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DPM Lawrence Wong to succeed PM Lee on 15 May, PMO confirms

Singapore awaits its new Prime Minister on 15 May, as DPM Lawrence Wong prepares to succeed PM Lee Hsien Loong. The PMO announced the transition on Monday (15 April), marking a significant shift in leadership.



SINGAPORE:  Singapore is poised to welcome a new prime minister on 15 May, as Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong prepares to succeed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on that significant day.

The Prime Minister’s Office issued a press statement on Monday (15 April) confirming the transition:

“Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will relinquish his office on 15 May 2024. ”

“He will formally advise the President to appoint Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Mr Lawrence Wong to succeed him.”

“DPM Wong has the unanimous support of the PAP MPs.”

“The new Prime Minister will be sworn in at 8.00 pm on 15 May 2024 at the Istana.”

Mr Wong, 51, will assume the role of Singapore’s fourth Prime Minister, following in the footsteps of Mr Lee Hsien Loong, who assumed office in 2004 at the age of 52; Mr Goh Chok Tong (1990), and Mr Lee Kuan Yew (1959).

Mr Wong is expected to guide the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) into the upcoming elections slated for November 2025.

This comes against a backdrop of heightened political contestation and a mounting call for increased checks and balances within the city-state.

The announcement also indicated that 72-year-old PM Lee will step down on 15 May, after nearly 20 years of heading Singapore’s government.

PM Lee expresses confidence in DPM Wong’s 4G team

In a Facebook post, Mr Lee said Lawrence and the 4G team have worked hard to gain the people’s trust, notably during the pandemic.

“Through the Forward Singapore exercise, they have worked with many Singaporeans to refresh our social compact and develop the national agenda for a new generation.”

Mr Lee expressed confidence in the 4G team’s dedication to ensuring Singapore’s continued progress and prosperity, emphasizing these as paramount objectives for the government.

“I ask all Singaporeans to give Lawrence and his team your full support, and work with them to create a brighter future for Singapore,” said Mr Lee.

In November 2023, PM Lee indicated intent to hand over leadership to DPM Lawrence Wong before next GE

In November 2023, Speaking at the PAP’s convention, PM Lee signalled a leadership transition, indicating his intention to pass the baton to DPM Wong before the upcoming General Election.

PM Lee stated that the next GE will coincide with the party’s leadership transition to the 4G team, setting a tentative timeline for this to occur by the PAP’s 70th birthday on 21 November 2024.

“Lawrence has told me that he is ready, and this morning you have heard him telling you that he is ready for his next assignment. I have full confidence in Lawrence and his team and there is no reason to delay the political transition.

“Therefore, I intend to hand over to DPM Lawrence before the next GE,” said Mr Lee at the time.

Previously expressing his wish “to step down before his 70th birthday in February 2022,” the unexpected COVID-19 challenges of the pandemic disrupted Lee’s plans.

The succession plan has been in the public eye since DPM Heng Swee Keat stepped aside, allowing a younger leader with a ‘longer runway’ to lead the party, with DPM Wong subsequently being endorsed as the leader of the 4G team.

PM Lee reflected on this decision, noting the importance of continuity and long-term planning. “Lawrence and the 4G team have earned their spurs during the COVID-19 crisis, setting the national agenda with vigour and vision,” he said.

He expressed confidence in DPM Wong and the 4G team, stating, “Lawrence has told me that he is ready, and this morning you have heard him telling you that he is ready for his next assignment. I have full confidence in Lawrence and his team, and there is no reason to delay the political transition.”

In 2018, the public was informed that Mr Heng, a former top civil servant, had been chosen by his PAP peers as “first among equals” and was set to become Singapore’s fourth prime minister upon PM Lee’s retirement.

PM Lee, who was 66 at the time and had succeeded Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong as Prime Minister in 2004, had intended to hand over the reins of power by February 2022, his 70th birthday.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic seemed to shift the succession timeline.

In July 2020, amidst Singapore’s GE, PM Lee expressed his commitment to see Singapore through the crisis and hand over the country “intact and in working order” to his successor.

By April 2021, after the PAP’s victory in the 2020 general election, Heng conveyed his intentions to stand aside.

Reflecting on the severity of the pandemic, Heng commented, “I believe it’s better for someone younger, with a longer runway, to take on this role.”

Subsequently, a year later, in April 2022,DPM Wong was announced as the leader of the ruling PAP fourth-generation team.

Based on the recent announcement, it is reasonable to anticipate that the General Election will be held before the party’s anniversary in November.

In a recent interview, Inderjit Singh, an ex-PAP MP, predicted the possibility of the General Election occurring by the end of this year, while former Nominated MP Mr Viswa Sadasivan suggested timing around October.

In response to the PAP’s dominant 2/3 majority in Parliament, Singapore’s political landscape has witnessed increased manoeuvring,  intensifying grassroots outreach efforts, and witnessing alternative parties forming political alliances — both formal and informal — to contest in the upcoming GE.

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Something Wong is happening on 15 May…..very wong indeed. Why not handover on May 13 instead, since it’s so wongfully a tragic and unlucky event?

LW: Our household expenses and utilities bills are high. Can you solve?

LW: We want good jobs and not highly paid jobs and higher position jobs to foreigners. Can you solve?

LW : Our Singapore birth rates are always low. We want true born citizens and not imported citizens. Can you solve this problem?

We want solutions, not price increase

Did other countries appoint thier own Prime Minister or elected by the people? What do you think?

When is the election date for Singaporeans to vote for a Prime Minister. No? Self appointed PM?

Again he is appointed by own people.

Our President is elected.

Is this guy chosen by the people to be Prime Minister or elected by PAP? What do you think? LOL

I think is a wise move he takes over now so he is responsible for the election outcome and people cannot say he rides on people’s coat tail to be PM.

Poor LW….left holding the shits that LHL created over the years..
Well anyhow LW was part of that gov…so he’ll kno what to do with it.

Handing over when the confidence in pap is at its LOWEST in SG history. That shows the kind of leader LHL is. Thwank King, hor.

All HDB flats will depreciate when they get old, once lw becomes pm. He announced this housing depreciation issue few years ago when he was the national development minister.
Advance warning to everyone…lol.

Former Minister Khaw Boon Wan interviewed all the 4G ministers and majority of them if not all of them endorsed LW as the PM elect. The question is: Did the PM and his two SM, (one has since become the President) also endorsed LW given that their views were not sought by former Minister Khaw. Should LW fail, if he fails, could they hide behind their senior titles (perhaps MM, SM) that the choice was that of the 4G Ministers and not theirs, thus paving the way for 5G Leeder? Many 1G Singaporeans will probably not be around to see… Read more »

70% supporters already come from pineapple lovers. tsk tsk tsk


Is LHL going to remain in the cabinet? If yes, this is just an eye wash. Nothing to get excited about unless LHL is ill.

Frankly, I don’t see much to celebrate about. The existing outgoing team did not inspire much confidence nor will the next team do any better seeing the same faces being recycled. And we face a multitude of challenges, foremost being the cost of living! I believe Heng Swee Keat who opted out of being leader of the 4G team will be given some important ministry; perhaps even retaining his DPM position. I hope I am wrong in my speculation, although I honestly believe HSK is a nice and sincere man; only lacking the charisma of leadership. He should really take… Read more »

So responsibility is passed to LW to lead the election campaign, see opposition no up and not afraid. If LW got a strong mandate you oppies got to suck your own …. blame yourself of being weak and useless, don’t blame the sheep hor. People see LW up, so what?

YAWN, why do I care?

Just make sure uncle gets chicken wings, vouchers, rebates, ….

Life goes on lah

Ok, so confirmed, no more keeping everyone in suspend. Mentioned Ah Loong face 4 options after GE2020, which showed Singaporeans have CLEARLY lost confidence in pap under his tenure: 1) stay on, gain back the ppl confidence, get more than 76% vote in GE2024/25, and hand over nice-nice to WL. (Like Ah Goh handed over nice-nice to him). 2) stay on, continue to fail and fail, get worse than 61% vote, then hand over to WL to clean up. 3) hand over to WL before GE2024/25, accept 61% is best he is capable of without daddy. If WL doesn’t do… Read more »

Lets see what post LHL appoints himself after… SM..MM??.like his papa…or …maybe he could invent his own title so that he’ll never have to leave the PAP scene….and continue to earn mil$ salary at taxpayers expense, directing the orchestra from the wings!

Last edited 1 month ago by StepDownButNotOut?

HDB flat is A Store of Value – what FxxK is this, spoken by a Million Dollara Salary, going to usurp as the World Highest Idiot.

Next. What Milestone Loong achieved – rich jerks, money launderers whom Loong proclaimed create jobs, sure judiciary security prison jobs, court clerks.

Cheap foreign trash. Fake degree dishonest pple PAP admire.

Birth rates RECORD PLUNGE – PAP celebrate.

CPIB corrupted investigations against Petrobas – gone awry BUT PAP oked.

It may well be the “same bitter wine” in a “younger” bottle.Never expect any structural changes to the uncomfortable lives SG voters.

Like pulling teeth.
LW wont be any better i feel..
But we can hope.

Finally, LHL pass over after 20 years of hell years for Singapore and Singaporeans, GST, high cost of living, huge influx of foreigners. Let’s hope no Li Hongyi. Singaporeans and Singapore cannot endure stupid dynasty anymore.

Wah….ah Wong would think…Hoseh liao…made it…the other 2 fuckers competing with me, Chan and Ong now need to be under me!
Ah Wong thinking ,now I would be the one appraising their performance from 2024!
But actually hor….ah Wong is just like ah Goh last time….under watch by Lee dynasty and just to warm the seat only!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

Laolan Wong to succeed Pinky Ah Gua? I don’t think so.
Pinky still in the background pulling the strings of puppet Laolan Wong.