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Inderjit Singh urges PAP leaders to connect with ground issues

In a recent interview with Rice Media, ex-PAP MP Inderjit Singh emphasized the importance of PAP leaders reconnecting with grassroots issues. He warned that the Workers’ Party, with strong candidates, could pose a significant challenge to the PAP’s electoral success.



SINGAPORE: In a recent interview, Inderjit Singh, a former Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC, emphasized the crucial need for the People’s Action Party (PAP) leaders to reconnect with the grassroots and gain a deep understanding of the real issues facing Singaporeans.

The interview, conducted by Mr Viswa Sadasivan, Chief Editor of IQ (Inconvenient Questions), was published by Rice Media, Singapore’s alternative media platform, on Sunday (7 April).

When asked about his advise for the ruling party, Mr Singh, who served as PAP MP from 1996 to 2015, stressed the importance of conveying empathy and assurance to Singaporeans.

“I think they (PAP leaders) really need to get in touch and understand the real issues on the ground.”

“They’re trying their best with all the TikTok funny things that they do, I think that only is going to address a small section.”

He remarked, “You really need to have a Singaporean feel that, “I understand your problem, I cannot solve it today, but believe me I can solve it in the future.””

He further highlighted the critical importance of trust, which he had repeatedly emphasized in post-election analyses.

“Do they trust you? And I think we are losing ground on that portion and we have to regain that trust, “Mr Singh said, who also served as PAP’s deputy party whip from 2002 to 2011.

During the interview, Mr Sadasivan, a former Nominated MP, engaged in a discussion with Mr Singh regarding the evolving leadership styles within the PAP under the tenures of the late Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chok Tong, and Lee Hsien Loong.

They also explored upcoming challenges and predictions faced by the ruling party.

In light of pressing Singaporean concerns, Inderjit Singh highlights voter perception amidst government’s ‘election budget’ offerings

When delving into the timing of the PAP leadership handover, both Mr Singh and Mr Sadasivan suggested that July or August would be the most opportune period.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced at the PAP 2023 awards and convention his plan to pass the leadership baton to Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong before the next General Election, scheduled to occur by November 2025.

Mr Singh predicted GE possibly end of this year, while Mr Sadasivan suggested a timing in October.

Mr Singh highlighted the possibility of the government using the 2024 budget announced in February, which he described as an “election budget” as an opportunity for election-related announcements and incentives.

“Otherwise you wait another budget, National Day rally, you can give a few more good things. Then you can go soon after that.”

However, Mr Singh cautioned against a significant risk, noting that pressing concerns among many Singaporeans, such as the cost of living and housing, cannot be fully resolved through this election alone.

“This will take some time. I don’t know whether all the handouts that we got, are going to appease the people.”

Mr Singh expressed concern that voters may perceive government actions, such as budget allocations, as attempts to win votes rather than genuine solutions to significant problems.

Mr Sadasivan then reflected on past statements made by Mr Singh regarding the need for a better balance between economic growth and social cohesion, as well as the aspiration for every Singaporean to feel their life improving.

“You also said you worry for the middle-aged and middle class. Now these are wicked problems they’re not going to go away overnight, ” said Mr Sadasivan.

“I don’t think any government can just swing the wand and see this miraculously go away. But has the needle, in your view moved enough in the past decade for it to translate into votes for the PAP?”

Inderjit Singh: “Job not well done” for tackling cost of living and housing issues, which all within the control of the government

In response, Mr Singh candidly acknowledged the lack of significant progress on these issues over the past decade.

He attributed this stagnation to factors within the government’s control, particularly regarding the management of cost of living and housing issues.

“I think the cost of living issues and the housing problems were all within the control of the government, just job not well done. And so we are seeing the ills of it .”

“If they had done a better job I don’t think we needed to face so serious problem.”

“They could have done something, ” Mr Singh said, “But now to solve this will take very long-term view of things before we see it.”

Mr Singh reflected on the failures of the ruling party’s assumptions in past elections, particularly regarding voter behaviour during crises and the support of young families.

He acknowledged that these assumptions did not hold true in recent elections, such as the loss in Sengkang GRC despite expectations of support from young families during the COVID-19 crisis.

“My own opinion is that this election I don’t think the needle will shift a lot towards the PAP.”

While acknowledging the satisfaction of heartlanders and the elderly with the budget, he underscored concerns among the middle group about the future, while the youth prioritize candidates’ personalities.

Drawing from his observations on shifting voter behaviour, particularly in favour of the Workers’ Party (WP), Mr Singh noted a significant change.

While candidates bearing the PAP logo once secured at least 50% of the vote easily, he observed that in recent elections, the WP logo alone could garner 40% of the vote, indicating the strength of its brand.

He cautioned that with a well-qualified candidate, the WP could pose a formidable challenge to the PAP’s electoral prospects.

“This coming election is a very important one for the PAP because it’s a handover election and also mandate.”

“They have to think about how they’re going to at least not be worse than the last one,” Mr Singh reminded.

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With new public housing policies come 2H of 2024, Pritam legal case, LW now taking over on May 15, the ruling party must really think it’s worth the gamble to call for an election. The upside is far greater than the downside. Bring on the GE, yes!

I oso wouldn’t vote for WP followers of PAP. Acting like a 66. If voted, they will do the same thing as PAP. Spin lies… No?!? Say bird best remove still there. So same no integrity?!?

Then we have a PSP ACTING the opposite of PAP 69 . No these two u wouldn’t vote. First responders to the 3 Bare Bears ….
Then take turn corrupting… No?!?

They lost Sengkang, yet still didn’t get the message. Let them lose more!

Why interview, pull down each others pants & have a go.
Viswa kena highfulatin for His Pledge.
Singh kena kick out.
Pritam become prata singh: kena dildo by Khan girl, Even DPP Sylvia never ask for quick disclaimer.
Obidience Pays
Shanmugam rock & roll got 2nd wife.
Tharman President
Vivian—Loads in The Bank Balance.
Indranee supports who—throw file for who— Banger TCJ what.
BG Lee The Chinese Bastion of Singapore : Or What???
So what’s This Interview For????

Ppl keep commenting that locals are dumb, PAP just need to use some treats during election to do the trick.
First , locals here commenting, do you know your local breed just ‘do not have what it takes’ to make a change?
The local breed gen after gen, are balless, spineless , kia see ,kia su ,egoistic bastaxds who only, like their PAP masters, care for themselves!
So no need to posting your complains day in, day out on this site.
Nothing will change even in 2025 or thereafter!!

With stupid, idiotic, dumb sinkee voters in the majority & papee throwing them some crumbs of handouts the needle on the meter swing cheaply!!!!

PAP connect? The only thing the PAP meeneesters are connected to is their bank account!
They have to lose more seats or go! Simple as that! They’re just a bunch of arrogant thugs now.

How to trust?

$8 heart surgery? $1000 can own HDB flat, no need eat, no expenses etc? Papsident holding more than 1 appointment? Free F1 tickets and Brompton bike? Inappropriate relationships? What do you think?

We definitely need more-rrr , faster-rr and cheaper-rr oppositions to serve us.

Last edited 1 month ago by john lim

As far as Singaporeans are concerned, our relationship vis-a-vis the G is a transactional one. There is little, if any, of the emotional bond that the government of the day tries to build with the ordinary citizens. Say one may like about the 1G leadership, Singaporeans, by and large, felt we were led by a caring government then. I speak as a person from the Merdeka Generation and have gone through all 3G of governments so far. Frankly, the 4G leadership does not inspire much confidence. That the 4G ministers will be more grounded and be able to relate to… Read more »

Just wish all our Muslim friends here in TOC, Happy Adil Fitri holidays

Fucking PAP traitor. He will be dealt with accordingly.

Mr Don’t Sing.

How do you CONNECT all these RIDICULOUS PAP DOTS Giving No choice to Sheeps to ALMOST NEED to EMPTY all their Sacred CPF Nest Eggs Retirement Funds to ‘purchase’ DECREASING economic, BUT MANIPULATIVE Political HDB flat ASSETS, and IMPLIED PAP Strategy, to rely on them for Retirement, Almost at PAP’s mercy which is EXACTLY WHAT they DECRY as Opposition’s Welfare, Popularist policies?

They think too highly of themselves…paying themselves mil$ salaries is proof enuf..
Not shy, till these days still riding in the tailcoats of the original lky &his band of a few good men!

“Teach them a lesson”…”

“Only when they lose more votes will they listen..”

“If Marine Parade falls to opposition, it will wake them up…”

Voters here are really stupid idiots.

You are not responsible for teaching any lesson to any political party.
You are responsible to yourself and your loved ones

You are not voting to wake anyone up
You are supposed to be awake when voting.

But you, dear voter are the one that has not learnt anything
despite the PAP teaching you for 58years.

Dumb, idiotic, stupid voters.

Make it STRAIGHT, PURE CLASS to Sheeps

– they have our backs is BIG LIE. Have our backs is IN ACTIVE ACTIONS, REAL OUTCOMES, EMPIRICAL. Briberies MUST BE PUNISHED. SLY Rentals MUST be tasked.


REALITY: They have RELEGATED Singaporeans SOULS and SPIRITS. ONLY ENLARGE their Wallets AND Egos. Rob Sheeps of CPF savings. DEPLETED State Reserves.


James and Jennifer Crumbley WERE INCARCERATED for 10, 15 years For Crimes their Kid DID, MURDER few OTHER very INNOCENT schoolmates.

PAP Administration should be SENTENCED TO SERVE jail Times like them FOR CRIMES AGAINST corruption against state funds, disjointed lives of Sheeps, MISMANAGEMENT of Productivity AND FAILURE of birth rates.

The present PAPs are only interested in their own survival …policies & laws are designed in that direction.
Only the 1Gen leaders were connected to the ground…then it got less and less…
With an over-bloated gov ministry of 80+ ministars, mps, mayors, etc…this regime is chugging along on death’s road..
Im sure they know it too..
Citizens on the ground are all talking ..hear it ??

Mr Singh, if u happen to read this – when it happens I will strike Toto 1st Prize $8 million – eff the PAP to connect with Senior Citizens contributors to build SG, eliminate the MOST DISRESPECTFUL policy to COERCE 2 senior singles, FULLY unknown to each other, TO SPEND THEIR LAST Days tgther, could BE TOLERATING each others NONSENSES.

If the PAP Administration COERCE their parents to do likewise, THEN IMPOSE on others whose value is NO LESS than that of PAP Administration’s.

Inderjit: “Do they trust you?…


Do we trust big Free Riders who called voters “Free Riders”? Leaders who always say Ownself Check Ownself and the self-conclusion is always No Blaming Culture?

If Ah Loong thinks Singaporeans still trust pap, then he would stay on until after the next elections before handing over to LawlanWong. He dun trust he can get more than 61% votes, issit? Sounds like Ownself Dun Trust Ownself, hor.

Please do not suggest to this regime to connect with ground issues, … please don’t !!!

This lot will only suck up, … all of the minerals , elements and goodness of the land, and leave, … nothing but barrenness and bleakness !!!

It is what they do, what they plan for and what they excel in !!!

Question is, … are the idiots and imbeciles ready to deny this overpaid and out of touch lot, … … a majority ?!!!

The answer probably lies in the dna of SillyPoreans, … kiasi and kia cheng hu !!!

It is a folly if the PAP thinks they can win by producing an election budget that doesn’t take away the rising costs. Singaporeans know that when the PAP throw some bones to us, we have to return it with the flesh intact. Only those in their eighties might buy into the handouts but the rest who work are not going to vote in a govt. that refuses to declare a minimal wage or a living wage. The increase in GST and what it is actually used for is also hidden. This is the same for the cost of Simply… Read more »

And please, pick with great caution the kind of ppl who would make this ONE opposition party members…you don’t want another…Khan to kenna KAN by the PAP …again!😆😆😆

Connect?!? O please … If they are interested in connectinge then they won’t be playing stupid political game … That erode trust ….

PAP cannot connect
WP oso cannot connect …
The following number you dial is not available as you area small fry … Please try again Never … Connect ????

Forget about it. Currently I think there are 87mps so many mps if they have will to solve problems or want to solve problems, I think many problems already solved. So many problems-High inflation, high interest rate, high housing prices, scams and scam calls, money laundering happen for so long, low birth rate and abortion(killing to be babies,life)never ban abortion, GST fraud, so many problems like very happening. Less news report does not mean no problems.

Inderjit should just ENJOY his retirement. HDB is still affordable to the miniSTIRs.

And yes, the opposition has received the CHALLENGE to discuss the RESERVES in their ELECTION RALLIES! We shall be waiting for PSP to open it up!

As for col…….a meal is very cheap if you earn by the millions in tax money and stay in black n whites!

Vote wisely to WIN!

I m exhilaratingly delirious this PAP Administration sits atop and continue their perch on their ivory towers to UNRELENTINGLY remain oblivious to the UNTOLD sufferings of sheeps (yeah SGpns ARE THEIR SHEEPS for donkey years).

With their Bribery Cover Ups when the 🇺🇸 Dept of Justice so CONVINCELY show the CPIB how to do a good job, pointed their Middle Finger 🖕, CPIB DODGING their responsibility, Loong absconding from Fkg his Idiots for gatecrashing SLA to coerce them for cheap rentals – cheers to this PAP Administration ownself praise ownself.

Citizens voters can show them what price to pay.

Every time says problems on the ground needs time to solve!
Hello, these MIW created those problems la!
And they won’t even admit it, how to solve?

ForeSEE in the coming General Election, WP will win the majority of the eastern side of Singapore, SDP wins BB ward, PSP wins some wards in the western side of Singapore, pushing PAP into JE and Tuas area.
Also foreSEE in the last minute before election, some candidates may give up contesting, leaving the master hanging in the air, as a form of punishment to him from the pioneers.

no need in touch. Can they solve the birth rate and jobs problems?

Cotton and Pineapple lovers are always in touch with them.

We need solutions, not price increase.

When construction schedules facing acute delays in completing housing, both HDB & private, our government very very busy to convert so many new citizens and PRs last 3 to 4 years causing high surge in both private and public housing prices.

The pains will be felt for generations to come until the next big RESET when everything collapse back to earthly prices.

Expecting the delusional ruling elites to “reconnect” with “ground issues” in itself is a sign of delusional beliefs. If these people were “in tune” with reality, they would not have become so delusional in the first place. Attempting to understand the plight of the average Singaporeans who require personal reflection, empathy and self-awareness. Skills that the current batch of millionaire Ministers lack, perhaps since childhood. I think we have a better chance of finding the “Philosopher’s Stone” on the many beaches of Singapore than expecting the stubborn and delusional to change their ways. The only solution is to vote them… Read more »

Tong Tong Qiang

Dont worry President visit on the pipeline .

Forgive here , Forgive there

Cry abit

Done .

Both interviewer & interviewee are products of the PAP.

They pretend to be analytical
They cannot be trusted as they have PAP-mindedness…

To the PAP, the enemies are the people
The people who oppose PAP through the alternate parties & platforms are considered
enemies of the PAP.
And the PAP will do anything to thumb enemies down… if not eradicate 100%.

PAP is the the real enemy of the people.

Got problem meh

Can solve meh

Easy Easy

Trust the whiter than white