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Malaysian Animal Association offers RM3K reward for information on cat slaughter in Klang

Malaysian Animal Association is offering a RM3,000 reward for information on a man believed to have killed a cat, sparking widespread concern. The suspect, seen in a disturbing video, is urged to be identified to uphold legal and moral standards against animal cruelty.



Malaysian Animal Association Offers RM3,000 Reward for Information on Cat Slaughter in Klang

MALAYSIA: The Malaysian Animal Association has announced a reward of RM3,000 (US$637) for information about the recent killing of a cat, allegedly by a man believed to be of Myanmar nationality.

The distressing incident, captured in a video shared with the Malaysian Animal Association, has ignited widespread concern and calls for action.

In the footage shared on Monday (24 June), the suspect is seen slaughtering the cat while conversing in Malay with a foreign accent.

Sources indicate that the man is employed at a snack shop near Pasar Borong Klang in Selangor and resides in the Batu Belah area of Klang.

Prompted by the gravity of the situation, the Malaysian Animal Association has issued a public appeal, urging anyone with information or who may have witnessed the incident to come forward.

They have established a dedicated contact number ( for individuals to provide details crucial for an official report to authorities.

The association’s efforts are aimed at ensuring a thorough investigation into the incident, which has sparked ethical and legal concerns across Malaysia.

Particularly concerning is whether the cat was killed for consumption or other purposes, including potentially for social media content, which would necessitate swift action by law enforcement.

The association stated, “A thorough investigation into the killing of this cat needs to be conducted to identify the method and intent behind it—whether it was intended for consumption or other purposes.”

Highlighting that such acts are not aligned with Malaysian cultural norms, the Malaysian Animal Association stresses the need to uphold moral standards and legal protections for animals.

They advocate strongly for accountability and justice in cases involving cruelty to animals.

To incentivize cooperation from potential witnesses, the association is offering a RM3,000 (US$637) reward for information leading to the arrest, conviction, and sentencing of the perpetrator.

This measure underscores their commitment to addressing and preventing such incidents in the future.

Calls for swift action against cat slaughter in Klang

Netizens have condemned the actions of the man seen in the disturbing video under the Malaysian Animal Association’s social media posts.

Many users have tagged the Royal Malaysia Police and Klang Police, calling for immediate action.

One user expressed outrage, stating that the man and his gang should be arrested immediately due to the danger they pose to society.

The user went so far as to recommend the death penalty for the perpetrator, labeling the act as cruel and heartbreaking.


Another user echoed the urgency, emphasizing that the behavior must be addressed swiftly to prevent recurrence.


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Not many people are aware Malays like cats. They like cats to the extend they breed cats at home, and their cats are quite like almost treated as family members in a way not dissimilar to Chinese homes keeping pet dogs.

Whenever inside a lift when there passengers with dogs, more often many Malays avoid riding the same lift.

Please take note of this cultural difference I urge others to be respectful.

Beware of meat dishes sold by foreign hawkers in SG…( every hawker ctr or foodcourt employ them these days)
We never know what meat it will be!
Dog meat was discovered by NEA In some obscure restaurants and eating places in SG too…after tip offs by public members…

If it was a dog, nobody would bat an eyelid.