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Senior Minister Lee Hsien Loong warns public about deepfake videos

Senior Minister Lee Hsien Loong has warned the public about deepfake videos falsely depicting him. He urged caution and advised reporting such content.



Senior Minister Lee Hsien Loong has issued a stern warning to the public about the proliferation of deepfake videos, which falsely depict him making comments on various matters, including international relations and foreign leaders.

In a Facebook post on 27 June, SM Lee emphasized the malicious intent behind these videos.

“The motive of these deepfakes may not be commercial, but their malicious intent is clear,” SM Lee stated. He expressed concern that the creators of these deepfakes aim to mislead the public into believing that the views presented in these videos are endorsed by him or the Singapore Government, posing significant risks to national interests.

SM Lee urged the public to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of videos they come across online. “Don’t share them, not even to tell people that they are fake, as viewers may not read your comment and wrongly assume that the videos are real,” he added. Instead, he advised reporting such videos directly on the platform where they are found.

Authentic videos of SM Lee can be accessed through the Prime Minister’s Office YouTube channel and website, or other official media sites, he noted.

This warning follows a similar alert issued by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat, who on 26 June cautioned the public about a scammer sending e-mails in his name.

“Stay vigilant, and ignore any e-mails if you are unable to verify the sender’s identity. Be careful when clicking on links and opening attachments from non-official sources,” DPM Heng advised. He reiterated that government officials would never request personal information such as pin numbers, one-time passwords, and bank account details via e-mail.

Phishing remains one of the most prevalent online scams in Singapore, designed to deceive victims into divulging money or sensitive information, DPM Heng added.

He directed the public to resources for more information on scams, including the website and the Anti-Scam hotline at 1800-722-6688.

Incidents can also be reported via the ScamShield Bot on WhatsApp at

Despite the serious implications of these deepfake videos, it is noteworthy that no Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) directives have been issued against them.

Answering a written question on the use of deepfake videos, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing, who was answering on behalf of then-Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in May this year, wrote:

“The Government takes a strong stance against malicious manipulated media content and online falsehoods. If such content is published online and is against the public interest, action may be taken under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) to issue corrections, and require the correct facts to be published. Disabling directions can be issued if the content poses serious harm. Individuals may also be liable for offences under POFMA if they are found to have knowingly communicated online falsehoods.”

Given that POFMA was established to counteract the spread of false information online, why has it not been utilized in this context?

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Senile Ministar like pinky should just retire. You have already earned millions if not billions of dollars from taxpayers money even though he never worked a single day nor have any work experience in the private dog eat dog sector. Enough fixing the opposition, lawrence Wrong is already learning fast fixing the opposition.

Does anyone really cares about lhl deepfake videos except for lhl himself?

Why so scared,we got a world class police force & a maharajah minister if we got nothing to hide????!!

We don’t need senior ministers. So just get rid of the two and this problem goes away.

To date, I’m still wondering what does a SM do. Does that appointee has a portfolio to be in charged?

Anyone can help to enlighten. Thanks

Well, … SillyPore’s the kena deepfakes and kena scammed hub of the world !!!

So, … it makes awfully good sense that if the fakes and scams could not be contained or arrested, … it’d only multiply and merge itself into the fabric of SillyPore life, … which, by all accounts it oredi has !!!

Obviously the CCP are creating those deep fakes, why don’t the PM arrest the culprits at source and hold them accountable?

Sh*t Times auntie chua mui goon keeps writing personal rubbish about her holidays in Iceland. Nothing news worthy or relevant to global issues like climate change, etc

Why are we taxpayers paying 180 millions for these useless and unproductive reporters ?

Yes, everyone should be on guard against being con by deepfakes and online scams. But what we really need now is a so-called BS detector/meter. This alerts us to BS coming from million$ politicians. Examples: 1) Highest pay for themselves ensures no corruption – BS detected. 2) Ownself Can Check Ownself – BS alarm gone crazy. 3) We always put Singaporeans first – BS, 94.5% of jobs went to foreigners in 2023. 4) SG to enter World Cup by 2010, 2034, etc – BS. 5) With you, for you, for Singapore – recurring BS near elections. 6) Public housing remains… Read more »

Some people think helluva lots of himself.

This chap is no longer in both local and global radar.

This is just Pappy publicity stunt to increase their popularity and viewership before GE. Why do scammer wanted to deepfake someone with low popularity? On one hand, he and his Pappy Gov says that they are with you, for you, no one will be left behind? On the other hand, what they are doing are to fix Singaporeans who do not agrees with their policies or did not vote for them. Why is there a need for scammer to deepfake someone when they are already a deepfake in real life? Say one thing, do another. Wah, some more stern warning… Read more »

Who cares about looony?

These videos appeared in Tiktok,an app owned indirectly by the CCP.Why of people,the target of late seem to focus on Our dear leader and not other Pappy’s runners.Do remember SG attended the June peace summit on Ukraine conflict in Switzerland while most of ASEAN members did not. While Malaysia , Thailand and some ASEAN countries have indicate their interest in joining BRICs ,a CCP initiative,SG remain silent.
These deepfake videos which target our dear leader may carry something more sinister than just discrediting him.Some hinden power is sending a message to SG not to misbehave.What do you think?

Him shedding crocodile tears in parliament is a very shallow fake. No need to be deep ppl also can see through, hor.


When was the good and right time to move on the progressive trail, PAP did the opposite, DEFENSIVE of PAP mistakes and NON OWNERSHIP of problems. And propagate PAP fakes.

Now sheeps have learnt gradually ON THEIR OWN, lessons from Google, Internet, BEYOND the Shit Times, Loong fighting a Desperate woke war, a non existent cultural war against sheeps.

When was the good and right time to move on the progressive trail, PAP did the opposite, DEFENSIVE of PAP mistakes and NON OWNERSHIP of problems. And EXOOUAE PAP fakes.

Now sheeps have learnt gradually ON THEIR OWN, lessons from Google, Internet, BEYOND the Shit Times, Loong fighting a Desperate woke war, a non existent cultural war against sheeps.

Lee Should Carry Baby At Botanic Gardens with Lobang in Socks.
Deepfake will Stop.

Yah Singaporeans First !

95% jobs go to foreigners in 2023?

Soon SGov /SPF will declare “deep faking ” a crime in SG…just bcuz their top ppl kena deep faked.😂

This typical PAP Administration basically DEVOID of common sense. They used and manipulated Shit Times to BRAIN wash SGpns. If they HAVE HAD, 1. educated SGpns well enough to be critically thinking pple, unafraid of upholding bad PAP publicity, BUT FOR the good of SG, 2. told SGpns the truth NOT PAP baked facts, then it’s CERTAINLY all for the good of SG, no need for the SM now to chip in with OUTDATED adv or info – coz SGpns should be smart enough TO DETERMINE and CORRECT falsehoods INSTEAD by now A DRASTIC rewash of SG to this to… Read more »

He deepfakes others, Can ?!? Plus wayang show others as pawn stars, Can?!! Worst PM in history. Depress others wages while paying himself so well. Pui!!!!

This is a very bad, but omnipresent typical PAP style of statements to make right after the cows come home from their 24-hours short-long chewing of grass, and, similar in all ways the saying, after all the horses have bolted, and ran far far away from their hated barns. The proper and right thing to do, was when tech advances swept, like a monsoon, tornado descended on SG, the PAP did nothing, ONLY FOCUS on own power and salaries, nothing to educate a WHOLE GENERATION of IT population savvy Singaporeans. 30 years ago, C & G, City and Guilds has… Read more »

What does it say? ( was it already deleted?)
Looks like foreign players…doubt it’s sgs.

We should also warn the general public about the deepfake scam of easy retirement in Singapore (for non-multi-millionaires).

Singaporeans dun think him calling voters as “free riders”, after being humiliated for not getting a strong mandate in his last election, was a deepfake.