous support of the PAP Members of Parliament,” the PMO stated.

It is interesting to note that the vote to select Finance Minister Lawrence Wong as the leader of the fourth-generation (4G) People’s Action Party (PAP) team was previously not unanimous.

A press conference held on 16 April 2022, revealed that Mr. Wong had received the nod from 15 out of 19 “stakeholders” consulted by retired Minister Khaw Boon Wan after being chosen as a successor to PM Lee, following Heng Swee Keat’s withdrawal as a successor.

Mr Khaw, who was tasked with facilitating the process of choosing the next 4G leader, had spoken to these individuals separately.

The stakeholders—comprising former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin, Labour Chief Ng Chee Meng, and all Cabinet ministers except Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the two Senior Ministers—were asked about their preferred choice and told to rank potential candidates in order of their preference.

With candidates unable to vote for themselves, this means that three people did not cast their vote for Mr Wong.

So, does the appointment of Wong as PM on the upcoming 15 May mean that Wong won the hearts of the three stakeholders who did not approve of him, or did he just have one more to convince if Tan Chuan-Jin and former Transport Minister S Iswaran weren’t part of the three to achieve unanimous support for his premiership?

But is it the case that Wong has to take over the position regardless of circumstances, given that an election has to be held soon for the party and PM Lee has to step down?

Given the lacklustre response from the PAP ministers on their social media to congratulate him, one would have to question the level of support that Wong has from his cabinet.

In any case, he can probably count on Mr K Shanmugam for support, given how vigorously he defended Mr Wong as the incoming PM against a commentary from The Economist last week.

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SISO=Shit In Shit Out

If LW can’t change Shit for the citizens before end of this year, he should expect Shits from the citizens later.

Pappies’ definition of unanimous – ONE vote is all that is required to appoint kaki-lang to be the Reserved President. Ownself then declare the vote was unanimous.

Ok, give ah wong 6 months leh.

Then we’ll know if he’s his own man. Or no better than a cuckoo bird.

What do you think?

The CRACKS in PAP support for Lawless WONG NEEDS to be WIDELY DISSEMINATED to as many voters as POSSIBLE because it EVIDENCE the PAP is NOT FULLY legitimate a political Administration to be given a mandate. Easily critical minds CAN F the PAP as crocked cunning Manipulators to stay in power with support of many bastards like judges WHO has been proven they ARE TRAITORS to justice and fairness while I believe they also LAUGH often at the school pledge recital daily when it is NOT adhered to by their masters.

Lawlessis Wrong is naive if he thinks that looong is going to help him as sm like LKY helped loooong when looong is pm. The role of sm and ministir mentos are fictitious roles invented by LKY so that he can hold looong’s hands for as long as he can. I bet Lawlessis Wrong is hoping that looong can hold his hands like a son. It’s a double edged sword, on one hand LW needs looong, on the other with looong being around it will be restrictived for LW to change any thing. The current system that needs to be… Read more »

Ai yah it’s a non event. Just change of titles

At the end of the day, loooong is the undisputed chief monkey who calls the shot.

Don’t be naive to think otherwise

Looking at the currently situation, it is probably heng that Heng decline the past of pm earlier. Think about it, pap had been in power since 1965, if the next pm cannot hold the helm, he will face criticisms for his failure. But is it his fault if pap falls? I would say no, most of what’s happening today is the doings of leaders before him eg. especially his ex boss. If the citizens can see changes after he sworn in up to the next GE, perhaps he can earn some respects from others. But with his ex boss still… Read more »

It don’t matter !!! It’s the electorate, … who adores and appreciates LawLan, for the way he caresses his guitar and strokes the strings, … emotionally connected to shed the odd tear with his lips trembling during a speech on the frontliners’ sacrifices during Covid, … and his firm stance and speech that all hdb leaseholders are actually and factually “homeowners” !!! Much the same kind of love and adoration showered upon the current President, … who was overwhelmingly supported to do all the good and great things for the islanders !!! So you see, … it don’t matter whether… Read more »

If this is a PAP Administration hair line crack, I hope it widens, and widens beyond plaster or repair.

Who cares…not as if we peasants have a say..
Wait for GE…then exercise our rights…

Go eat shit lah. 15 out of 19 not good enough for a post of pm when there are other potential candidates around? In a community of different individuals of different thinking and relationships to garner such high consensus is already convincing. Article to stir smelly shit watch out the shit would splash on your face and body.

19 to vote, 15 supported him. Ratio of % within his rank…78.9% for him.
So who are the other 4 against?
You say leh?😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣