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PAP enhances engagement with new mental health and climate change initiatives at #RefreshPAP event

The ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) is boosting engagement with Singaporeans, focusing on mental health and climate change. Prime Minister Lawrence Wong announced new groups for these issues at the #RefreshPAP event, emphasizing the need for broader engagement and improved communication.



The ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) has pledged to enhance its engagement with Singaporeans, introducing new channels for dialogue that focus on mental health and climate change.

Prime Minister Lawrence Wong announced the formation of two new groups within the party to tackle these key issues, speaking at the #RefreshPAP event that concluded a six-month initiative to revitalize the PAP.

Addressing around 400 party activists and stakeholders at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, PM Wong emphasized the need for broader engagement. “We need to ensure that we are representing Singaporeans’ views adequately in Parliament. It’s about having more effective discussions and debates,” he stated.

The new mental health group will be chaired by Janil Puthucheary, Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information and Health, while the climate action group will be led by Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of State for Manpower and Sustainability and the Environment.

PM Wong highlighted the importance of these groups: “These happen to be, amongst other things, two key national issues and also priorities for the PAP Government,” he explained.

The newly appointed PM encouraged broad participation in these new initiatives. “As a party, we want to use these groups to better engage our activists and also all stakeholders, be it healthcare professionals, environmental groups, community organisations or individuals,” he said.

The PAP’s outreach will also be bolstered through its government parliamentary committees (GPCs), which are aligned with various ministry functions.

PM Wong stressed the significance of this approach: “Our MPs will step up their engagements through the GPCs – we want to engage not just our own activists, but also wider community groups and stakeholders.”

“Because our party seeks to be a party that serves all Singaporeans. And the PAP strives to be a national movement, not just a political party, but a national movement for Singapore and Singaporeans,” PM Wong added.

“Whether you are a corporate organisation, a social service organisation or individual, if you have new ideas, or just want to lend a hand, or make common cause for a better Singapore, we welcome you to join us.”

In his speech, PM Wong also committed to improving communication. “We get a lot of feedback about the need to communicate better,” he noted. “As a political party, we too need to have our own effective communication channels – we cannot just rely on the civil service or Government to communicate policies.”

PM Wong outlined plans for more frequent media briefings and greater use of social media platforms to ensure broader outreach.

“I will meet the media more regularly to address issues of the day and the thinking behind certain policies,” he promised, adding that more on-the-ground visits are planned to directly engage with Singaporeans and gather their feedback.

Concluding his address, PM Wong reiterated the PAP’s commitment to being a responsive and proactive force in Singaporean politics. “We are always a party that serves the people, that puts the interests of Singaporeans first,” he affirmed. “We are also a party of action. It’s not just about words, but deeds, and we are a party that will always strive to make life better for all Singaporeans.”

This initiative comes amid growing speculation over an earlier election to be held in September this year, although the next general election is not due until November 2025.

However, PAP assistant secretary-general Desmond Lee said in response to queries from the media that the Refresh PAP exercise was driven by the need to adapt to a fast-changing environment and not sparked by the upcoming general election.


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Meaningless theatrics funded by taxpayers dollars.

Singaporeans are paying 9% GST to fund this nonsense? No amount of money is enough for irresponsible spendthrifts.

If the 70% Cotton Sheep don’t change course in the upcoming GE, expect 10% or 11% GST in the next 5-years.

Bread and Butter issues already solved? LOL

Hu Li Jing.

This is your BIGGEST STAGE yet, the BEST EYEBALLS platform, the BEST Accrue Mileage space, to claim Your LOUDEST, Most SHRILLED Trumpet Blow –

to PUBLICISE your TRADEAMRKED, “wayang wayang” – and WHAT UTTER DISHONESTY and DISTASTE, LOOKING DOWN on Singaporeans if you don’t DO it here TO SHOUT at Lawlan Wong WAYANG WAYANG WAYANG as matter of PRINCIPLE.

Well You ARE THOUGHT to be CERTAINLY a Proven DISGUSTING HYPOCRITE, the most powerful One in SG.

I believe Singapore citizens are more concerned about overcrowded and under capacity infrastructures like hospitals, housings and public transportations issues, due to mass and unadulterated importing of aliens into tiny Singapore.

Mental issues we already have IMH and other agencies to handle.

As for climate change, it’s happening since dinosaurs roamed the earth hundreds of thousands years ago. So what selling are these people doing all over the world?

Refresh PAP?

What islanders need is a REFORMED political milieu.

Refresh and reform are 2 very different thing.
Don’t let them gaslight you.

Refresh means doing the same thing in a new way!

Where are the FACTS and FIGUES.

What is the Road Map.

How is the Road Map be achieve.

Ho Ching said:

It’s Wayang.

It’s Wayang.

Obsessive. Heavy in talk. Light in action.

Conclusion: Bullshits. Bullshits. Lies. Lies.

Another entity with all of it’s chiefs , number two’s, three’s and supporting water carriers along with all of the associated costs, … as a bridge to connect and communicate with it’s people, just like the PA, under the guise of mental health and climate change this time !!!

The painting and presenting of a false SillyPore landscape, … continues with the newPM !!!

From a promotional and marketing standpoint, LawLan should’ve strummed his guitar, … providing music to the photo and propaganda opportunity !!!

I do not like you nor the Loong cronies. The arse entitled and dun need to keep gog on and on. Arse entitled politicians and celebrities!!!!!!!!!!

I am not your fucking red representing the shit you arse adults rich and entitled refuse to admit what you all do!!! Dun need to create show to overlords others just to cover the shit you create. Apologize when apology is due!!!!!!

Fuck you Lawrence Wong and your Shit Mental Health. You and your Empires are the source of mental health issues you arseholes created yet do not ever want to admit. Playing political game on ppl. You fucking arseholes!!!!!

Btw, I am not representing Red Clan under Yang or SG Red groups. So dun need to put me there. Cos I dun fit in ur Cult and its Mindset and oso dun wish to be a bone for you red ppl to collect … While Loong move to blue …. Crappy cult shit!

Bullshit Wong. CPF ask how Loong liao? Where are the changes?!?

A party of No Action and full of political game.

50 years into adulthood where is the public opinion survey?!?

Wayang aplenty!

LW: We are always a party that serves the people, that puts the interests of Singaporeans first,” he affirmed. “We are also a party of action. It’s not just about words, but deeds, and we are a party that will always strive to make life better for all Singaporeans” ………………………. LW , what meds are you on? You and your party had been doing the opposite most of the time for the past few decades that PAP had been in power…your party was only serving the interests of the rich & powerful …in turn benefitting the PAP members and theirs… Read more »

Last edited 3 days ago by W.A.J.