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Singapore election preparations underway with 50,000 public officers set for training

Singapore’s Elections Department confirms training 50,000 public officers for election roles, in response to CNA. Training signals preparation for the next General Election, with roles including presiding officers.



Approximately 50,000 public officers are slated to be trained to handle nomination, polling, and counting activities in anticipation of the next General Election, which must be held by November 2025.

This confirmation was made by the Elections Department (ELD) of Singapore in response to inquiries from Channel News Asia (CNA) on Friday (8 Mar), regarding whether the training of election officials had commenced.

CNA shared it was informed earlier this week that notices had been sent to at least six public servants from various ministries and statutory boards, including teachers, informing them of their roles as election officials.

These appointments started being distributed last week, according to several public servants who chose to remain anonymous and shared that they or their colleagues had received notification emails.

In detail provided to CNA, one public servant received an email appointing them as a presiding officer, a key role in the electoral process. This email instructed them to use their Singpass for logging into an election officials’ website to begin the onboarding process and learn more about their duties and the election procedures.

A presiding officer’s responsibilities include overseeing the voting process at polling stations, which are typically located in schools, community centers, or void decks. It was understood that other public servants received similar emails regarding their appointments.

The Elections Department (ELD) has explained that appointing and training public officers for election duties is a continuous process, aimed at ensuring that the public service is fully prepared to conduct elections in Singapore. This approach has been consistent over the years, although the ELD did not provide an answer to CNA’s inquiries regarding the average lead time between notifying public servants and the actual calling of an election.

While the call-up does not offer much indication as to when exactly the election will be held, it does suggest that it will be soon.

The Minister in charge of Public Service, Chan Chun Sing, addressed queries in Parliament earlier in February, stating that the “Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) has not been convened.” This response came during a discussion prompted by questions from Workers’ Party Member of Parliament Gerald Giam about the current status of the EBRC, a critical indicator of an impending election.

The EBRC is tasked with issuing a report that recommends the map of electoral divisions for each General Election and the number of parliamentary seats in each constituency. Historically, the EBRC, comprised of public servants, is chaired by the secretary to the Prime Minister.

Although Mr Chan did not confirm the formation of the EBRC, history has shown that the EBRC can be formed shortly after denials of its formation in response to inquiries from members of the opposition.

In 2015, the EBRC was convened in May, but its formation was only disclosed on 13 July following MPs filing Parliamentary Questions. The committee’s report was released on 21 July, preceding the dissolution of parliament on 25 August and polling day on 11 September.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has previously expressed his intention to hand over leadership to Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong before the next General Election, and before the People’s Action Party anniversary this November.

The Budget 2024, which has been approved in Parliament, is widely regarded as an election budget, featuring a series of handouts such as S$200 to S$400 in cash for each eligible adult Singapore Citizen in September 2024.

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Ask the cotton and pineapple lovers better? tsk tsk tsk

“The ground is sweet! People are happily waving at me”. So said woody goh before he lost the largest number of seats/wards to the opposition that fateful election of the electoral history of Singapore. Now, the ground is even sweeter, more diabetic than ever for lawrence wrong. I predict something will go very very wong this election.

Dead wood or not you will see AMK voters still vote for him. Voters never learn. They think doing the same thing again and again has different result!

He may be stepping down but taxpayers still have to pay his salary in million$!!! For taxpayers to keep that $$$$, AMK voters must vote him out, totally out! He is the worse of all PMs, locally and internationally!


Election Ly Liao.
Me thinks September.
What about you???

I just hope the opposition parties have not been twiddling their thumbs.

If they have not forseen a 2024 possible snap election, this is a big wake up call.

Importing more than 1 million foreigners here create jobs? then why more than 2 million receiving handouts?

Show us how to survive $1000 salary and own a HDB flat lah!!

AMK DBSS cost more than $1,200,000 now ….HAHAHAHA…… good luck and Cheers!

Got balls all stand for SMC elections lah!!! What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Singapore is a tiny dot. Why need to redraw boundaries?

Look at how small Singapore compare to U.S states.

Just draw one circle round Singapore lah!!!

All pappies group together Versus all Oppositions grouped together and compete lah !!

Whoever wins, runs the whole Singapore just like U.S !!!

What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Headlines should read ‘PAP members under training to ensure erections go one way’

Give more handouts, hoping to get more citizens’ votes.
If many citizens do not vote them, all citizens can expect even bigger handouts next year!!!! LOL.
So, what is all you citizens’ choice???

The erections is Normally held 6 months after training.