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Singapore goalkeeper Hassan Sunny donates S$10,000 to welfare home

Singapore goalkeeper Hassan Sunny generously donated S$10,000 to the Muhammadiyah Welfare Home, using funds received from Chinese football fans. His contribution will support MWH’s ongoing operations and their upcoming CharityFest, aiming to bring smiles to the children and emphasizing community responsibility



Singapore goalkeeper Hassan Sunny donates $10,000 to welfare home

SINGAPORE: Singapore goalkeeper Hassan Sunny has generously donated S$10,000 (US$7,370) to the Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (MWH).

This donation came from money he received from Chinese football fans.

On Tuesday (2 July), MWH shared a post on Facebook featuring a photo of Hassan presenting a S$10,000 cheque to its head, Ms Rahmatunnisa Abdul Majeed.

During his visit, Hassan also spent time interacting with the children at the home.

MWH, a children’s home providing shelter and 24/7 residential care for boys aged 10 and above, expressed their gratitude, stating, “We received a visit from special guest Singapore goalkeeper Hassan, who is no stranger to the home.”

The post added that the contribution would support their upcoming CharityFest later this year.

In an interview with Berita Harian, Hassan, a father of four, he explained his choice to support Muhammadiyah.

“As a father of four daughters, I understand the needs of these children,” he said.

“I want to put a smile on their faces because it is not easy for children to live their lives like that. When I hear their stories or experiences, I am very sad.”

Hassan continued, “So I hope to see them smile with this donation. I think that’s enough. I don’t come from a wealthy family, so I understand the difficulties they face. So, this contribution is indeed my responsibility.”

Ms Rahmatunnisa emphasized the significance of the donation.

“We feel moved and happy to receive this donation because this is a recognition of our responsibility in taking care of the children in this charity home,” she said.

“It gives us the spirit to continue fighting and contributing to the community.”

She also mentioned that they will hold a CharityFest event at the end of August to raise funds and awareness about the charity home.

Hassan’s donation followed his unexpected rise to fame among Chinese football fans.

On 11 June, during a World Cup qualifier in Bangkok, Hassan’s impressive performance—recording 11 saves in Singapore’s 3-1 loss to Thailand—helped China advance to Asia’s final round of qualifiers.

This feat led to Chinese media and social media spotlighting Hassan and his Muslim food stall in Tampines.

Chinese fans flocked to his nasi padang stall, with some even transferring money via its payment QR code.

However, Hassan warned fans about fake QR codes and urged them to support him rationally.

In an earlier interview with The Straits Times, he revealed his intention to donate the money to charity, saying, “In my religion, when I receive money that’s not mine, I have to donate and do my part for the community.”

Hassan’s newfound fame also led to an invitation for him and his family to visit Shanghai, showcasing the extent of his influence and the gratitude of his Chinese supporters.

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A private individual doing more to help the low income / less fortunate individuals in this country than millionaire Ministers, millionaire President and their cronies.

What does the ruling government have in-mind for low-income individuals again? Right, migrant-worker dormitories disguised as HDB flats for singles to rent out, with shared bathrooms and kitchens.

I hope everyone remembers that. Because it is coming soon if the 70% do not change course.

Last edited 11 days ago by Blankslate

Good job! A kind heart…

And we have the White Wayang show. Will you donate if there is No mention of your donation?! OR You will only donate when there is a photo ops.

So those donating $50 or smaller sum with no mention in news are lower in hierarchy in your State 2 system ?!?!

No?!? That not how it works in the cult system with overlords running parallel to the normal system?!?

Who is the judge?!?


Fine young man deserves a PBM unlike those Rich construction Companies, Dormitories Operator bastards whose carrying political balls rewarded them with useless commendations. BTW how many goal bound shots these bastards saved?

A kind heart …God Bless him & his family.