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Singaporean households eligible for S$300 CDC vouchers starting 25 June

Starting 25 June, Singaporean households will receive an extra S$300 in CDC vouchers. This initiative is part of the S$1.9 billion Assurance Package enhancements, introduced by then-Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong in February to ease cost-of-living pressures.



SINGAPORE: Singaporean households are set to receive an additional S$300 in Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers, announced Deputy Prime Minister Gan Kim Yong ON 25 June at the West Coast Community Centre.

These vouchers are a component of the S$1.9 billion enhancements to the Assurance Package, aimed at alleviating cost-of-living concerns, as announced earlier this year.

DPM Gan Gan highlighted the importance of these vouchers in helping families manage their daily expenses, particularly amid current economic challenges.

“The CDC vouchers scheme is testament to the Government’s commitment to help Singaporeans address cost-of-living concerns,” DPM Gan said.

“I want to assure Singaporeans that the Government understands your concerns and stands ready to support you when necessary.”

“Today, we live in a very uncertain and volatile world. As a small and open economy, Singapore will naturally be affected by global developments,” DPM Gan said.

“But I am confident that as long as we stay united, we can overcome any challenges together.”

DPM Gan also emphasized that the government remains vigilant and prepared to provide further support as needed, reassuring Singaporeans of ongoing assistance through various rebates and payments scheduled throughout the year.

The June 2024 disbursement follows a utilization of the January tranche. DPM Gan noted that approximately 1.3 million households had claimed their vouchers.

These households collectively spent over S$500 million at participating heartland merchants, hawkers, and supermarkets.

Overall, Singaporean households have utilized more than S$1 billion worth of CDC vouchers across the four distribution periods.

The CDC vouchers scheme was initially launched in June 2020 amidst the pandemic to assist lower-income households in covering their daily expenses and to bolster support for local merchants and hawkers affected by the crisis.

Recognizing Singaporeans’ solidarity during this challenging period, the scheme was expanded to include all households in December 2021. This expansion not only aimed to express gratitude to the community but also aimed to bolster support for heartland businesses as they navigate their recovery from the pandemic’s impact.

During the Budget announcement, then-Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong revealed that each Singaporean household would receive an extra S$600 in CDC vouchers — S$300 in June 2024 and an additional S$300 in January 2025.

PM Wong emphasized during the announcement that while external factors contributing to rising prices are beyond Singapore’s influence, the government remains committed to supporting citizens in managing the increased cost of living.

Singaporean households will receive notification letters via mail detailing how to claim and spend their S$300 CDC vouchers for June 2024, similar to previous tranches.

Only one household member needs to log in with their Singpass at to claim the digital vouchers on behalf of the household.

Upon claiming, an SMS with a unique voucher link from “RedeemSG” (before 1 July) or “” (from 1 July onwards) will be sent to the applicant’s registered mobile number, which can be shared with other household members.

Participating hawkers and heartland merchants display a teal CDC voucher decal, while supermarkets display a yellow CDC voucher decal; a list of participating businesses is available at

Assistance with the claiming process is available at Community Centres/Clubs and SG Digital Community Hubs, with support from volunteers and ambassadors stationed at selected locations until 8 July.

Furthermore, the PAP government has announced its commitment to extending support through U-Save and service and conservancy charges (S&CC) rebates, which are scheduled for distribution next month.

These rebates are designed to assist eligible Singaporean households in effectively managing their utility expenses and S&CC charges.


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Such payments; either in cash or through CDC vouchers are really very lame efforts on the part of the G to mitigate the high cost of living. These are fleeting and depend too much on the whims of the G; particularly the PM. If the G is truly concerned about the welfare of Singaporeans, I urge the G to take up Kenneth Jeyaratnam’s proposal to give out $500 cash monthly to seniors. It is not as though it is a new idea or suggestion. Other commenters (like Jessie) have put up the same idea – distribute $500 monthly to all… Read more »

Timely announcement and disbursement of CDCvouchers, mitigates, … oil spillage f**k~up, cost of living crisis, costly “affordable” public housing, ridiculously high coe taxation, dismal employment prospects, pathetic president, ………. ………… ………..


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GE to be held on the 26th ? 🙂

Now you all can vote for pap CONVINCINGLY.

Give with one hand , soon after grab back 3x from the other hand.🤪😭

Another round of bribes to the citizens? Why not just give out cash?

Or does doing so make the CDC irrelevant as an organisation?