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CASIO unveils G-D001: A groundbreaking 18K gold timepiece with AI innovation

CASIO’s G-SHOCK introduces the G-D001, a pinnacle of luxury. Designed with AI-driven generative design, it challenges conventional aesthetics and boasts 18K gold construction. The exclusive piece makes its debut at an exhibition hosted by Phillips Auction House in Singapore.



SINGAPORE: CASIO G-SHOCK, renowned for its durability and groundbreaking designs, has taken the wraps off its latest masterpiece, the G-D001 18K Gold Timepiece.

The G-D001 18k Gold Timepiece is the result of Mr Kikuo Ibe, G-SHOCK’s founder, personally overseeing its design.

It stands as the crowning achievement of the G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Dream Project #2, which centers around the theme “Break the Boundary,” underscoring the brand’s commitment to pushing the limits of traditional design and functionality.

This luxurious timepiece boasts a case, bezel, and band constructed from 18-karat yellow gold, a material more commonly associated with fine jewelry.

The meticulous craftsmanship involved in shaping these components using the lost-wax casting process is a testament to the fusion of toughness and elegance that CASIO has achieved.

The G-D001 is set to make its first-ever appearance on the international stage during an exhibition hosted by Phillips Auction House in Singapore, scheduled for October 20 to 22, 2023.

Revolutionary AI-enhanced design redefines G-D001’s aesthetic and functionality

What truly sets the G-D001 apart is its revolutionary AI-enhanced design.

The watch’s exterior is a result of AI-driven generative design, which incorporated data from 40 years of G-SHOCK development.

This collaboration between human designers and AI has produced an original organic form that challenges conventional notions of G-SHOCK aesthetics while enhancing strength, material properties, and shock absorption.

An 18K gold standard of premium craftsmanship

The G-D001 timepiece showcases unparalleled craftsmanship, with a case, bezel, and band elegantly constructed from 18-karat yellow gold.

These components are created using the lost-wax casting process, typically reserved for fine jewelry.

Skilled artisans hand-polished every piece, ensuring a fusion of toughness and elegance.

Unparalleled artistry and innovative transparency

Furthermore, the G-D001 features a see-through dial-less face, offering a peek into its intricate internal mechanism.

With a solar cell technology akin to that used in satellites, this watch harnesses light to power its various functions, including standard time radio wave reception.

Exceptional packaging specially crafted

To match the exceptional nature of this globally limited edition, a unique and one-of-a-kind display package is created for the G-SHOCK G-D001.

This packaging is a piece of art in itself, carefully crafted to pay tribute to the G-SHOCK 40th-anniversary dream project.

Resembling a tower, the packaging has a front cover that elegantly slides up to open and down to close, while the case is intricately designed with model numbers from past and present G-SHOCK timepieces.

It also features an embedded LED light, allowing the display case to double as ambient lighting within interiors, creating a captivating ambiance of intertwined shadows and light that narrates the history of G-SHOCK.

Mr Kikuo Ibe, founder of G-SHOCK, unveils innovative G-D001 Timepiece with AI and young talents

Mr. Kikuo Ibe, founder of G-SHOCK, expressed his pride in unveiling this project, emphasizing the use of AI and the fresh perspectives of the young project team.

He believes that the G-D001 may hint at the future of G-SHOCK and questions the essence of toughness.

“We are proud to unveil a second dream project to commemorate 40 years of G-SHOCK, this time taking on the challenge of exploring new frontiers for the brand.

“We wanted to upend conventional notions, so we invited mostly young people to be on the project team — with a team of G-SHOCK veterans providing backup — truly a dream project,” said Mr. Kikuo Ibe, founder of G-SHOCK.

He stated that the team approached each obstacle with innovative methods, notably integrating advanced AI technologies into the design process.

Their novel perspectives and techniques ultimately led to the creation of a truly unique timepiece, the G-D001.

The G-SHOCK G-D001 timepiece is a global limited edition with only one unit available worldwide.

It will be auctioned by Phillips Auction House in New York City on 9 and 10 December 9, with all proceeds going to environmental organizations.

Timepiece specifications

The G-SHOCK G-D001 timepiece comes equipped with a shock-resistant design and boasts an impressive 20-bar water resistance, making it a rugged and water-ready accessory.

It incorporates a solar charging system for eco-friendly power and features Multiband 6 radio control for precise timekeeping.

Offering dual time functionality and a stopwatch, it’s a practical companion for various timekeeping needs.

Additionally, it enhances visibility in low-light environments through solar cell luminescence and conveniently displays the date, making it a versatile and reliable timepiece for a range of activities.

For more information on the G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Dream Project #2 and G-D001 timepiece, please visit: G-SHOCK G-D001.

For more information on the exhibition in Singapore from October 20 to 22, 2023, and the auction, please visit Phillips Auction House.

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isnt the titanium one more expensive?

The watch looks very beautiful