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Minister Shanmugam issues POFMA directions on SDP’s false statements regarding prosecutions of three women

Minister for Home Affairs and Law K Shanmugam issued a Correction Direction under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA), targeting the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) for disseminating false information regarding the prosecution of three women and a Targeted Correction Direction to TikTok Pte Ltd.



On Saturday (29 June), Minister for Home Affairs and Law K Shanmugam issued a Correction Direction under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA), targeting the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) for disseminating false information regarding the prosecution of three women and a Targeted Correction Direction to TikTok Pte Ltd.

According to the Minister, the SDP’s social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok claimed two falsehoods: firstly, that the women were charged for organizing support for Palestinians amid the Gaza conflict, and secondly, that Minister Shanmugam personally prosecuted them due to the Government’s disagreement with their views.

In response, the Minister clarified that the charges against Ms Annamalai Kokila Parvathi, Ms Siti Amirah Mohamed Asrori, and Ms Mossammad Sobikun Nahar were solely under the Public Order Act 2009 for organizing a procession near the Istana, a prohibited area under Singapore law.

The Minister emphasized that the prosecution was not related to the expression of views, which is protected under Singapore’s laws.

“The decision to charge the women was made independently by the Attorney-General’s Chambers based on police findings, not by Minister Shanmugam,” stated the Ministry in the Factually website.

The clarification from the Ministry reiterated the importance of upholding public order and emphasized that organizing activities in prohibited areas, regardless of the cause advocated, constitutes an offense under Singapore’s legal framework.

The SDP’s response criticized the prosecution as an infringement on constitutional rights, accusing the government of intolerance and hypocrisy.

They argued that the government’s actions contradict Prime Minister Lawrence Wong’s promises of inclusivity and fostering democratic discourse.

“The petitioners walked in an orderly and peaceful manner to deliver a letter. How much more respectful could they have been? Even then, the Government saw it fit to crush the spirit of these young and conscientious Singaporeans,” stated the SDP post.

Under the Correction Direction, SDP is mandated to publish correction notices alongside their original social media posts, while TikTok Pte Ltd is required to notify Singapore users who accessed the relevant TikTok post.

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RASPUTIN at work again squirting,& spewing his poison!!!

When this pofma thing was first shoved down our throats, some some asian monster…i mean minster…on TV claimed it’s based on facts not opinions, like the table he pointed to on the set, whether it was black or white. Now we all know it’s really all shades of grey and so loosely and broadly manipulated they suka suka distort your opinions as facts and then oppress the opposition and whoever dares to challenge these fascists. Ong YK also in parliament claimed pofma is based on facts, not interpretation of data, remember? Then sex in a small place jo teo pofmaed… Read more »

Just wondering out loud…why don’t the pap just do what LKY did in 1960s and in 1987 – lock up all opposition parties without trial by accusing them of being communists united front and whatever bullshit Marxists conspirators blah blah blah…why expend so much taxpayers money and resource into troublesome bullshit public order, pof-le-ah-ma, poha, and whatever tools of oppressive fascism wielded against whoever disagreeing with the regime? Why go through all these trouble just to oppress people who disagree with you???

I see black mamba/Rasputin’s FANGS getting longer & longer for all the poison he squirts!!!???


Last edited 12 days ago by Blankslate

Luncheon meat or beef jerky since spam keep appearing …. Dunno why oso?!?

The problem is not with pofma but the oppies keeps on spreading untruths based on what they think or feel is like that. They don’t even have proofs of their statement and yet can publish as a fact. I not surprised they get pofma as the affected need to be protected from the false. Pofma in fact is good as it keeps the society healthy by segregating the truth from lies. Why and how sham and LW have a hand on this case is someone guess and is unproven. A simple layman example is a lie spread that a person… Read more »


Last edited 14 days ago by Blankslate

I think every PAP donkey minister is issued with a boxful of these POFMA crackers on a monthly basis. And they’ve a quota to issue monthly before it’s expiry dates run out.

POFMA is a BLUNT nuclear weapon of PAP Administration – nothing in it to say it’s the Govt service of SG to serve people of Singapore – to CONCEAL PAP lies, mistakes, and PREVENT Citizens, Voters, Singaporeans FROM knowing, understanding FACTS of various matters that POFMA directs at.

Use the useless ST, that is your mouthpiece to correct any wrong information as you perceive. Why create a draconian law to keep punching at almost every mistake, even if it is corrected after being informed? It is just bullying the public, media and Opposition. SDP should be given time to put up a correction after they are informed. As a lawyer you should know this. Yishun residents please 🙏 do not vote in this MP if you have a choice of another Opposition team. “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more… Read more »

Like Trump said about immigrant, PAP governments and voters are stupid and other nations are laughing at Singaporeans for giving foreigners jobs, money and resources. Foreigners and children of foreigners are taking over Singapore, snatching our jobs, our top positions, our resources and our money. Foreigners are creating many problems like inflation, causing housing price and rental up, protests affecting our safety like Little India riot and even hygiene and disease (I saw foreigners vomiting in many improper places after drunk). Employing foreigners are not cheap if consider the overall cost all Singaporeans paid and the externalities, don’t be fooled.

Last edited 15 days ago by Petrus Romanus

I thought Lawrence Wong wanted to work with Singaporeans? But now he’s back to letting his Ministers “fix” the opposition for him.

Election season is coming.

The BLACK MAMBA gleefully STRIKES again.

For SG?
For PAP?
For democracy?
Fake democracy.

In SG everything oso wrong…as long as they dont like what you say or how you dress & look or how much money you make, theyll hit you with the POFMA stick..
They just have to use their PAP invented dictionary and words.
SGs, plse use you one precious vote wisely….

If recall correctly, the group delivered letters on the Maintenance of Racial Harmony Bill. Yet why are they wearing “There are no universities left in gaza” t-shirts? Apparently, there is more than meet the eye for this group’s intention. What would be reaction is another group worn “Bombing Hamas to dust is the right thing” appeared?

we must thank pineapple lovers. nothing we can do until elections.

Shitgapore Style or Singapore Style .

Choose .

Also prosecute .

Or prostitute ?

Scared Mongering .

Wasn’t the procession organised at Plaza Singapura? So is Plaza Singapura a prohibited area? If the Istana is a prohibited area why are foreign dignitaries and citizens allowed on the grounds?