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Carousell halts sale of Taylor Swift concert tickets to combat scams

Carousell suspends Taylor Swift ticket sales (Feb 23-Mar 9) across SE Asia to fight scams, urging buyer vigilance and collaboration with Singapore Police for a safer marketplace. #TaylorSwift #Carousell #ConcertSafety



In a bold move to combat ticket scams, Carousell, the leading multi-category classifieds and recommerce marketplace in Greater Southeast Asia, has announced an immediate suspension of all Taylor Swift concert ticket sales on its platform.

This decision comes ahead of the global superstar’s highly anticipated concert in Singapore, marking the only stop in Southeast Asia for her Eras tour.

The suspension, effective from 23 February to 9 March, also includes the removal of existing ticket listings by 26 February.

Carousell’s decision is in response to the escalating number of ticket scams associated with Taylor Swift’s global tour events, coupled with the heightened risk posed by the unique nature of the Singapore concert.

Since the start of 2024, at least 583 victims have lost S$223,000 to e-commerce scams involving concert tickets, according to a police media statement on 8 February. These included fake tickets to the shows of Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Yoasobi, Joker Xue, and Enhypen.

Su Lin Tan, Carousell’s Chief of Staff, emphasized the platform’s commitment to safeguarding its community from fraud, acknowledging the unique risks associated with the upcoming concert.

“While our platform typically supports the sale of concert tickets, the specific circumstances surrounding the Eras tour necessitate a more cautious approach,” Tan stated.

She further highlighted the collaborative efforts with the Singapore Police Force to ensure a secure environment for concertgoers seeking tickets.

Carousell’s proactive measures include employing advanced AI technology and manual moderation to identify and eliminate fraudulent listings. The platform encourages users to report suspicious listings through their comprehensive reporting system, promising swift action within 24 hours of a report.

In an effort to ensure the integrity of transactions within the Tickets & Vouchers category, Carousell has mandated identity verification for all Singapore sellers via Singpass since October 3, 2023. The platform also provides educational advisories to guide users on secure transaction practices.

Despite these stringent measures, Carousell advises buyers to conduct thorough background checks on sellers and opt for physical meet-ups to authenticate tickets before completing a purchase.

The platform also reminds sellers to comply with the reselling terms and conditions set forth by official event organizers.

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