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Chan Chun Sing: Electoral Boundaries Review Committee not yet formed

Education Minister Chan Chun Sing confirmed that, as of 2 July, the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee has not yet been convened. Mr Chan provided this update on behalf of Prime Minister Lawrence Wong in response to a parliamentary question filed by Workers’ Party MP Louis Chua, who sought clarification on the EBRC’s terms of reference and guiding principles.



SINGAPORE: Responding to a parliamentary question on 2 July, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing confirmed that the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) has not yet been convened.

He noted that the committee’s terms of reference will be established once it is convened.

Mr Chan provided this information in a written reply on behalf of Prime Minister Lawrence Wong to a PQ filed by Mr Louis Chua, Workers’ Party MP for Sengkang GRC.

Mr. Chua had sought clarification on the terms of reference given to the EBRC and the underlying principles guiding these terms.

In response, Mr Chan explained that, based on the terms of reference for past committees, the EBRC will review electoral boundaries and recommend the size and number of group representation constituencies (GRCs) and single-member constituencies (SMCs).

“In its review, the EBRC should consider significant changes in the number of electors in each electoral division as a result of population shifts and housing developments since the last boundary delineation exercise,” he added.

This is not the first time the formation of the EBRC has been questioned. In February, WP MP Gerald Giam Yean Song also raised this issue during a parliamentary session.

The formation of the committee is a crucial step preceding the announcement and conduct of a General Election, which must occur by November 2025 at the latest.

In the last three general elections, the EBRC has also been tasked with reducing the size of GRCs and creating more single-member constituencies.

Typically, the committee comprises civil servants from the Singapore Land Authority, Housing Board, Department of Statistics, and Elections Department (ELD).

Before the past four general elections in 2006, 2011, 2015, and 2020, the committee took between two and seven months to complete its work. It was last convened in August 2019, ahead of the July 2020 election.

PM Wong ambiguous on Singapore GE timing

When asked by Singapore media on 12 June about whether his upcoming international meetings would preclude an electoral contest this year, Prime Minister Lawrence Wong emphasized that there is “still a lot of work to be done” on both domestic and foreign fronts.

He pointed out that the schedule of high-level international and regional gatherings in the months ahead is transparent and not confidential.

“You know when there is an ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) meeting, there’s an APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) meeting, when there’s a G20 meeting. You know when they are held in the schedule and in the calendar this year,” he said.

“So you can already mark out which are the dates when I will be busy, when I will be away and which are the dates when I will be in Singapore. So it’s really for people to speculate.”

Mr Wong emphasized that the timing of the election will be clear in due course.

“Eventually, at the time when we decide it’s appropriate and the election has to be called, people will know. Same for the EBRC. ”

“Eventually when it is convened and it has done its work, people will know and then I suppose everyone will get ready for the elections,” he said.

Political analysts have suggested September this year as a potential date for the election, speculation has swirled regarding the timing of the next General Election.

Despite PM Wong’s ambiguous response to a direct question about the election date, Singapore’s alternative parties have intensified their ground outreach efforts, anticipating an early election call by the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) government.

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Merrygandering not completed yet, do you mean Mr ah chan?

He means to say that they have not come up with a bullet proof plan on how to pull the carpet from under your feet.

ForeSEE new 4G government with LW’s promise to have a change in governing style, all GRCs will be broken down into single ward, to prove to the people that this 4G leaders are really with capability (provided they win the wards).

Unique Singapore.

Might as well circle the whole map of Singapore. What do you think?

remember someone said you are free riders. good luck to you pineapple lovers. LoL

We need more opposition parties.

The more-err, the cheaper-err, the better-err.

Tell me who wanna join cult?!? Nobody but they are overlords (dun need to practice their cult) so you can push the roles on citizens and checkmate them. No?!?

Also for public to note, the Sun and Moon overlords are the parallel of their white and black while the rainbow colours are the mega stars to porn stars … No?!?

Btw, they are too busy playing their Sun, Moon and Star game. Sun, Moon Star overlords to push these cups to the ppl to fit in. Sun to burn not their ppl to death. Star with their Mega stars to Pawn/Porn stars, M-oo-n the ones who can steal cheat lie and rape all sort of evils … The overlords and cronies do it while scapegoating others in that same cups. No?!?

How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?

No one knows. They’re still arguing about it.🤣😅😆

Still deliberating on the various ways to divide up the country to maximise their seats. I assume.

maybe LW should break the mould and of previous PM’s and follow international standards and announce election date early.

Please remove the GRCs. It has been created just to ensure that the majority race is in control of Parliament and the State. We are and have been experiencing the mediocrity that is the outcome of the GRC system. It is an oppressive system against the minority races. Our pledge says,”We the citizens of Singapore…” It doesn’t say We “The Chinese of Singapore .” Isn’t the GRC system comparable to the Bumiputra policy in Malaysia?

It does not mean that the review is not in progress without the committee formed. To me, the EBRC is just to signed off the review report to make it official and justify that it is an independent report without political influence (or should it instead be called a political in dependent report).


All the so call independent “Tom,Dick and Harry” are established to come under the control of Pappy’s appointed PM office.Every opposition parties have to play that undignified “game” in Pappy’s own structured court.Nonetheless,given the really uncomfortable lives that have already been created for most SG voters by Pappy’s “what’s wrong with having more money”and “billionaires help create jobs for SG voters” cornerstone policy directives over the past decades,let’s see how many more GRCs Pappies will loose in the coming GE.

Why is it the ELD is being manipulated by a Political Party whose interests IS ONLY to have POWER over SG, over SG’s money, over the control of Singaporeans??

Why is the ELD so FEARFUL and OBEDIENT to a Political Party, the PAP?

Why is the ELD NOT bothered to serve the ENTIRE interests of SG??

Where is it stated clearly in the SG Constitution in NO UNCERTAIN terms that the ELD NEED NOT listen to politicians of PAP – has IT OWN INDEPENDENCE to act for SG and it’s people?

All these departments, agencies and “corner shops” that appear, … come GE or BE time !!!

How big is SillyPore, … for f’s sake !!!

Then again, if the majority are ok with this kinda shit, expenditure and manipulation, … the rest will just have to take it on the chin !!!

It is what it is !!!

Firstly, why must a education minister answer for a question on election? Clearly he is just reading off a script given to him. Why can’t the million$ PM or his DPMs take the question – cannot lose face if anything goes wrong, hor? Can we believe a million$ education minister who doesn’t know sheep cannot produce cotton?

In the true democracy example of the 🇺🇸, the judicial courts HAS the FINAL say on Re-Districting of electoral divisions BASED on the Constitutional fairness of equity to ALL political parties. Parties, Independents can draw whatever lines here and there they like. It’s Useless. Even the President, Congress, Senate – ALL – has NO SAY, ZERO, NOTHING. Here THE UTMOST CORRUPTED PAP with it’s USUAL HEGEMONIC Designs, Power, and CONTROL over the entire population DO whatever they like based on Their GREED, and VOTERS STUPIDLY, BLINDLY accede. No wonder Foreigners CHIDE local people, “it’s Your Govt who Invited us to… Read more »

My vote will go to whichever party that promises to remove Election Department under the PMO and: 1. Place the Election Department under the charge of The Board of Seven Justice which consists of 7-members. 2. Board of Seven Justice, 7 Members can only be appointed by: – 2 by the President, – 2 by the Prime Minister, – 2 by the 2nd largest elected political group, – 1 by Law Society. PMO can call for election anytime by Dissolution the Parliament. BUT, the conduct of Election Department Must Be non partisan and under directive of Independent Agency that has… Read more »