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Badminton star Lee Chong Wei warns of deepfake scam using his image

Malaysian badminton icon Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei issued a cautionary alert via Facebook regarding a deepfake video promoting a financial scam featuring him. He urges caution online and calls for swift action from authorities.



MALAYSIA:  Malaysian badminton legend Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei recently took to his Facebook page to alert the public about a deepfake video circulating online, falsely depicting him promoting a financial scheme.

On Thursday (6 June), Chong Wei expressed his shock and dismay upon discovering the fake video.

“It’s crazy what the scammers are doing these days,” he remarked.

He revealed that not only his identity but also his wife’s profile has been misused by hundreds of fraudulent accounts.

“Please be careful about what you are reading or watching,” he cautioned, urging the public to exercise vigilance.

He also expressed sympathy for a former teammate who fell victim to a scam, emphasizing the widespread impact of these deceitful practices.

“I truly feel sorry for an ex-teammate who fell into a scam herself. Hopefully, the authorities can come up with solutions before more innocent people are cheated,” he added.

The badminton star emphasized the absurdity and prevalence of these scams, highlighting the challenge of combating them.

“I was shocked to see this fictitious video of me endorsing a certain financial scheme,” he reiterated.

He called for enhanced measures from authorities to tackle the issue and protect innocent individuals from falling prey to such scams.

“I hope the authorities can find solutions before more innocent individuals are taken advantage of,” Chong Wei concluded, underlining the urgency of addressing this escalating threat.

Lee Chong Wei urges vigilance and stronger measures against growing scam threats in Malaysia

In September 2022, Lee Chong Wei was appointed as one of the 104 key opinion leaders (KOLs) to serve as ambassadors for the Crime Investigation Department’s (CCID) anti-scam campaign.

Chong Wei has emphasized the necessity of constant vigilance, cautioning Malaysians against the allure of seemingly lucrative investments or products that are likely scams.

Reflecting on the distressing reality faced by many, he disclosed that numerous friends and relatives have been ensnared by scam syndicates worldwide.

Offering practical advice amidst the digital onslaught of deception, Chong Wei urged the public to verify endorsements attributed to him by checking his official social media accounts.

“My advice is when you see my face on product posters or investment schemes, check it against my official social media accounts. If I did not post about it, then it’s a fake,” he said.

He highlighted the challenge posed by advancing artificial intelligence (AI), noting the recent emergence of deepfake videos featuring his likeness promoting fraudulent investments.

Expressing frustration at the relentless proliferation of scam syndicates, Chong Wei lamented the difficulty in stemming their tide.

Despite concerted efforts to shut down operations, the syndicates’ resilience persists, with new iterations emerging at an alarming rate.

Calling for enhanced law enforcement measures, Chong Wei urged authorities to tighten standard operating procedures (SOPs) and bolster intelligence efforts to apprehend the masterminds behind these syndicates.

Official reports indicate a concerning trend in online scam cases, with losses amounting to RM1.218 billion (US$258 million) nationwide.

Telecommunication scams, encompassing SMS contest scams, online impersonation scams, and phone call scams, top the list, with 2023 statistics revealing 10,348 cases and losses totaling RM352.9 million (US$75 million).

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