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SM Lee Hsien Loong alerts public to deepfake scams using his image

Senior Minister Lee Hsien Loong warns Singaporeans about deepfake scams after being depicted in a fraudulent investment video. He urges skepticism and vigilance, advising the public to report such scams using the Government’s ScamShield Bot on WhatsApp.



Senior Minister Lee Hsien Loong Warns Against Deepfake Scams

SINGAPORE: Senior Minister Lee Hsien Loong has issued a warning to Singaporeans to remain vigilant against deepfake scams after being depicted in another fraudulent video promoting investment products.

In a Facebook post on Sunday (2 June), SM Lee highlighted a deepfake video where he appears to encourage viewers to sign up for an investment product with guaranteed returns.

The post included a screenshot of the video with the subtitle, “I am glad to present you a new investment.”

He clarified emphatically, “The video is not real!”

SM Lee expressed concern about the advancements in artificial intelligence and deepfake technology, noting that scammers had mimicked his voice and synchronized the fake audio with footage of him delivering the 2023 National Day message.

“This is extremely worrying. People watching the video may be fooled into thinking that I really said those words,” he wrote.

He cautioned the public, “Please remember, if something sounds too good to be true, do proceed with caution.”

He urged Singaporeans to be skeptical of advertisements featuring him or other public office holders promoting investment products and advised users to report such scams using the Government’s ScamShield Bot on WhatsApp at

“We must stay vigilant in order to protect ourselves and the ones around us,” said SM Lee.

This is not the first time SM Lee has been targeted by scammers.

In December 2023, when he was Prime Minister, he warned the public about a deepfake video in which he appeared to advocate for a cryptocurrency scheme in an interview with Beijing-based news outlet China Global Television Network.

Singapore authorities intensify efforts to combat deepfake scams and fraud

Singapore is ramping up efforts to combat the misuse of deepfake technology in scams and fraud cases, introducing a series of regulations and initiatives to protect citizens from online threats.

Minister for Communications and Information, Josephine Teo, addressed this issue during a parliamentary debate on 5 February.

She outlined measures aimed at enhancing public technological literacy to combat cybercrime and the proliferation of deepfake content.

In 2023, Singapore experienced a fivefold increase in deepfake cases, highlighting a significant surge within that year alone.

The Sumsub Identity Fraud Report 2023, released in November, revealed a tenfold increase in globally detected deepfakes across various industries from 2022 to 2023.

This alarming trend underscores the growing challenge posed by sophisticated fraudulent technologies.

Professor Mohan Kankanhalli, Deputy Executive Chairman of AI Singapore, described the challenge of addressing deepfakes as “extremely challenging” in an interview with Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

He noted that while early-generation deepfakes were relatively easy to detect due to noticeable imperfections, such as unblinking eyes, scammers have since improved their methods, making the software increasingly sophisticated.

Generative AI technology continues to advance rapidly, with Professor Kankanhalli emphasizing the ongoing enhancement of these capabilities.

He stressed the importance of regulators understanding the technology, highlighting the role of Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) as a well-informed and actively engaged entity in the AI landscape.

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This has been going on for 3 years now. A little late to start caring.

But why would anyone listen to LHL for investment “advice?”

These scam artists should be using the wife’s image to scam people. She’s the billionaire.

Last edited 8 days ago by Blankslate

Good! More of them should kena..then only they’ll really do something to arrest the scamming curse thats plaguing sgs…including those never ending bil$ money launderers allowed in by our greedy gov thats giving our ctry a bad reputation.

Last edited 9 days ago by W.A.J.

Superfluous alert. Nobody SENSIBLE believes much of anything Ah Loong says anyway. Those likely to be taken in are PAP fanboys and if they get scammed, well and good. You can’t fix stupid.

We were already scammed by that all white image portrayed all these years!

Fake alert??

Anything that has JosexphineTeo in charge or in~volved, … is as good as f**ked, to put it mildly !!!

Thanks to the idiots who know who they are, … whom voted this absolute waste of space and shit value for money into office !!!

All them experts and scammers should really consider “doing one” with that worlds highest paid Electrical Engineer, … especially where investments are concerned as it’d be a far better fit !!!