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PAP introduces new face in Tampines East, likely to replace Cheng Li Hui

The People’s Action Party has introduced Prof Charlene Chen as the new grassroots leader for Tampines East in Tampines GRC, potentially replacing resigned MP Cheng Li Hui for the upcoming election. Meanwhile, the Workers’ Party has been actively engaging Tampines residents, with figures like former WP Chief Mr Low Thia Khiang warmly received during their outreach efforts.



SINGAPORE: The ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) recently introduced new faces for the Tampines East ward of Tampines GRC, likely to replace the resigned former Member of Parliament Cheng Li Hui to contest the seat in the upcoming election.

Last Saturday (16 June), Charlene Chen, a new grassroots leader for the ward, was introduced to residents by anchor minister Masagos Zulkifli.

Speaking at the Tampines Learning Festival, Mr Masagos, who is the Minister for Social and Family Development, said that Nanyang Technological University assistant professor of marketing Charlene Chen will be working with him to serve the residents of Tampines East, which he has been in charge of since July 2023.

Noting that Prof Chen has been appointed as the second adviser to the grassroots organisations in Tampines GRC, Mr Masagos said she had volunteered to step in.

“I have… two divisions. It’s very hard to run everything, and it’s not fair for the residents.”

“She said she will help us, and she will be working with me in serving residents in Tampines East,” Mr Masagos added.

Prof Chen, dressed in a polo shirt bearing the word “Tampines,” stood on stage alongside Mr Masagos and two other Tampines GRC MPs – Mayor Desmond Choo of the North East District and Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and the Environment and for Transport.

She mentioned it has been a few weeks since she joined their team.

“I’ve been amazed by the amount of dedication the grassroots leaders here have, and they are a wonderful bunch that are very concerned about raising the well-being and welfare of residents here. ”

“I’m very glad to be able to support them,” she said.

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Nope, next …..

Maybe they’ll make her wear a chastity belt and Ah Gwa Loong will keep the key because he’s no threat. All the other PAP tiko dangerous.

The PAP should have someone chaperone A Prof Charlene to make sure Chan Chun Sing doesn’t “tackle” her like his brother-in-arms Tan Chuan Jin did with Cheng Li Hui.

Voters in Tampines/East Coast should honestly dig into their conscience for the coming election. The last election I noticed that during the WP rally in East Coast the attendance was overwhelming. But the results says otherwise. I personally believe that these people wanted alternative parties in the East but not in their ward (typical NIMBY syndrome due to fear/ignorance of the ruling party). After almost 4 years I hope these people have awaken and rationalised their casting right Be discerning and judicious. Singapore will never collapse for having more alternatives in Parliament so long as our reserve is strong and… Read more »

The 600K .

Where the Vegetable guy ?

Those who get the nod, instantly realises they’ve struck gold, … and if they behave, toe the line and every now and then, show some initiative and have a right ol pop at the opposition, … their family and family’s families and family’s families families will be made for life !!!

Made for life because, … I can’t see the majority having what it takes to vote for anything but the status quo !!!

Vote the PAP for a squeaky clean Administration – blue birds galore.

Loong gas shown u how CORRUPTEDLY tax payers paid for adulteries of Tan Chuan Jin and Cheng Li Hui. In fact Loong can be interpreted as CONDONING CORRUPTION technically speaking.

Can voters DEMAND their Millions of Dollars Claw Backs since PAP MPs PAID to engage in adultery

Keep voting PAP then.

guitar man says he give the poor money. tsk tsk tsk

swee boh? :- )

They could even introduce an alien from the Trappist-1 Star System as part of their GRC “team” and I still wouldn’t care.

Part-time MP, seat-warmers are just seat-warmers regardless of race, language or religion.

If I ask the question, what do you see in this? My answer will be that the PAP will not be making any reforms for the benefit of the Public. No mention of doing away with the GRCs. Mayor Desmond Choo’s presence means, LW will not be removing these mayor appointments. So we will end up with a bloated PAP cabinet that we will fund including two Senior Ministers’ salaries. The PAP will continue feeding its cronies at our expense which we cannot afford any more. So please use your vote wisely. The WP has provided you two choices. Do… Read more »

Sinkieland’s top leadership is occupy by 3 musketeers, all shorties.

Guitar man, circuit breaker and short runway.

No eyes see

Keep fingers crossed, lips smacked. Tan Chuan Jin version 2.
Michael Palmer also seemingly standby to pounce.
PAP bunch of buayas.

Ridiculously tax payers foot the Millions of Dollars to Tan Chuan Jin and Cheng Li Hui while they stroke and fondle each other amorously. Yet Loong’s CORRUPTED SILENCE keep QUIET to fool Sheeps to pay for their illicit affairs.