Singapore and China to extend visa-free travel to 30 days by 2024

Singapore and China plan to extend visa-free travel to 30 days, revealed by DPM Wong at the 19th JCBC in Tianjin on Thursday.

The countries will collaborate to finalize implementation details, aiming to enact the 30-day visa exemption arrangement in early 2024, as per Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

DPM Wong flags challenges in tracking wealth Inequality in Singapore

Deputy PM Lawrence Wong highlighted the challenges in accurately assessing wealth inequality, citing the diverse nature of assets and the complexities surrounding the valuation process, and instead emphasized the government’s proactive use of wealth taxes like stamp duties and property tax to address the issue.

This came in response to PQ filed by WP MP Louise Chua, who asked the Minister whether the Singapore Government tracks wealth inequality in Singapore and whether there is data on these indicators over the last ten years.

Netizens highlight public endorsement as essential for DPM Wong’s ascension to premiership

As PM Lee Hsien Loong announces his succession plans, public sentiment underscores a pivotal fact: DPM Wong’s rise to Prime Minister rests heavily on public endorsement in the forthcoming General Election.

Concerns also surface regarding potential disruptions during this transition, including pandemic resurgence, geopolitical strife, or domestic political turmoil, which could impact the planned handover.

Dr Chee Soon Juan criticizes Forward Singapore report, demands concrete change beyond rhetoric

Dr Chee Soon Juan critiques the Forward Singapore report, questioning the PAP’s sincerity and highlighting disparities in living conditions and freedom restrictions, urging authentic policy changes.

“For Singaporeans to truly live fulfilled lives, we need to be empowered in our own country and to be able to exercise the full franchise of our citizenship,” he asserted.

Singapore Govt publishes ‘Forward SG’ report following year-long engagement with citizens

Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong introduced the Forward SG report on Friday, defining it as a pivotal guide for the city-state’s future led by the fourth-generation leaders.

The report outlines seven essential shifts fostering a better quality of life and support for vulnerable populations, emphasizing collective societal involvement.

Initiatives launched amidst economic challenges suggest the possibility of an early 2024 General Election, potentially accelerating the political timeline despite the constitutional deadline set for July 2025.

Lawrence Wong to serve as GIC’s deputy chairman starting 1 October

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong is set to become the deputy chairman of GIC from 1 October, following Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s transition to Singapore’s ninth president. Additionally, Mr Wong leads the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as its chairman.

DPM Wong commends Halimah for “asking rigorous questions” on reserves, enabling successful COVID-19 response

Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister, Lawrence Wong, lauded former President Mdm Halimah Yacob for her remarkable leadership during the demanding Covid-19 pandemic.

He commended Mdm Halimah for her diligent approach to her duties, “asking rigorous questions to understand the rapidly evolving situation”, and ensuring that the requested draws on reserves were necessary and justified.