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Singapore’s PM Lee indicates intent to hand over leadership to DPM Lawrence Wong before next GE

Speaking at the People’s Action Party’s convention, Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, signaled a leadership transition, indicating his intention to pass the baton to DPM Lawrence Wong before the upcoming General Election.



Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced on Sunday his plans to hand over the reins of leadership to Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong before the forthcoming General Election, mandated to be held by November 2025.

Addressing over a thousand members of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) at the party’s 2023 awards and convention held at the Singapore Expo, PM Lee stated that the next General Election will coincide with the party’s leadership transition to the 4G team, setting a tentative timeline for this to occur by the PAP’s 70th birthday on November 21, 2024.

“Lawrence has told me that he is ready, and this morning you have heard him telling you that he is ready for his next assignment. I have full confidence in Lawrence and his team and there is no reason to delay the political transition.

“Therefore, I intend to hand over to DPM Lawrence before the next GE,” said Mr Lee.

Reflecting on the disruptions caused by the pandemic, PM Lee acknowledged the delay in his retirement plans, which were originally intended to occur before his 70th birthday in February 2022.

“So if all goes well, I will hand over by the PAP’s 70th birthday next year – it’s not my birthday, but I will borrow it for this purpose.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stern test for us all, but it has not derailed our plans for renewal,” he assured the assembly. He emphasized that the transition to the 4G team is crucial and timely: “Everything depends on the success of this third transition in our history,” PM Lee stated.

The succession plan has been in the public eye since DPM Heng Swee Keat stepped aside, allowing a younger leader with a ‘longer runway’ to lead the party, with DPM Wong subsequently being endorsed as the leader of the 4G team.

PM Lee reflected on this decision, noting the importance of continuity and long-term planning. “Lawrence and the 4G team have earned their spurs during the COVID-19 crisis, setting the national agenda with vigor and vision,” he said.

PM Lee provided insights into the decision-making process, weighing the options for the transition’s timing.

He delineated two paths: “Either I can continue to lead the party in the next GE, my fifth as PM, and then hand over soon afterwards to Lawrence; or I can hand over to Lawrence before the GE, then he leads the party into the campaign, wins his own mandate, and takes the country forward with the full backing of the nation,” he elaborated.

He also stressed the international implications of this transition, with both Singaporeans and the international community watching closely.

He expressed confidence in DPM Wong and the 4G team, stating, “Lawrence has told me that he is ready, and this morning you have heard him telling you that he is ready for his next assignment. I have full confidence in Lawrence and his team, and there is no reason to delay the political transition.”

PM Lee also delved into the Forward SG exercise, an initiative led by Mr Wong and the 4G leaders that culminated in a report charting a future course for the nation. “This roadmap is not just a set of policies; it is a pledge for a better Singapore,” PM Lee remarked.

The speech also addressed the need for effective governance and robust election strategies. PM Lee observed the challenges of garnering support despite successful policies, underlining the necessity to connect with citizens. “We have to inspire Singaporeans to fight hard for us, together with us for a better future,” he asserted.

Highlighting the party’s historical dominance and the increasing competitiveness of elections, PM Lee cautioned against complacency. “With each successive election, the PAP’s task has become tougher,” he noted, emphasizing the nuanced political landscape where voters desire a strong government but also yearn for diverse voices.

In a moment of reflection, PM Lee, now 71, shared his personal feelings about the journey he has undertaken and the evolution of the PAP under his stewardship.

“But some things never change. We still wear whites; we still formally address each other as comrades. We remain dedicated to Singapore and we still feel the calling to serve the people,” he stated, visibly moved.

Concluding his address, PM Lee called upon the party to rally behind DPM Wong and the next generation of leaders.

“I ask each of you to give Lawrence and his team your full support. Help them win a strong mandate and work with them to take Singapore to greater heights,” he concluded, marking the announcement as not just a handover of duties, but a heartfelt endorsement of a new chapter for Singapore.

Based on PM Lee’s statements, it is reasonable to assume that the GE will take place next year.

(Speech starts at 8:24)


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ForeSEE 2 dragons fighting in the next GE, also in the year of Dragon, will be very destructive.
It could mean bloodshed instead of watershed election.

I suspect Loong pulled out the various 10 year press reports of his speeches, updated them (not much tho) rephrase, tweaked here and there and create this speech BCZ one CAN DETECT easily all the same topics, WORD FOR WORD, SENTENCE for sentence.

Lawless Wong has already trademarked a marketable fraud or deception it seems – HDB flats are AMBIGUOUSLY termed as A Store of Value, a description so bloody vague looking like to tell Sheegaporeans TO INTERPRET they are GONNA BE Millionaires when they EMPTY their CPF for retirement in exchange for DECAYING lease flats.

Allow me to compare all the G’s, as I was there to witness them. And I don’t think the 4G can make it; 1G. You can see what they did. Jurong industries. Cleaned up Singapore River, NSmen jobs interviewed before ROD and many more. Not much words just actions. Always having citizen in mind! 2G. Plenty of promises. More good years, City in the garden, goal 2010, Renaissance city. All talk only, nothing delivered! 3G. No promises, nothing to talk about except using the 1G as their achievements. Incease in cronyism and corruption. 4G. I am sure it can not… Read more »

We want solutions not price increases…

Why MPs are paid full time salaries and work Part time?

So, the lead time is about 12 months.

Moves and manoeuvres should’ve taken place a year or so prior, I’m certain, … in relation to his slippered and unshaven son and the nations top electrical engineer, into “powered positions”, … ensuring that “PAPandora’s box” remain under lock and key !!!

Will just have to wait and see, … as the “retention of power” by the Lee family plays itself out !!!

Don’t forget most if not all the 3/4G “white termites” enter into SG’s political arena through the GRCs gentries setup by no one other than our 100 yr old dear leader just to keep out those people who are really interested to serve .Do you think that these white termites are really serious in helping true blue voters overcome the many problems including high COL which they are currently facing.Given the many bad things that have happened and are persistently happening before the very eyes of all SG voters, your guess is as good as anyone out there.Let’s see how… Read more »

I am glad PAP is our government instead of all these self serving opposition like Goh Meng Seng and Tan Kin Lian. Singapore don’t need rubbish people to run our country!

So, Singapore Is A Company, Registered On 16th March 2023?
Can Somebody Please Explain What’s Happening?

Lets see what can this emperor think of, to drag on another few more years until his Prince is a grown-up man to take over the throne… lol. LW don’t be too smug yet. He is beginning to show his arrogant side, written on his face. Any last minute there can be any change. There could even be no 4G leadership at all. A 1G leeder had said before, no one political party in this world can become the government for a country for more than 50 to 60 years. He had his reasons to tell the people this. A… Read more »

His tank was empty from the beginning! NO VISION.

Covid-19? Vaccines? BIGGEST LIES, HOW TO FORGET.

Actually we should rejoice. The faster those musketeers take over, the faster the downfall of the incumbent as predicted by late-LKY before his demise

Just look back those decades at his helm, I cannot think of any international arena where he made a difference in politic overseas, unlike late-LKY who is very respected from many overseas Statesmen, including
the then China’s Premier Deng Xiaoping

Many not getting married, stay single. you think our population will grow?

So you think we still got future? LW says no more 5C’s .

Any more good years? hmmmm …What do you think?

Pinky looks dried out and haggard

It is a good thing to know since Lawrence Wong is going to be the next leader next year n who is likely to b taking over the post of Deputy PM n it is quite likely to b MG(NS) Chan CS eventually

What were they called in the past? Rag and BONES collectors … Collect bones …

One week dunno how many times their 3rd realm Gurung Guni comes … Looking for ppl to accept service and be their scapegoat? No one arm ask for Donation and the other hand through garung Guni to depress value of items …. No?!?

Just like halimaah, no guts to face the next election. Can see the writing on wall that the next GE results will not be good for him – certainly very, very, very difficult to regain more than 76+%, which was what Ah Goh handed over to him. If he stayed on, probably will hand over to LawlanWong at 53-60%, so better to have a bit of face to hand over at 61%. But what could be worse is that as GE2024/25 draws nearer, LawlanW gets cold feet or realizes the shxt he will be inheriting, so becomes smart like Ah… Read more »

After so many years of easy way but making native citizens suffer by pumping in new citizens new PRs to the tune of 50k to as high as 80k a year and causing inflated prices of everything and infrastructures and essential services unable to cope from a mere less than 4m population to now close to 6m population.

That is a total failure way to prop up GDP and make the country look prosperous and look good but many native citizens have to suffer in silence

He should said he is “running out of reason to delay” not “no reason to delay”!

Wait long long for him to retire, there will be some useless titles for him to stay around.

Just vote all of them out for change!

Be careful, very careful if crocodile cry.

If this, if that….

In other words, it’s not a done deal lah!!

Lanlan, like east coast east coast heng, runway also may not be long loh


Probably holding a Senior Mini post on top of LW? hmm let think of a title. Imperial Mini-star? . tsk tsk tsk . What do you think?

don’t worry, they still keep a job somewhere? ….Did old goat still drawing salaries? anyone knows? tsk tsk tsk….What do you think?

Oh yes. Definitely pappy will succeed. Will be poor, old and jobless succeed? hmm What do you think?

Yes. 70% Pineapple Lovers:
1) Increase GST
2) Increase PUB utilities
3) Increase COE, ERP
4) Increase Food Prices
5) Increase Housing prices
6) Increase Cost of Living
7) Increase Transport fares
8) Increase Hospital and Medical costs
9) Increase Foreigners intake, increase job losses
10) Increase Prices on Chicken, Eat Fish
11) Increase in Ageing population, collect carton boxes, a good form of
We need solutions not price increase!!!! 

Hahaha, did looney loong also have the same full confidence in heng swee keat who failed his test so badly his runway became shorter and shorter until he crashed out? Hand over and please retire. Don’t make yourself another senile minister and make more millions until you kick the bucket. You have collected enough tax payers money to last your descendents till kingdom come. Enough is enough.