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Hamas agrees to Egypt and Qatar mediated ceasefire deal amid Rafah invasion fear

Hamas accepts an Egypt and Qatar-mediated ceasefire to end a 7-month conflict with Israel, even as fears of an Israeli invasion in Rafah escalate.



In a potentially game-changing development for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the militant group Hamas has announced its acceptance of a ceasefire deal mediated by Egypt and Qatar, aiming to end the prolonged seven-month conflict with Israel.

Hamas confirmed the development in a statement released Monday, detailing a conversation where Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas’s political bureau, communicated their decision to both the Qatari prime minister and the Egyptian intelligence minister.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office has stated that the proposal agreed upon by Hamas is far from meeting Israel’s demands, but the Israeli government will send a delegation to negotiate. The war cabinet has decided that Israel will continue its operations in Rafah, with the army announcing it has struck targets in the east of the city.

It remains to be seen which version of the ceasefire proposal Hamas has accepted—whether it is the most recent one discussed or a modified version.

The proposal under consideration, which was contributed to by Israel but not yet fully agreed upon, entails releasing 20 to 33 hostages in phases in exchange for a temporary ceasefire and the release of Palestinian prisoners.

The agreement outlines subsequent steps towards “the restoration of sustainable calm,” which includes the exchange of remaining hostages and captive Israeli soldiers for more Palestinian prisoners.

A significant breakthrough occurred in Doha, according to a diplomatic source familiar with the negotiations.

A diplomatic source revealed to CNN that after a day-long meeting in Doha, Qatar’s capital, between CIA Director Bill Burns and Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Hamas was persuaded to accept a three-part deal. The source emphasized, ‘The ball is now firmly in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s court.’

At the White House, the tone was cautiously optimistic. “There had been a response from Hamas,” confirmed national security spokesman John Kirby, noting that President Joe Biden had been briefed but declined to detail the specifics of the deal. “We still believe that reaching an agreement is the absolute best outcome not only for the hostages but for the Palestinian people, and we’re not going to stop working toward that outcome,” Kirby stated.

The news of Hamas’s announcement sparked celebrations in Gaza, with Palestinians taking to the streets in Deir al-Balah and Gaza City.

Families of Israeli hostages in Gaza stated that since Hamas has agreed to the deal, the Israeli government must now agree as well.

Simultaneously, the mood was tense in Rafah, a southern Gaza city, following an Israeli command to “evacuate immediately,” hinting at possible imminent military actions.

Asked about the implications of Hamas’s acceptance on Israeli military plans, IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari remarked that operations would continue. “Operations are ongoing, but the IDF is making every effort in the negotiations to bring the hostages home as fast as possible,” Hagari stated.

The ceasefire discussions have stirred strong reactions within Israel’s political landscape. Orit Strook and Itamar Ben Gvir, representing the far-right factions, have expressed opposition to the ceasefire, advocating for continued military pressure on Hamas in Rafah.

In contrast, public pressure mounts for Netanyahu to agree to the ceasefire, underscored by protests by families and supporters of the hostages, who recently blocked the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv with banners urging the Prime Minister to “choose life.”

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNWRA) estimates there are 1.4 million people sheltering there, half of them children.

UNRWA spokesman Jonathan Fowler spoke to Al Jazeera from occupied East Jerusalem on Israel’s evacuation order in Rafah ahead of the planned ground offensive:

“We are in a situation where any large-scale advances from Israeli forces in Rafah are going to mean more suffering and death. The consequence would be devastating for the population of Rafah, which is six times the pre-war population – half of the 1.4 million people are children. Most of these people have been displaced many times already. The challenge is insurmountable at this stage.”

At least 34,735 Palestinians have been killed in Israel’s ongoing offensive on the Gaza Strip since last October, Gaza’s Health Ministry said on Monday.

A ministry statement added that 78,108 other people have also been injured in the onslaught.

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The ones attacking others or attacking Israel is calling Israel genocide……what a big joke!

These fools sure are radicalized or indoctrinated. LOL

Terrorists (Hamas) have no rights to bargain

They never read enough History and Biblical books.

They thought Palestine owns Israel land. Its an honest mistake. Lets move on

On one hand they want cease fire, on the other hand they are still firing missiles. hypocrites.

who wants to support hypocrites?

Smart play by Hamas. The Zionists won’t stop the bombing so might as well say willing to agree to a ceasefire. More people will be killed and the world will condemn the Zionists in this attack.

Lots of clatter in other sources – apparently Hamas released its “acceptance” of the deal but added a last minute clause – that the number of hostages released shall include dead bodies. Note that Israel has NOT yet agreed to the “amended” terms of the original proposal. So there is NO TRUCE in the fighting as yet.

Hamas supported by Iran. Other Arab countries want to less Iran influence. Hamas must end. Middle East more peace when Hamas is gone.

Let’s see how long Hamas can hold up to this latest agreement. Probably it can scrape together 20+ hostages, then make some excuses for not exchanging more – because 20+ is all Hamas have after 7 months.

Hamas gambled badly on 7 Oct. Very badly.

Israel said: The truce is is ruse.!!

Sorry Hamas . Keep crying . You started the war and now wants to end the war? LOL

Just look this barbaric terrorist supporter comments below? :

Families of Israeli detainees in Gaza: Hamas agreed to the deal. The government must agree now, otherwise we will burn the country.”