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DBS and POSB restore internet banking services after hours-long outage

DBS and POSB internet banking services, disrupted for hours on 2 May, resumed by 8pm, DBS confirmed. The bank identified and addressed the issue promptly, reassuring that funds remained secure and cards and ATMs were operational.



SINGAPORE: DBS and POSB internet banking and payment services have been restored after facing a disruption for several hours on Thursday (2 May).

The services were fully functional again by approximately 8pm, confirmed by a DBS update on Facebook shortly thereafter.

The outage, first reported by users around 5:45 p.m. and documented on the Downdetector website, prompted immediate action from the bank, which announced its awareness and ongoing recovery efforts by 6:54 p.m.

DBS responded to the high traffic with a message on its mobile app, indicating that digital services were temporarily unavailable and urging users to try logging in later.

“We have identified the issue and have activated measures to recover the services,” the bank stated, assuring customers that their credit and debit cards were still operational for payments, and ATMs were available for use.

DBS also advised Wealth clients to contact their relationship managers for trading activities, while Vickers and mTrading customers were directed to the Vickers hotline for assistance.

The bank emphasized the security of customer funds throughout the disruption. “Please be assured that your monies and deposits remain safe. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused,” the bank’s statement added.

The frustration among users was palpable, particularly during dinner time when many found themselves unable to pay for food or drinks.

Paylah paynow and DBS app all not working Always got issues” one user commented shortly on X (formerly Twitter) after the outage was reported.

This latest incident comes on the heels of a decision by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to allow DBS to resume its non-essential activities after a six-month halt which it imposed due to a series of service disruptions last year.

MAS, however, retained the heightened penalty multiplier of 1.8 times on DBS’ operational risk-weighted assets, demanding continued improvements in service reliability.

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Dunno wats up..from 2may i started seeing notices at most posb atms around my hdb area-mcpherson cct rd..
“Services will be unavailable from 12th to 16May due to maintenance work”
…even dare to teach us ” to do our banking services few days in advance”.
Going to inconvenience folks once again…

Almost all on the board of directors in MAS should actually be the regulators. MAS should have a board that doesn’t comprise anyone from the ruling party. DBS is also mainly TH’s owned. TH comes under the Minister of Finance who is also sitting on the MAS board. Economic incest at its height. If we keep voting the same people who repeatedly do the same, don’t expect meritocracy. The decadence in our systems is only going to increase. We should vote more Opposition in to form a Coalition govt. if we want a meritocracy State. The Opposition has enough academically… Read more »

Who’s manning the security programmes and IT systems?
Staff In India?
How is DBS investment /partnership into that s.asian country doing?

Make so much $$$$ yet so FUCK is becoming a habit for DooBooAss to twerk once very few months!!!!!

Oh Blimey, I thought last month read they still ave to maintain minimal balance for another 6 months because previous outages looks like it will be extended.

Dehli Banking System surely down lah. All their village people with fake degrees working there what.

Cut his bonus again?
No chance lah…all kaki lang!😆😆😆😆

Forgot to pay India the I.T. services done?

Or was the juicy contracts awarded to the lowest bidder so the sub-par standard?

Why time and again, the internet banking has been disrupted which signaled that there is a real problem with the city largest local bank here?

In I T as in many fields, almost encompassing the WHOLE and FULL DNA of SG, there’s no blood trace of Nationalism in SG under them bcz IF Nationalism and Love for SG flourish, it MEANS appliedly, EQUALS to the DEATH of PAP when and if Singaoreans stand up for SG, do they stand up for chocolates and candies 🍬 offered by the PAP Administration to buy love for SG or buy PAP?

Love the statement, … “DBS responded to the high traffic ………” !!!

It’s only an island, … and they’re referring to this as “high traffic” !!!

With umpteen breakdowns on record, customer dissatisfaction, authority reprimands, public scrutiny and yet, … life goes on with little to nil impact on key and prime office holders !!!

Unaccountability is as big a disease in SillyPore, … as is opacity !!!

White Monkeys’ definition of Swiss standards, again. Why never show DBS CEO face or MCI minister face whenever there is a major outage, hor? Take cover, hor.

Question evades many peoples mind and thinking – who are those fellas behind the infrastructure of I T networks, systems, that fail every now and then, functions both withing Govt services and private, commercial companies. Are these info also highly unpublished due to certain agreement to SHIELD THEM FROM ADVERSITY?

The issue is not the systems won’t fail. It’s the frequency of failures, the nature of failures, AND the REMEDIAL steps – how is the quality of all these BEING assessed, AND INFORM to users and stakeholder, aside fro Political Powers Stakeholders?

SinkiePORE is the BEST, just look at LTA playing deaf & dumb on the issue of location & refusal to redesign same with DBS!!!

The digital system is a failure and should be dumped. DBS has always been reliable in their services except after digital banking came into effect. The increase nos. of scams should indicate that this technology needs a lot more work and has been prematurely introduced to the Public because of global usage.

Piyush just had a pay cut as a result of those 2 other breakdowns….( no dent on his bank acc).
So now i think he should just “step down”.
In japan or skorea the top man /woman in charge will come out ..bow deeply & apologise..
Here so picture no sound..till …..???

Under an era where No Blaming Culture is endorsed by top management, it is acceptable to Fail and Fail and Fail again. Then say “We have learned from the mistakes”, to then Fail and Fail and Fail again.