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Not all PAP leaders congratulated Lawrence Wong for his intermittent premiership

On Monday, PMO announced DPM Wong’s has the unanimous PAP MPs support to succeed PM Lee. Yet, some PAP leaders haven’t congratulated DPM Wong on social media. Some express gratitude to PM Lee, with only brief mentions of DPM Wong.



On Monday (15 April), Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) officially announced Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s decision to step down, with Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong poised to take over on 15 May 2024.

When he is sworn in at 8 pm on 15 May at the Istana, DPM Wong, a 51-year-old politician with 13 years of experience, will assume the role of Singapore’s fourth prime minister.

Mr Wong is expected to guide the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) into the upcoming elections slated for November 2025.

Following the succession announcement, many of DPM Wong’s colleagues in the PAP promptly responded, expressing gratitude for PM Lee’s two decades of leadership and service.

Several PAP Ministers have also pledged their support for DPM Wong’s leadership and his vision for the party and the nation’s future.

Interestingly, while acknowledging the succession, some PAP leaders have omitted congratulatory messages to DPM Wong on social media.

Instead, they have shared lengthy messages of gratitude towards PM Lee’s service to the country, with only a few brief mentions of DPM Wong, expressing eagerness to collaborate with him.

In a Monday statement, the PMO claimed that “DPM Wong has the unanimous support of the PAP MPs.”

Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Trade and Industry, was one of the earliest PAP Ministers to extend congratulations to DPM Wong following the succession announcement.

He expressed his satisfaction with DPM Wong’s appointment and his anticipation of working alongside him and their PAP Cabinet colleagues, “in partnership with Singaporeans, to seize the opportunities ahead and propel Singapore forward.”

Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies congratulated Lawrence Wong and voiced unwavering confidence in Singapore’s ongoing prosperity under his leadership.

He also expressed his heartfelt appreciation towards PM Lee for his exemplary leadership spanning two decades, notably during pivotal moments like the Global Financial Crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic.

On his Facebook page, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing expressed his confidence in Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong’s ability to lead Singapore forward, stating that DPM Wong has the support of the PAP team to “write yet another chapter in our Singapore Story.”

Chan Chun Sing highlighted Singapore’s history of smooth leadership transitions, which have facilitated continuity in the nation’s development. He also acknowledged the leadership of PM Lee, emphasizing the importance of values such as integrity and selflessness in leadership, which he attributed to PM Lee’s example.

Ong Ye Kung’s reflections on PM Lee’s leadership omits mention of DPM Wong

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung shared reflections on Tuesday, detailing his experiences working closely with PM Lee.

He highlighted the valuable lessons learned from observing PM Lee’s leadership style and receiving personal guidance. In a lengthy Facebook post, he credited PM Lee for implementing various social policies aimed at strengthening social safety nets, supporting ageing populations, and promoting inclusivity in the education system.

However, conspicuously absent from his post was any mention of the upcoming ascension of DPM Wong to the top leadership role.

Certain PAP leaders silent on PM-in-waiting

Notably, certain key figures within the PAP Cabinet have yet to comment on PM-in-waiting Lawrence Wong on their Facebook page publicly.

As of Thursday (18 April) at 4.20 pm, Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen’s most recent posts do not address the succession announcement. Instead, he shares updates on a community art project at an overhead bridge and a video highlighting the Singapore Army and Navy’s work plan.

Similarly, there have been no updates on the Minister for Social and Family Development Masagos Zulkifli’s Facebook page, who is also the Second Minister for Health.

His latest post on Tuesday focused on the contributions of three young volunteers to a reading program and book donation initiative, aiming for a lasting impact on the families they serve.

Omission of DPM Wong in Dr Balakrishnan’s latest Facebook update

Meanwhile, upon checking Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan’s Facebook page, on Thursday afternoon he finally addressed the premiership succession, expressing gratitude for PM Lee’s leadership.

He underscored PM Lee’s significant contributions internationally, highlighting his ability to enhance Singapore’s global standing through his wisdom and experience.

“We have been very blessed to have a man like Prime Minister Lee lead us, represent us, and his role not only as a leader domestically, but as a respected statesman on the international stage,” he said.

Notably, his latest post did not mention DPM Wong.

Since Monday, his Facebook page has mainly shared updates about his working visit to the Republic of the Philippines, during which he met with Philippines President Marcos Jr. and other key politicians in the country.

PM Lee to serve as Senior Minister after stepping down in May

Earlier, DPM Wong confirmed that PM Lee will continue to play a pivotal role in the Singapore government as a senior minister after stepping down next month.

Mr Wong emphasized the importance of maintaining stability and continuity within the Cabinet, indicating that there will not be significant changes immediately, as the new Cabinet is sworn in.

“It has never been the case that when there is a leadership transition, all the older ministers stepped down at the same time,” Wong explained.

“Instead, they continued to contribute in different ways, while making room for the younger ones to step up.”

The current Senior Minister, Teo Chee Hean, along with other ministers, will largely continue in their existing roles.

DPM Wong noted that he is in discussions with them regarding their preferences and is also considering promotions and possibly integrating a few backbenchers to bolster the team.

The final Cabinet lineup will be unveiled shortly before the swearing-in ceremony.

Looking ahead, Mr Wong acknowledged that while immediate changes to the Cabinet might be minimal, more significant adjustments could be expected after the next GE.

As speculation about the timing of the next GE grows, sources suggest it might be strategically held in September, potentially aligning with cash handouts from Budget 2024 and before major elections in the United States and the United Kingdom in November.

However, Wong maintained that the PAP is continually preparing, stating, “The work to prepare for the next GE starts the day after the last election. We have to consistently tend the ground, attend to the needs of residents, and strive to win over their hearts and minds.”


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4 out of 19 are traitors in the PAP camp against Ah Wong. And with these 4 are the bunch of loyal followers with them. Either ah Wong knows who are these 4 or not. And it does not mean 15 of those who supported him, really ‘supported’ him. They did so with the old Boss around only The old Boss could well kick the bucket within this 10 years or even less. They could well switch sides when those against Wong start their sabo tactics on him. You ppl can take a bet … How long ah Wong would… Read more »

This is a well planned move by the “newly anointed ha ha SM” to give him room to do another ‘Heng job” when its time for the princeling to come out of the shadows???

In any party there will be different camps where you are either here or there depending on your affinity with the person and the respect that he has given you. Lawrence maybe one rising star that comes after the group of three (HSK, CSC & OYK) and had proven his mettle when faced with a long-drawn crisis. But for a true leader, he must remember to always think and care of the ordinary people on the street and those facing immediate poverty and family needs especially those caring for the infant child and old-age parents. Without the heart for the… Read more »

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Congratulations or no congratulations, these are small matters. Just like LHL, some said he didn’t formally thank GCT for roping him into SG politics, but does it really matter? As Singaporeans, or perhaps they are now conveniently called residents, they ought to focus on the issues affecting them, their children and grandchildren. Time flies and time will fly. Before they know it, there will be another passing of the baton to the 5G leadership team. And if they are not concern enough of today’s issues, their future generation of residents will wonder out loud why they choose to join the… Read more »

Basically, Loong is taking a very big gamble to hand over to LawlanWong before elections – the economy isn’t really out of the woods yet (maybe even completely lost in the forest?), confidence level in pap is at the LOWEST, GDP is not sustainable to keep using cheap labor, tru-Singaporeans are becoming a minority, absolute failure in addressing the natural birth rate to sustain the population, etc. LW is in a tight position – he has as most 1+ year to mitigate the above mentioned issues before facing an election. Must be Superman and also pray-pray the global situation doesn’t… Read more »

Clearly there are friction lines within pap. Recall Ah Goh told Loong to be quick on the succession planning in 2018, but Loong basically told Goh to go fly kite. Then 2019 covid came and everything seems patch-work planning and actions. Three candidates competed over 1-2 years during a crisis to see who would be the alternate PM, Hunger-Game style. Does that sounds like prudent planning and selection? What might be best for SG if succession planning had started in (say) 2016-7? Even Ah Goh is very quiet nowadays about the 4G team – like no-eyes-to-see.

Obviously there isn’t any bit of Nationalism in and within PAP Administration for SG, except National Treachery, much less how they imbue it on Sheeps EXCEPT the LJ School Pledge forced onto students throats.

But aplenty fake patriotism permeate and pervade PAP, one notices the use of words, like we, like society, like resilience in lieu of more suitable like our country, our people, our character as a nation of SG, am I right.

All these words are mingled as and when suits them and purposes.

The PAP Administration has never never never been truthful to the public regardless of when, and what interests of theirs intersects with SG or conflicts of their own. In fact some take their MEGABUCKS salaries and SEW their tongues.

Various episodes attested previously.

What if Lawrence Wrong LOSES in the coming GE? Better to leave congratulatory messages until after the GE. The resultant chaos within the PAP will be like letting a fox lose among the chickens 🙂

Bala is busy globe trotting leh.

Reach home to b&w to have a good rest. Why got time lah?

The writing is pretty obvious on the wall as who is and continues to be the actual and real boss lah.

Ah wong is the “handy man” who would get the job done.

“15 of the 19 voted for Finance Minister Lawrence Wong as their top choice. None of the other choices for the 4G leader received more than two votes”. (ST 4 May 2022) This was the result of the “interviews” conducted by Khaw Boon Wan in 2022 to select the leader of the 4G team. LW was also interviewed. I wonder who he selected to be leader of the pack. Or did he select himself? But say what you like, the PAP is able to close ranks and present a singular narrative even if there maybe behind the scenes shenanigans. The… Read more »

Just goes to show there’s discord amongst the rank and file.When the PMO has to stand for him.
It’ll be the shortest run for PM when they lose seats next GE.

This is a STAGE Reality show by various Overlords with all the roles and entities set out. You want to participate … By all means But I am not interested in their wayang show … All meant to collect bones. Now the show has progress international level …

Why?!? too many “good directors” and have the experience of directing, scripting and so forth …

Only two reasons. LHL remains the boss or LHL is seriously ill. It could be the reason the announcement of takeover is only one month.

It has come to my attention that, Russian President Vladimir Putin, has sent his envoy’s to catch Vivian Balakrishnan.
He is also formally requesting an Answer to this perplexing question ???
Why did Vivian’s parents give him this name???
Just X’ed him this information with the question. Hahaha.

Perhaps they are waiting for another “Lee” to take the reigns?

Congratulatory wishes must be done publicly meh? Useless dumb article trying to sow discord.

This tells islanders who is still going to be calling the shots!

Hand over in name only?

They’re all “one and the same” and whether they love or loathe each other, … rest assured, there’ll be no public disunity or discord.

They’ve had all of the rich pickings and power for nearly seven decades, and are fully aware of which side their bread is buttered on, … for them, their families, their cronies and even, their pets !!!

So, … they’ll all come round soon enough and pledge togetherness and affirm support, to continue to dominate the political landscape and, … secure their seat on this never ending gravy train ride !!!

The ones who didnt post any ass-kissing tributes, may be the ones going to be axed later on…they may have already got the memo?
Anyway who cares who comes and who goes..not as if we peasants have a say.