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PM Lee formally resigns to President, cites Lawrence Wong’s readiness to lead

Mr Lee Hsien Loong has formally announced his intention to resign as Prime Minister on Monday. President Tharman accepted Mr Lee’s resignation and expressed his intention to appoint Mr Lawrence Wong as Prime Minister on 15 May.



SINGAPORE: On Monday (13 May), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong formally announced his intention to resign, marking a significant transition in Singapore’s leadership.

In a letter to President Tharman Shanmugaratnam, he highlighted Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong’s readiness to lead the nation.

“I now formally advise you to invite Mr Lawrence, who commands the confidence of the majority of Members of Parliament, to inform the next government,” PM Lee wrote.

Mr Wong, aged 51, will be sworn in as Prime Minister on Wednesday.

In response, President Tharman expressed gratitude to Mr. Lee for his service and conveyed his intention to appoint Mr. Wong as Prime Minister, inviting him to establish the next government.

PM Lee, aged 72, acknowledged in his letter his initial plan to transition by the age of 70, disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“After the pandemic, we carried out a process to choose my successor. On Apr 14, 2022, the PAP (People’s Action Party) Members of Parliament met and unanimously endorsed Mr Lawrence Wong as the person to succeed me,” he wrote.

In his response, President Tharman concurred that Mr Wong has earned the trust of the majority of MPs.

He extended gratitude to Mr Lee, who commenced his tenure in August 2004, for his four decades of “selfless service” to the government.

“Your sense of duty and integrity, wisdom and compassion, have set a high standard, and will inspire those who follow.”

Notably, Mr Wong had indicated that Mr Lee agreed to remain in the Cabinet as Senior Minister, continuing a tradition observed by previous outgoing Prime Ministers.

“Your experience and advice will I am sure benefit the new leadership team as they chart the next phase of our history and make an even better Singapore,” President Tharman said in his letter to Mr Lee.

Addressing Mr Wong, the President conveyed his unwavering confidence in his ability to lead Singapore with honour, ensuring the nation’s sustained stability and vitality.

“I have every confidence that as Prime Minister, you will Singapore with honour and ensure the continued stability and vitality of our nation.”

On Monday, Mr Wong announced a Cabinet reshuffle, Mr Gan Kim Yong is set to be promoted to Deputy Prime Minister while retaining his position as Trade and Industry Minister.

The official appointment to these new roles for Mr Gan will take place on Wednesday, coinciding with Mr Wong assuming leadership from PM Lee.

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“.. Wong’s readiness to lead ….”

If Wong is indeed ready to lead, there should not be any requirement for a new SM position.

So WHO is the Government that is “resigning” with him??? Chan, Hong Yi … O please lah the wayang never stop!!!

The word resign? :- ) still holding a senior post?

Last edited 8 days ago by john lim

What for formally give letter to Ong Lai? He no power also what. What you tell him to say or do he must. Wayang government.

No need to be psc scholar can also become Singapore government. This is the first step a major change in our government system.
So now you people know why there is only 1 examination every year in all schools.
More changes are coming.
Singapore does not need someone who obtained all A in all certificates to become the government but cannot even do a simple job properly and also does not have EQ and AQ.

Not unexpectedly, Lawless wong follows his predecessors’practice to keep these old dead woods in the cabinet costing taxpayers million per pax.

Wong : Can I chose anyone I prefer to be my DPM?
Dragon King : You can chose whoever you prefer ,of course someone from the central Com lah to make the show look real…..but you know lah, i will still be around so any cock up I will still find…..YOU!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆

All three, have come a bloody long way from preaching transparency, equitability and accountability, … and achieving the riches, rewards and recognition, without making a dent on their preachings !!!

Only in SillyPore, … where pigs can fly, fishes can walk and one constitutes an assembly !!!

I have a feeling that Lawrence Wong should b quite happy with Gan KY in the first place

After 15/05/24, it will be wong dynasty. No more lee dynasty.
All Singaporeans waiting to watch the Singapore movie….lol.

Damn good forward planning to put Tharman up as a candidate for president. Now he can sing praises for loong – as planned.

Loony thanks pineapple botak

Botak thanks loony

U scratch my back, I scratch yours

Ownself create own show.
Really good hor.
I pass to you ,you pass to him.
In any case, you locals deserved what you voted for ,so no more complains should be heard from the peasant folks anymore!😆😆😆

PM Lee “I write to inform you that I intend to resign as Prime Minister on 15 May 2024. My government will also resign on the same day.”

Who is the government that is resigning with him on the same day ah?!? Who ah?!?