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Minister Shanmugam criticizes The Economist over commentary on Singapore’s leadership transition

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam rebukes The Economist for its “sneering” critique of Singapore’s political succession, defending the nation’s governance and contrasting its stability with Britain’s political turmoil.



Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has sharply criticized The Economist for its commentary on Singapore’s political leadership transition.

In a Facebook post published on 19 April, Shanmugam expressed disdain for what he perceived as condescension from the British publication, stating that it “can’t resist sneering” at how Singapore manages its political succession.

The Economist’s critique, “Lawrence Wong will be only the fourth PM in Singapore history,” which appeared on 18 April, highlighted that Singapore is on the verge of appointing Lawrence Wong, its fourth Prime Minister in 59 years. It remarked that Wong “remains relatively unknown among Singaporeans” and was not the first choice of the so-called fourth generation (4G) leaders. It pointed out that Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat had previously withdrawn from the race in 2021.

In his rebuttal, Shanmugam accused The Economist of harbouring a bias stemming from Britain’s historical role as Singapore’s colonial master. He charged that British commentators are irked by Singapore’s success, stating, “They can’t stand that a people they were accustomed to lecturing are now doing better than they are, across the board.”

Shanmugam contrasted Singapore’s stable political environment with Britain’s recent tumult, noting that Rishi Sunak is Britain’s fourth Prime Minister in just under five years following Brexit-related political instability.

Singapore is set to transition to Wong on 15 May from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who has held the position for the past two decades.

Wong was named PM Lee’s successor in April 2022 after his first designated successor, Heng Swee Keat, stepped aside the year before for reasons such as having “too short a runway.”

Further defending Singapore’s governance, Shanmugam highlighted the nation’s superior economic metrics, with a per capita GDP significantly higher than that of the UK.

He also lauded Singapore’s media landscape, which he argued is less influenced by powerful media moguls compared to Britain.

Regarding societal metrics, Shanmugam claimed Singapore offers “far better healthcare, housing and education,” and excels in public safety and social cohesion compared to Britain.

He illustrated this by pointing out the high percentage of unsolved crimes in England and Wales, a situation he described as “unthinkable and unacceptable” in Singapore.

The Economist had described Wong as a “compromise candidate” and a “highly competent former technocrat,” suggesting that while his victory in the upcoming general election is almost certain, the real challenge will be to gain moral legitimacy amidst demands for fairer growth and more participatory politics from younger Singaporeans.

Last September, the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) issued a warning to Dominic Ziegler, who is bureau chief for The Economist in Singapore, over “actions that constituted interference in our domestic politics”.

A new Cabinet is expected to be sworn in alongside Wong when he becomes Singapore’s fourth Prime Minister. Several names have been mentioned in the media as potential candidates for the deputy prime minister position.

Shanmugam, who has served as Minister for Law since 2008 and Minister for Home Affairs since 2015, is not among those anticipated by local media to be appointed as DPM.

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In a politically “sterile enviorenment” like in Sinkiepore sinkie puLEEticians will “suffocate” & die in the cut and thrust of the real world, that’s why papee attack dog was unleashed to run about barking for show, anyway what happen to vivvy the so called FM, lost his cajones???

Terry ISD or Taiwan asking you to write this??
Cannot find this post. Lobang lah TOC, must suck cock also.

Shan use your Mee Pokma lah. You no balls all blah blah in your parliament hideout and eat big money stay big house talk like heaven sent deities but only good at attacking own people. You scared of your colonial masters izit?

Again, if SG reputation is being tarnished by “foreign elements”, why Ah Loong doesn’t come out defending or rebuking the offense? During covid, he hid in his bunker; Indian stole one of our national songs, Loong hid in his bunker; one of his million$ ministers is facing corruption charge, Loong dun dare show face; MOM policies favoring more employment for foreigners than for Singaporeans, Loong is very quiet. He is kayu cannot get a strong mandate, only then he roared that Singaporeans are Free Riders. Remember this is the Most Expensive PM in the whole freakin’ world. Ppl are saying… Read more »

Why is my phone hacked?
Can ask your Deep State to come & Suck My Dick.

Talk Cock!!! When 96 year old Mahathir, parked the boat in Tuas, his Coast Guard & Police were sucking cock is it?
Why never arrest???
Now want to talk about UK.
Go Ulu Klang— talk lah.

understood in his point of view his boss must be best of the best.
where else could he rent a GCB at about $0.01psf?
where else could he ask G to appoint his son’s company to renovate the GCB?

I think, he is hoping Indonesia or India’s Modi is coming to Safe his Ass.

Shanmugam does not Clearly Does Not Know What He Is Up Against!!!!

The PAP Administration must be CONGRATULATED for making SGpns Into FOOLISH IDIOTS Who do NOT realised the PAP has MADE and INSTITUTIONALISED their politics in Singapore As TRANSACTIONAL.

1. “U give me Votes I give U upgrading”.
2. “U say good about me, I don’t POFMA U”.
3. “U say me good, I GIVE U PERKS”.


I wonder if the British offered us citizenships how many will accept it and run out of the Singapore, Shanmugam is talking about. Truly he is far from the ground!

Shanmugam: “….lauded Singapore’s media landscape, which he argued is less influenced by powerful media moguls compared to Britain….” ————————- The excuse SG-gov gave for needing to “provide” 900m of taxpayers monies to SMT/ST is that SG has such a diverse population (about 6m now) so the media must be supported to cater to the various groups. But why Britain with about 68m population, having a much wider diverse demography does not need to GIVE its media financial support so that they can dish out media content to their various ethnic/cultural groups? Apparently their media can self-generate their own operating costs… Read more »

Come on. Save up all the apple-polishing.
The rebuttal should be the job of MFA lah, not MHA. Get this fact right.
Btw, the next dpm is going to NEH. He is the defence minister. He is also the mp for Toa Payoh, which is a stronghold fortress centrally located in Singapore.
Toa Payoh town will be rejuvenated very quickly if neh is promoted.

Never grace a site that has no respect for your voice. One day, truth may pay us a visit and you censor or block it(, truth will walk out in you) because you fear offending “elites” or you want to please elite maybe because you regard yourself to be up like one ( your version off truth higher and prouder than others). Take your peace and go. Let them burn in their politics

What’s wrong with LW will be the only forth PM in 50 plus years of Singapore history? Is it changing PM like changing underwear is good?

It is very important who is boasting about sin. When the law makes a defence of sin’s achievements it means you can be sure the law will wrap around the tree like a serpent protectively. The strength or power of sin is the law. When the law speaks, you are dead if you go against it. You can only with sin, as a consequence.

For a start, sham, loong repeatedly failed to plan for leadership transition or succession. He kept us guessing for a decade and even after woody goh criticised him for failing to address leadership transition, he lepak until several years later, and subsequently identified the wrong “short runway” heng who eventually threw in the towel because heng failed loong’s examination. Loong’s abject failure had affected our confidence and Business confidence altogether. It’s a very serious failure on loong’s part. Loong may be a great mathematician but he one heck of a lousy, wimpy leader. Failure to plan for leadership succession is… Read more »

Must defend ah wong mah. Hope to smell dpm pomotion leh.


So our state media like ST, CNA or Gutzy to start commenting about other countries politics and succession? I suggest look at your own internal affairs first before starting talking about others. As said look at your at the mirror first.

How uncouth for a supposed “Minister of Law” to make such lowbrow remarks. It is almost reminiscent of the remarks that a small-minded teenager would write. It seems to be difficult for the ruling parties of authoritarian regimes to comprehend that independent media such as “The Economist” are not beholden to the governments of their home country. Therefore, criticising such globally renowned organisations by attacking the UK is simply nonsensical. Is this outburst simply due to Mr Shanmugam being envious of the UK’s current Prime Minister? Knowing that he could never achieve that role in his lifetime? Yes, the UK… Read more »

Please issue POFMA. tsk tsk tsk

Also pofma is not applicable here as is just a matter of opinion, nothing true or fake to prove. Sham rebuttal is appropriate. Singapore is once a British colonial and that is a fact, and those BW bungalow preserved is for legacy retention. Having said that, it doesn’t mean we cannot rebut to protect our sovereignty. Really dimwit comments here.

Can see traitors barking like a mad dog hilariously, even forgotten their roots and origins.

The warped and childish, unintelligent defensive-attack on the world renown publisher Economist’s less glow, shady, reports by Shan shows he knows and undersand the stunted and retarded 3rd world mentality of Sillyporeans under the PAP Administration needed cuddling, shielding, obfuscation, from universal standards of facts and truths.

Having to apologise to both, the dishonourable one and the dead one and paying damages, … for daring to suggest a SillyPore political dynasty, meant the nation had a false and flawed take of the island’s politics and the powers and righteousness that their “masters” yielded and projected !!! The truth has been circumvented and crafted, … as per the agenda of this regime, via their machinations of propaganda and updated laws of prosecution on protests, assemblies and of course, … pofma !!! Why perpetuate this act and charade, when resources and energies would be better served, … and appreciated… Read more »

The passing of baton from Loong to Wong was followed up by meeting with top banks. Why. Why. Is there a need for a planned meeting of assurance out of the blue?

Is adulterer going to claim something they know and Sillyporeans don’t need to know.

Just make this small comparison, seems innocuous to PAP and it’s sheeps, but presumably to Gutsy citizens – the Economist, Thriving, well read, famous world wide with the Uber wealthy.

How much to Pay for Economist monthly online subscription, and HOW MUCH to Shit Times?

What is the Shit Times? Daily existence PURELY fed by PAP Administration ON STEROIDS ransomed from, and by, Tax Payers money, almost with a knife 🗡, if not a revolver in and at, citizens neck, head, if citizens revolt.

LJ face with fiery eyes that can pierce through any metal

So scary hor?

So Fake, hor. Talking about we being better than the colonial masters. But why is he now choosing to stay in a colonial-era bungalow? There are many run-down, heritage-protected Chinese shophouses under SLA waiting for prospective tenants to take up ownership. Face it, he just wants to replace the colonial masters with himself and the likes of his kind, lah.

The Reptilian humanoid K Shanmugam wanted to behave like the British OverLord who used to colonize Singapore by staying in the bungalow but don’t dare to issue POKMA against the magazine of the British OverLord who published the article against Singapore PAP government.

In other words, any opinion other than praises is not acceptable! If you’re local and in Singapore we will POFMA you! If you’re local but overseas, we will sue you but must only be in Singapore’s court! (Guess why?) If you’re foreigner we will overreact and scream blue murder because of Flattery Withdrawal Symptoms!

Despite some hypocrisy elements , its good that law minister replied with some valid points ….of our SG ‘s position today…some in the uk may still have a perception that we’re still a backward place …
Some still think SG is in China!!!

What bloody excuse a Millionaire Political Useful Idiot from the PAP camp told HALF BAKE STORIES to SGpns that physical vigour demands of Police Force requirements hamper people to join.


In fact IT’S AN INSULT to Singaoreans – that is to say interested Singaporeans to join the SPF ARE UNFIT?

What a pack of lies if POFMA is applied.

Shanmugam: “…They can’t stand that a people they were accustomed to lecturing are now doing better than they are, across the board…”


Ah yes, the white colonial master issue. Oh but wait, wasn’t the white colonial master replaced by the White Monkey masters? Those who pay themselves million$? Blame voters as Free Riders when they can’t do better than our forefathers? Say benchmarking (when they screw up) to the relative performance of others is NOT useful because of No Blaming Culture?

Black snake (pot) calling kettle black, as usual.

As usual, they only want to hear and see the good news and talk about their elitism syndrome, especially using their funded controlled media.

But when negative articles or rankings about them or their systems, they will criticize them downright or ignore them completely.

Same pattern for decades

Shanmugam: “….lauded Singapore’s media landscape, which he argued is less influenced by powerful media moguls compared to Britain….”



1) Britain media internationally ranking is 26, while SG is 129, out of about 180 countries. Meaning UK media as a whole is considered among the TOP 15% globally, while SG is considered among the BOTTOM 30% globally.

2) Britain media may be influenced by some powerful moguls, but SG media is OWNED by a single identity.

Will Shamni now POFMA the Economist (if he has balls), or POFMA himself (if actual facts contradict his statement)?

Pick and choose which points to hit at UK – and magnified by State Controlled, People Owned News Publisher – trying to redeem his sins of arrogance. How about the main portfolio, the SCREWED UP Police Force relying on foreigners, that is one, second the various laws accorded to Police recently designed to encircle the GLARING operational FAILURES of the Police?

Wasn’t himself patronising towards the entire people who voted him?

How about the reported adultery circulated in social media which was known he fought furiously, defensively, both somewhat failed?

The wannabe “SM” setting loose his “trouble finding” attack dog!!!