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Casio to release G-SHOCK commemorating International Women’s Day

To honor women who bravely challenge norms, Casio unveils a special G-SHOCK edition for International Women’s Day. The compact GMA-P2100W is available from 1 March.



To celebrate International Women’s Day and honor women who fearlessly challenge the norm, Casio has unveiled a special edition of its iconic G-SHOCK line.

The new compact GMA-P2100W is adorned in a vibrant yellow hue reminiscent of mimosa flowers traditionally gifted on International Women’s Day, symbolizing Casio’s commitment to inclusivity and recognition of women’s achievements.

It also features the eye-catching octagonal bezel design of the 2100 line.

In an effort to promote inclusivity, Casio has been scaling down popular G-SHOCK watches in recent years, broadening its range to include more compact models suitable for everyone, regardless of gender.

Continuing this trend, the GMA-P2100W maintains a sleek design and comfortable fit, incorporating a shorter band length tailored to slender wrists.

Crafted with sustainability in mind, the watch boasts a bezel and band made from bio-based resin derived from renewable organic resources such as corn.

This eco-friendly initiative underscores Casio’s commitment to reducing environmental impact while delivering top-notch quality.

The Casio GMA-P2100W-7A will be available for purchase starting 1 March, 2024, exclusively on the G-SHOCK website.

Priced at S$159, this limited-edition timepiece makes for a meaningful gift to commemorate the indomitable spirit of women who fearlessly challenge the status quo and inspire positive change worldwide.

Empowering “WOMEN OF OUR TIME”

As a component of the brand’s outreach initiatives, G-SHOCK has also launched “WOMEN OF OUR TIME,” a dedicated website aimed at spotlighting remarkable women from various fields who boldly challenge the status quo, and to exploring their relationships with time.

Through insightful video features, viewers can gain a glimpse into the lives and motivations of extraordinary individuals like 3D/CG artist YUKARI, professional skateboarders Aori Nishimura and Cocona Hiraki, and renowned surfer Sakura Johnson.

These women epitomize resilience, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of excellence – values that resonate deeply with the G-SHOCK ethos.

International Women’s Day, observed annually on 8 March since its endorsement by the United Nations in 1975, serves as a global tribute to the strides made in advancing gender equality and female empowerment.

It is a reminder of the pivotal roles women play in shaping societies and driving progress across all spheres of life.

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Casio if you really believe in women empowerment, show your more than half employment of Women becos you believe in women empowerment!

Women empowerment reduce to promoting a watch. What a joke! Wear the watch can be like 咸蛋超人 and transform ah?!?