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Marcus Loh limits TikTok and IG comments despite vows for serving Sengkang residents

Despite vows to ‘roll up his sleeves’ to serve the Sengkang community, PAP Sengkang leader Marcus Loh strangely restricts comments on his IG and TikTok, barring residents from feedback and interaction with him.



On 26 October 2023, the ruling Singapore People’s Action Party (PAP) appointed Mr Marcus Loh as the new branch chair within the opposition-led Sengkang Group Representation Constituency (GRC).

Mr Loh joined a team alongside Associate Professor Elmie Nekmat (Sengkang Central), Ms Theodora Lai Xi Yi (Sengkang North), and former Senior Minister of State Lam Pin Min (Sengkang West), collectively aiming to regain control of the GRC from the Workers’ Party in the upcoming General Election.

In a last year statement, The PAP described Mr Loh as “deeply committed to a meritocratic society that values diverse abilities and offers second chances”.

Following the announcement, Mr Loh expressed his dedication to “rolling up his sleeves” and “building upon the PAP’s longstanding record of service to Sengkang residents,” acknowledging the sincere efforts of past chairpersons and activists.

Amid early election speculation, Mr Loh has been visibly engaged in sharing posts about himself and his team’s presence in Sengkang.

However, despite his commitment to serving Sengkang, it seems peculiar that Mr Loh’s Instagram account restricts access for his followers or other Instagram users to post comments.

Upon checking Mr Loh’s official TikTok account, it’s evident that the comment section has been completely disabled, creating a barrier for netizens, especially Sengkang residents, to interact and share their thoughts about him and the PAP in Sengkang.

Interestingly, such restrictions on comments do not seem to be present on Mr Loh’s personal Facebook account.

The contrasting approach across social media platforms raises questions about the accessibility and openness of communication channels employed by Mr Loh and his team.

It’s worth noting that while observing both the TikTok and Instagram accounts of Mr Loh’s colleague, Mr Lam Pin Min, Mr Lam has not implemented similar restrictions.

Netizens are free to comment, providing both positive and negative feedback on his page.

Critiques of PAP Sengkang branch leader’s campaign approach

Observing online community opinion, it appears that Mr Loh previously faced backlash over his approach to addressing issues in Sengkang, with some netizens accusing him of ‘cherrypicking’ on certain issues.

For instance, in February, Mr Loh faced backlash over a video criticizing cleanliness at Rivervale Shores, a new BTO project within the GRC.

In the video, he lamented untidiness and deemed it “not good.”

When challenged by a netizen about the need for action rather than just criticism, Mr Loh merely defended his remarks, citing resident concerns.

The original post has been deleted, but it has been reshared by netizens across various social media platforms.

Discussion thread on Hardware Zone forum regarding Mr Loh’s visit to Tampines crash victim family swiftly removed, allegedly due to backlash

Separately, last Thursday, Mr Loh shared a post about his team’s visit to one of the injured victims in the fatal Tampines multi-vehicle crash.

In his post, he highlighted that among the victims was a new resident of Sengkang East, who had recently moved into her own flat at Rivervale Shores after transitioning from a rental unit in Toa Payoh.

Mr Loh was referring to 57-year-old deceased Norzihan Bte Hj Juwahib, who tragically lost her life due to injuries sustained in the crash on 22 April.

In his message, Mr Loh expressed that his team was able to provide support to the victim’s family and shared their grief.

He also mentioned that he obtained permission from the family to share her story.

While there are comments on Mr Loh’s Facebook post, his followers are not allowed to comment on his Instagram and TikTok posts.

Notably, a discussion thread titled “Team Sengkang stands with Tampines accident victims” emerged on the Hardware Zone forum regarding Mr Loh’s visit to the deceased victim’s family. However, it was later removed.

Allegedly, the removal of the discussion thread was due to facing backlash, including accusations that he was seeking political gain by utilizing the sorrow experienced by the victim’s family.

Marcus Loh removed video criticizing WP MP Louis Chua after backfired by netizens

In February, Mr Loh found himself embroiled in controversy once again, this time for accusing WP MP for Sengkang GRC, Louis Chua, of lacking honesty during a parliamentary debate concerning Singapore’s reserves.

In a video shared on social media, Mr. Loh scrutinized “certain lines” from Mr. Chua’s Parl debate on 7 February, alleging that it “didn’t come from an honest place.”

Mr Loh highlighted Mr Chua’s assertion that CPF ordinary account holders were denied equivalent benefits from Government Investment Corporation (GIC) returns.

He expressed concern over what he perceived as a narrative suggesting that the Singaporean government withheld benefits from its citizens, which he deemed dishonest.

In his critique, Mr Loh emphasized the risk-free nature of CPF ordinary accounts guaranteed by the Singaporean government, contrasting them with the fluctuating nature of GIC investments.

He questioned whether Mr Chua’s stance implied that CPF account holders should assume the same risk profile as GIC investments.

However, his remarks were poorly received by the online community. Feedback on the online platform HardwareZone dismissed his remarks as mere theatrics, while some raised doubts about his allegations, noting that they could not identify any such element after watching the debate.

Additionally, forum users criticized Mr. Loh for limiting or disabling the comment section on Instagram and TikTok, where he shared the video.

One user stated that he shouldn’t “hide behind a wall of silence by blocking comments.”

Sengkang residents assess PAP’s diminished prospects in reclaiming Sengkang GRC

In the 2020 General Election, the PAP fielded candidates led by former PAP Minister Ng Chee Meng, alongside former Senior Minister of State Lam Pin Min, Senior Parliamentary Secretary Amrin Amin, and Raymond Lye in the Sengkang GRC.

The Workers’ Party clinched victory in the Sengkang GRC with He Ting Ru, Raeesah Khan (resigned following an incident of falsehood in parliament), Jamus Lim, and Louis Chua securing 52.13% of the votes, while the PAP received 47.87%.

This defeat marked a significant moment in Singapore’s political landscape, adding to the WP’s wins after GE2011.

Following the defeat, Dr Lam remains the sole survivor from the PAP’s Sengkang lineup, as Ng Chee Meng, Amrin Amin, and Raymond Lye were moved out from the constituency.

Political observers suggest that the PAP is likely to field them in constituencies with higher chances of victory in the upcoming GE.

Observing sentiments within the online community, it’s evident that overall, Sengkang residents are satisfied with the incumbent WP Members of Parliament for Sengkang GRC.

Despite being first-time elected MPs, netizens are satisfied that they have displayed genuine dedication and grassroots engagement in serving the community, garnering positive resonance among residents.

Some describe Mr Loh and his team as a ‘suicide squad’, while many observe that the WP MPs have cemented a robust presence in Sengkang, demonstrating a profound commitment to serving the constituency.

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This type of face would only bring down the reputation of the pappies. When you try to thumb down people, it shows how a person would be respected and his characters and cultures that the person would bring to the society and the country. Good luck new PM.

Quite a few newbies parachuting in …on the backs of the senior PAPs..

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Ivan Lim 2.0

If Ah Wong got the guts to show he is worthy to be PM ….and is the PEOPLE’S CHOICE, why don’t he go to Seng Kang to contest?
Wait, even Ng Chee Meng has lost his balls to return!😆😆😆
If ah Wong can win back SK ,this show to the country, he is the choice of ‘the people’!!
In truth, too risky lah…after 50/50 only and kenna kicked out, left only 2 clowns in his side…..smiling….got chance to be PM, liao!😆😆😆

Yup…new political strategy 101 – make yourself inaccessible to the very voters you want to win over.

This Marcus Ong’s idea sounds like – “you just listen to me and read what I write. I don’t need your comments or ideas or suggestions”.

Fact – my sister, a diehard PAP voter is now leaning towards Jamus & team at Sengkang GRC ( thanks to some prodding by yours truly)

Aiyoh, they using a green-bird to try and win back Sengkang??? No heavy-weight minister to ride on? Please transfer murali to lead them and help them win back Sengkang GRC – BB residents wouldn’t mind, hor. Lose one SMC but maybe win back a GRC – pappies I tell you good strategy, hor.

Please do not offer advice by “teaching them a lesson”…
These people just want your vote
They are not in the public space to get lessons from voters.

Just ignore them and vote opposition, WP preferably..

More than likely, “not much sunlight” pale faced Marcus is more accustomed to wielding the axe and shouting his mouth off, … with no comebacks, obviously !!!

Since his FB account has no restrictions, … just get on board there lor !!!

This CB face is going to lose and scuttle off with his tail between his legs if he thinks he can fool SK residents with his ethics.
I predict more estates will be lost to PAPigs this coming election.

It is a FACT the CPF serve the Govt and not the People. No investment and Retirement Account function like the SG CPF. Con artist mega stars holding on to the acct of Citizens and dictating its usage and contribution!

Abolish CPF!