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PM Lee’s farewell address at May Day Rally calls for continued support for incoming leadership

Outgoing Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong highlights the need for unity and stability in his farewell speech at his May Day Rally speech, urging support for DPM Lawrence Wong as he prepares to lead Singapore.



Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong speaking at the May Day Rally 2024

On 1 May 2024, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong delivered his last political speech as Prime Minister at the annual May Day Rally in Singapore, before handing over leadership to Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong.

Held on a day historically associated with labour rights and solidarity, the speech addressed broader national challenges and the critical importance of political stability and trust in governance.

In his extensive address, PM Lee emphasized the robust start to Singapore’s next chapter but cautioned against complacency in the face of formidable challenges such as great power rivalry, deglobalization, rapid technological changes, climate change, and potential warfare.

This backdrop, he described, sets the stage for a “very challenging” period ahead.

Highlighting the essence of trust and continuity in governance, PM Lee reflected on the unwavering mandate given to the People’s Action Party (PAP) over successive elections, underscoring its role in delivering substantial results for Singaporeans.

He credited former Prime Ministers Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong with establishing a resilient system, a legacy he expects his successors to uphold, stressing that any deviation toward mediocrity could spell serious trouble for the nation.

Reflecting on his 20-year tenure as Prime Minister, PM Lee remarked on the significant progress made under his leadership, noting that Singapore has become ‘much better off’.

Central to his discourse was the interplay between long-term planning and trust, illustrated by ambitious infrastructure projects like the reclamation of Marina Bay, where the Integrated Resort with a casino is situated, the Tuas mega port, and Changi Airport Terminal 5.

PM Lee assured that his successors would continue to envision transformative projects to propel Singapore forward.

On the social front, PM Lee reiterated the importance of maintaining racial and religious harmony amidst Singapore’s multicultural context. He acknowledged the persistent challenges and external pressures that could influence the nation’s social fabric and highlighted ongoing efforts to manage potential societal divisions sensitively.

Addressing the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), PM Lee underscored the significance of tripartism in navigating past and future economic challenges. He reflected on the symbiotic relationship between the unions and the PAP, which has historically benefited Singaporean workers and their families.

Looking back over his 20 years as Prime Minister, PM Lee enumerated the advancements under his leadership, including economic transformation, public housing improvements, enhancements in public transport, and investments in healthcare and education.

He expressed pride in the societal and economic strides made during his tenure, positioning Singapore as a stable, respected player on the global stage.

As he prepares to pass the baton to DPM Lawrence Wong, PM Lee expressed confidence in the next generation of leadership to address upcoming challenges and continue the work of advancing Singapore.

Emphasizing unity, long-term thinking, and political stability as key to the nation’s future, he called on all Singaporeans to support the incoming leadership to ensure the country’s continued success.

“I ask all Singaporeans to rally behind them, and work together to make Singapore succeed, for your sake. ”

“That is our path forward: For each generation to steward Singapore to the best of its ability, so that the next generation can take over a better Singapore, and in turn lead our nation onwards and upwards.”

Concluding his speech, PM Lee reflected on his four decades in public service, expressing a deep sense of fulfillment and readiness to see a new chapter unfold under a new leader, confident that he has left Singapore in capable hands.

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Eh…your face looked like something I know.

Excusively Wayang Show. But lay stage for comeback with others as example. Still at the back ground fixing ppl … No?!?

The only we are going to support for incoming lackeys is that they undo all the wrongful policies that were implement by the previous idiots

Very nice picture. Should frame it and get ready to put in front of the van and adorn with garlands.

When loooony announced his handing over to Ah wong, shitty times ran pages like a eulogy.

Today another round of painful ownself praise ownself eulogy.

Beautiful thing is that this clown continues to go his same white house office tomorrow with new tiltle, Silly Ministar. Everything else is same same like collecting $m pay, perks, etc.

The rally ….looked like a cult conference…yukssss! All the ass kissing praises…i guess they all had to secure their survival under its regime..

Only in this country. Farewell in politics but never actually leave but still in full control but stringing the puppets to do the front stage wayang. Which explains why their locals never have that courage to be innovative, creative and above all, have BALLS like AMDK to do the daring things they can and have done! No wonder they realised by doing this sort of stunt, their locals eventually in their words ‘due to globalisation’, needed to be ….REPLACED! And here you are , a bunch of nanny fed locals that are pushed to the brink of surviving on handouts!… Read more »

GET L O S T & bring your scheming WITCH ALOONG!!!!!

Hope someone take everything he said at the rally and dissect it…sentence by sentence , and point out all the contradictions and fallacies..
I dont have the vocabulary or writing skills for it…

Unfortunately hes still sticking around.
So cunning to secure a continued easy mil $ salary by appointing himself as SM…whilst hardworking citizens are losing their jobs thro retrenchments everyday..
What can he do any different?
A right narcissist.

LHL: “… credited former Prime Ministers Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong with establishing a resilient system..”

Question is: did he continued to establish a resilient system for the 4G? Calling voters as Free Riders sure doesn’t sounds like a resilient system, hor.

He also mentioned in his speech that in SG, it doesn’t matter from which postal code a person comes from. Err… but he forgot he is from Oxley postal code; where he is now is entirely due to pedigree, NOT MERITS. Biggest Free Rider saying that there are not free rides – so believable, hor.

Cotton and pineapple lovers, dont get fooled over and over again

He is not retiring and still holding a position and drawing salaries. what do you think? .tsk tsk tsk

By measure of gross geographical mass of SG, by measure of population per capita, by measure of achievements, viz is SG still the same ferocious dragon comparing with the HUGE ACHIEVEMENTS of Taiwan’s and S Korea’s, Loong HAS TO SELF AGGRANDISE to assure his audience, esp Sheeps in SG, he’s worth the pay of the world’s highest.

He is still chairman of GIC/Temasek..
He is still senior ministar in parliament..
He is still in executive committee inside PAP..

..and lord knows what other entities.

What is is crying about.. ??
Still has income
Still have police escort
Still have body guards
Still have access to everything inside SAF/Police/ etc.
What is the sadness for…??

The money he gets from directorships, allowances, stipends is enough to feed
6 families… with landed property, car and domestic help..even 2 dogs…
for the next 10 years… with left over for more Japan holidays…

What are the tears for..??

First World country with more than 2 million receiving handouts. tsk tsk tsk

2023 jobs go to who? tsk tsk tsk

A labour day for PLPs to shower cringing praises and relentless b*ll licking to that ah gua man.

Very dark Singapore under LHL. Rideout, S. Iswaran; GST, high inflation, high housing, no improve and downgrade of lives for people but selected few has improvement to lives and get high pay. I will not vote for PAP anymore.

The “waterworks” croc tears released at the May Day Rally Speech…on tv news earlier..
He and his ministars were the real freeriders and freeloaders of SG ..leeching off trublu sgs…

Last edited 21 days ago by W.A.J.

A legend of VICE

now….let’s change the soiled pap underwear to another sdp and wp brands.

Legacy. Highest paid PM. Worst performance. The Kayu Son.

Good riddance to someone who has stayed far too long to be useful and make sinkies’ lives increasing difficult and unhappy

“.… Concluding his speech, PM Lee reflected on his four decades in public service, expressing a deep sense of fulfillment and readiness to see a new chapter unfold under a new leader, confident that he has left Singapore in capable hands….” —————– More Ownself Say Ownself. Left SG in capable hands??? Truth is he started planning for the 4G succession only during the inconvenient covid period, putting up 3 clowns to compete against each other. This was clearly a one-shot plan, no margins for Plan B since GE2020 was looming then. Good team or bad team, he just formed one… Read more »

His whole inept band of lameducks should be binned as well…

Trust should be earned.. if can trust then we support…

“…. PM Lee remarked on the significant progress made under his leadership, noting that Singapore has become ‘much better off’. …”

LHL need to reflect on what he and his lackeys have done and who is ‘better off’? Better off for the ministers and himself OR the foreigners they welcome by force opening Singapore asses? If locals are ‘better off’, PAP wouldn’t need to give out assistance package at all. WE ARE NOT BETTER OFF ……….

He was kindly ‘warned’ by voters to decrease the FTs flooding during the 2015 election.
But since he knew he could ‘do anything’ and you local fucks CAN’T DO A THING TO STOP HIM…

All he said should come from us but how many of the citizens want him to stay on as Senior Minister? How many will want him and his wife to go away from our lives? He can only talk about all the projects and infrastructures done or in the pipeline but he is unable to articulate the benefits to the citizens. He talks about mediocrity but yet still has his personal lawyer as the AGC. He is a leader with no EQ and the State and it’s citizens are paying a huge price in his 20 years of staying in… Read more »

Ah Loong sporting new hairstyle. Wonder if he will go all in and go for a rainbow hued mohawk after 15 May 🙂

It’s supposed to be a 2-way support but we have to support the world highest paid politicians while they self serving themselves and their elites.

Lives are getting harder and harder. Singapore is getting more and more congested and expensive

Didn’t he admitted of late that many mistakes were made which apparently may have help create uncomfortable lives for SG voters and their families.Let’s see how many more GRCs Pappies will loose in the coming GE.

The unity, stability and support that Wong Shyun Tsai needed is the “stick” they keep to blungeon activists and political dissenters with.

Good riddance already. Clearly and easily the WORST PM Singapore ever had. He is leaving lawlanWong with the worst support for PAP in our history, shameless to call us Free Riders, and now he thinks he just calls and ppl will listen to him. Always with that Entitled attitude, always a white horse all his life, hor.

Local fucks particularly here, complain also no use.
Fucked by your parents when they voted PAP.
Fucked themselves when they believe “No one will be left behind”!
Now already closed to fully fucked, cannot reverse.
Soon close to 90 % to be replaced by FTs!
Like I said, if you locals fucks, with exception of the 10% very well off, cannot undo this might as well migrate or go Bedok reservoir!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

Support Inflation
Support Foreign Trash
Support Keppel Bribes
Support HDB flats rentals but promoted as ownership that robs SG of critical retirement funds?
Some more?
Support PAP wasteful spending?
Support PAP rob Reserves?

Blowing its own horn …
You didn’t do all of it yourself..
The people worked the hardest yet got betrayed..
LW will be doing no better..
best if it leaves permanently and not stay on as SM ,to shadow the new gov..

Given the nature of the “accustomed to being spoon~fed” electorate, the SupremeLeader probably needs to find every excuse under the SillyPore sun, … to repeat his message and remind the nation, .. to trust and to continue to support the ruling regime, as they’ve done for nearly seven decades. His last speech as PM, … will be a sad sad day for many, but there’ll be a handful who couldn’t wait for his departure, and those very same handful knows only too well, … he ain’t going too far away, not where the “control switch” can’t be initiated by him… Read more »

Go already!

May/Labour day become propaganda day.
Everything is just about them.

Wah kor!