Missing 6-year-old Malaysian autistic boy found deceased

missing autistic boy found dead

A six-year-old autistic boy, reported missing on Tuesday, was tragically found deceased in a river near Damansara Damai.

His distressed mother reported his disappearance, triggering an urgent response from authorities and volunteers who launched an extensive search to find the missing child.

A Tale of Two Standards: Unpacking the moonlighting conundrum in Singapore’s civil service

Moonlighting in Singapore’s civil service unveils a stark inequality – low-level officers face penalties for minor income supplements while high-ranking officials can hold lucrative side jobs. This double standard, undermining transparency and fairness, not only exacerbates income disparity, but also damages morale within the civil service. To rectify this, clearer guidelines should be established for all civil servants, regardless of rank, on what constitutes a conflict of interest.

MSF minister unveils new packages to better support ComLink+ families

Minister Masagos Zulkifli on Monday disclosed more about ComLink+’s enhancements, targeting added financial aid tied to stable employment for lower-income families in rental flats with children.

This enhancement bolsters the ongoing ComLink scheme, benefiting around 14,000 families facing comparable challenges.

Malaysia introduces its first “glow-in-the-dark” road markings in Semenyih

The pioneering “glow-in-the-dark” road markings, introduced by the Malaysian Public Works Department in Selangor, signify a groundbreaking safety innovation.

Despite acknowledging its benefits, the Work Ministry scrutinizes its efficacy and grapples with the project’s high implementation expenses for comprehensive evaluation.