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President Tharman: Full confidence on Lawrence Wong to lead Singapore as 4th PM

During Lawrence Wong’s swearing-in as Singapore’s fourth Prime Minister on 15 May, President Tharman Shanmugaratnam expressed unwavering confidence in Wong’s leadership amidst global challenges, marking a new chapter for Singapore.



SINGAPORE: President of Singapore Tharman Shanmugaratnam conveyed unwavering confidence in the leadership abilities of newly sworn-in Prime Minister Lawrence Wong as Singapore embarks on uncharted international endeavours.

Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony of Lawrence Wong as the fourth Prime Minister of Singapore at the Istana on 15 May, witnessing the country’s first leadership transition in two decades, Mr Tharman underscored Mr Wong’s instrumental role in shaping the nation’s economic and social policies.

“He will be his own person, with his own approach to building consensus and finding the best way forward for the country, ” Mr Tharman added that Mr Wong has played a key role so far in shaping the Republic’s economic, fiscal and social policies.

“Singaporeans can be assured that our country is in good hands, ” said Mr Tharman.

“Mr Lawrence Wong and his team will build on the strong foundations laid by previous Prime Ministers and governments, and keep our little red dot shining ever more brightly. Our best years still lie ahead of us.”

Over 800 individuals, ranging from healthcare workers to religious leaders, teachers, students, and community volunteers, congregated at the Istana to witness Singapore’s third leadership transition in 59 years.

Mr Tharman highlighted Mr Wong’s distinct qualities, acknowledging his ability to bring a unique blend of convictions, life experiences, and skills to the table, recognized by those who have collaborated with him both in government and within the community.

He said PM Wong is first and foremost someone who listens, referencing Mr Wong’s attentive approach, exemplified during initiatives like the Forward Singapore exercise.

Mr Tharman credited Mr Wong for his significant contributions to shaping Singapore’s policies, emphasizing his composed demeanour and effectiveness under pressure, particularly in his role as the co-chair of the Covid-19 task force.

Amid escalating global tensions and power dynamics, Mr Tharman highlighted that Mr Wong’s assumption of leadership comes with the backing of a well-rounded team, comprising seasoned leaders and fourth-generation (4G) ministers deeply engaged in international relations.

This collective experience positions them favourably to safeguard Singapore’s national interests amidst unpredictable geopolitical currents.

Mr Tharman also thanked outgoing Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for his “exceptional leadership” as PM over the last two decades, saying he has delivered on his promise to be a Prime Minister for all Singaporeans.

President Tharman warns against compromising standards

Expressing gratitude to outgoing Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for his exceptional leadership over the past two decades, Mr Tharman credited him with steering Singapore through significant challenges, including the global financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“And he steered us through contentious issues like the repeal of Section 377A, strengthening understanding and acceptance of each other and preserving cohesion,” he added.

Highlighting Mr Lee’s unwavering dedication to political integrity and incorruptibility, Mr Tharman lauded the smooth and orderly transition of political leadership, only the third in Singapore’s six-decade history.

“No lengthy defence is needed for this, because it has worked well for Singapore. It has preserved political stability and allowed government to plan for the long term, while enabling a new team to adjust policies to fit the changing times.”

Mr  Tharman cautioned against the peril of compromising on standards, highlighting the irreversible consequences of sliding integrity, as evidenced by numerous other nations.

“Public distrust grows, political leaders respond by avoiding essential decisions for their country’s future, those who enter politics lack conviction, and the downward spiral continues,” said Mr Tharman.

“We must never let slide the expectations of integrity, incorruptibility and conduct that Mr Lee and his predecessors established.”

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One puppet spewing praises for another seat warming puppet.
Makes me wanna throw up..
Nothings going to change!
More hardship for sgs ..more mil$ in the bank for them and theirs …

It looks like someone will be getting their year-end bonus.

Will he spend it on free pineapples for the residents of Tharman Jurong? Oops, I meant Taman Jurong.

same white wine from the same bottle will taste the same. tsk tsk tsk

Last edited 10 days ago by john lim

Pineapple King, I wonder who wrote the script for you ha? Or the teleprompter.

At the end of the swearing in of new pm and ministers…the words “so help me God” ..
Trying to copy the USA ?
It just didn’t sync with our SGov / asian culture .
Did anyone else feel it was out of place?
Which God were they invoking?
I have nothing against all God’s.

Lawrence wrong was a secretary, an administrator , an underdog and a lap dog working for pinky. Does Lawrence Wrong now become pinky’s boss? Lol! What a joke!

I never knew a puppet like tharman can talk! Lawrence Wrong will not make a good and effective pm so long as the pinky puppeteer is pulling his strings. It’s all wong.very wong. Wrong I mean.

Paid millions to stand on ceremony and give speeches in support of the lightning party, it’s founder and it’s principles !!!

The people have made the right choice in voting for this President !!!

Ensuring that anything and everything to do with the lightning party continues, … into the foreseeable future !!!

Being paid million$ salary, he will say whatever script that’s given to him, hor.

Dear Tharman. I hope you won’t put on a wig and go bar crawling looking to hook up with ang mor cha bors like one of your predecessors.

Motherhood statements and rhetoric ad nauseum for the 2 past weeks are over.

Tomorrow onwards, real works begin for LW and his pack.

Good luck

There should be term limits on our top political office holders ie pm & presient…perhaps 2 or 3 max…1 term=4 yrs.
Give other talented individuals a chance …..
Power corrupts…absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Theyre just serving themselves and their kakis mostly..
Change is good..

Unfortunately for LW, all those who have lost their own credibility are trying to convince the Public of his ability to govern as the PM. They are not helping him. Can LW do any worse than LHL? I wish LW the best as our PM and I hope he will become a Statesman rising above the PAP membership to act only in the interest of the State and Citizens like Goh Keng Swee.