Controversial legacy: Henry Kissinger’s war crimes cast a shadow on political praises

On 29 November, former US Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger passed away at 100. Despite praises from global leaders, his controversial legacy persists, marked by brutal interventions and geopolitical decisions that caused immense human suffering. Accusations of orchestrating coups, supporting dictators, and turning a blind eye to atrocities stain his mark on this world.

Henry Kissinger, singular US diplomat, dead at 100

Henry Kissinger, the iconic US diplomat known for shaping the post-WWII world, passed away at 100. His firm announced his death, noting his influential career and controversial legacy, including his role in US-China relations and realpolitik approach

Israel, Hamas say truce is extended

Both Israel and Hamas confirmed on Thursday that the truce between them will persist, just before the scheduled expiration, although the specifics of any formal agreement remained uncertain.

Musk regrets controversial post but won’t bow to advertiser ‘blackmail’

Elon Musk apologized for an anti-Semitic post, called it “foolish,” and accused departing advertisers of “blackmail.” Major advertisers, including Apple and Disney, left. Musk insisted he holds no discrimination against Jews, resisted advertiser pressure, and clarified his Israel trip wasn’t related to the tweet.