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Will PM Wong address Singapore’s astronomical ministerial salaries? asks former ISD director

Former Internal Security Department Director Yoong Siew Wah recently expressed his views, urging Prime Minister Lawrence Wong to reconsider the substantial salaries of political officeholders. He suggested that, given Mr Wong’s outstanding qualifications and his current high-ranking position, it would be appropriate to align these salaries with international standards.



by Yoong Siew Wah

My dear PM Lawrence Wong, you are divinely blessed, and you are now happily ensconced in your lofty position as prime minister, enjoying the astronomical salary that your predecessor, the venal Senior Minister Lee Hsien Loong, has bequeathed to you by him setting the high ministerial pay (any different from plundering from the people’s coffers?) over the course of a number of years ago.

With your impeccable credentials of probity, would it not be an auspicious time to review the humongous salaries of these highly controversial political officeholders and modify them to be compatible with international standards?

For instance, the venal SM Lee was drawing no less than four times the salary of the American President, plus a bonus. What kind of golden service was he providing the dispossessed Singaporeans that required no less than four times the American President’s salary? Does it not give you a shudder that this could be some kind of sophisticated plunder?

Why is there no widespread vocal protest or agitation? The time will come, maybe in the next general election.

The opposition parties are apparently dragging their feet, not unlikely because they just don’t have the pugnacity to take on the People’s Action Party (PAP) and have been daunted by the PAP’s overbearing domination.

We are unfortunately endowed with a precarious and inept opposition, and it is up to the voters to put up a more pugnacious opposition to take on the PAP as an equal or better, but there is nothing visible right now on the horizon.

No vocal protest does not mean consent, but PAP still commands more than enough gullible voters to keep them in power.

But is PM Wong going to do nothing about it and allow it to fester? He is still a human being and is not immune to largesse at the people’s expense.

Again, he may be an iconoclast who may be more mindful and sympathetic to the people’s (especially poor people’s) impecunious condition than his predecessors like SM Lee and others, that he may be conscience-stricken to take the initiative to modify the astronomical salaries of the prime minister and his ministers.

The mentally-trepidated public can keep their eyes peeled for any sign of sanity by PM Wong and his sympathetic team to bring down the obscene ministerial salaries to a decent level by international standards.

I am still living on my poverty pension of $1545 a month and half-starving most of the time. Does PM Wong think he can show more humanity than his inhuman predecessor SM Lee by giving me a small raise so that I can live like a human being? What I had contributed in my service to Singapore I don’t think any civil servant or political master can emulate.

Just an interesting aside: I had mentioned that SM Lee was in a state of flux and could be perplexed in trying to find something to do to justify his substantial salary as a senior minister. He is reported to be visiting his constituents in Ang Mo Kio to console some victims of a coffee shop fire.

This is what he will be doing as a senior minister. I was not talking cock.

I watched PM Wong’s performance on TV during his visit to Malaysia and was simply amazed by his competence. He and SM Lee are clearly contrasting personalities. His style of delivery was so mellifluous and absorbing that it would not fail to delight the audience and kindle their perspicuous intellect. Malaysian PM Anwar Ibrahim could not have been unmoved by it.

On the contrary, SM Lee’s style is entirely in contrast and less subtle. He can even denigrate his hosts, as he did in China.

He was recently feted by the Chinese clan and business community to honour him for his contribution to the Chinese community as PM. He needs such invitations to boost his fading personality.

It is interesting that his nephew Lee Shengwu had some time ago prophesied that his rule was an Ozymandias.

Mr Yoong Siew Wah was the Director of Singapore’s Internal Security Department (ISD) from 1971 to 1974. He was Director of the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) in the 1960s. He runs a blog, Singapore Recalcitrant.

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Just use your vote and we can all stop talking or writing about their salaries. The power is in our hands. Why keep begging them? We are only of value until elections, after elections if we give them a majority, we are irrelevant. They will continue with the same style of governance. No changes with be made. The population will increase. Our forests will disappear. There will be more people sick. More will commit suicide. After a period into the term , they will increase GST again. We have experienced the same cycle repeatedly. So the change should be made… Read more »

Why does one think they joined or got pulled into politics in the first place?
Everyone knows they’re in it not to make people’s lives better but for the cash cow that’s there. The citizens are literally the ATM machines for these shameless spineless apes.
But whenever taunted by this certain topic, they’ll jump into defense mode like GCT did quoting all sorts of rubbish. Hence the end result is still the same just by looking at what his son did.
Our good friend Izzy is another example.
Vote wisely.

The reason for ministers having astronomical salary was for them to guard the closets of skeletons. During the 3G era, there were many of the these closets. This astronomical salary will be maintained until the PAP is voted out.

You want to see the reduction of their salary, you, the voters, need to change first.

Astronomical salary is just one, astronomical team is another. Not too long ago I saw on TV the image of their cabinet meeting held. The original cabinet meeting room was already too small to sit everyone at the table to the extent that many had to sit behind. These are tell tale signs that the cabinet is bloated than originally planned by their earlier predecessor. This speaks volume that there are many unnecessary free rider Ministars raiding our Reserve. It’s just how they use our taxpayers money to reward themselves. To add salt to wound, they even had the cheek… Read more »


Last edited 26 days ago by Blankslate

Whenever the government gets used to spending your money. They will never willingly part with it.

It is human nature to covet things, even that which does not belong to them. Furthermore, they will even try to delude themselves into thinking that those things truly belong to them.

Will the 70% continue supporting their delusional ruling government in the coming general election?

Last edited 27 days ago by Blankslate


How about HIS 2 People’s Servants LIVING in Astronomical BUNGALOWS NOT even God Dreams of TO live in.

Rein in these 2 bastards LIVING OFF Huge State land CONTRAST with what PAP SET To FORCE Aged Singaoreans To Live Out their LAST DAYS with total strangers IN CRAMPED PITTANCE pigeon Holes.

Want change,vote for change!

As I’ve said be~fore, … why issit that so many are of the mindset with a capital “H” for HOPE, … that this LawLan will be a breath of fresh air and/or a new broom sweeps clean and/or a new knight to the rescue !!! Alright, alright, … there’s always room for hope and if nothing else, hope gives purpose and meaning to life and reasons for lives struggles, … because of hope. But, hey, … we’re talking about pap here, and as I’ve previously covered, .. LawLan was chosen for a reason and it most ain’t nothing to do… Read more »

How about measure the entire cabinet salary, plus bonuses – Ministers alone, but a separate calculation can action to include all the lock stock political office holders tt includes Mayors) – divide by citizens numbers, for a per capita figure. Next work out the full Govt Services which is to serve the people alone, and STRICTLY, TECHNICALLY, NOT under the direction and manipulation of the PAP Administration to do this to do that like the PAP ADMINISTRATION CONTROLLED State Reserves for Upgrading denial to citizens voting for Oppo, objective to see how EFFECTIVE, how PRODUCTIVE this Govt Services SERVE the… Read more »

Astronomical nevermind. VALUE for money or not is more pertinent. Also get rid of deadwood. Don’t have so many MOS, Second MOS etc … and especially so many SMs!