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Israeli PM Netanyahu claims U.S. withholding weapons amid Gaza conflict

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu criticized President Biden’s administration for withholding weapons amid the Gaza conflict. The U.S. paused a bomb shipment over civilian casualty concerns, but other arms transfers continue.



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has criticized the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden for “withholding weapons” from Israel as the country continues its war on Gaza.

In a video statement on Tuesday (18 June), Netanyahu expressed frustration, stating it was “inconceivable” that the U.S. had been withholding weapons and ammunition from Israel.

He referenced assurances from Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who visited Israel last week.

“Secretary Blinken assured me that the administration is working day and night to remove these bottlenecks. I certainly hope that’s the case. It should be the case,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu emphasized the urgency of receiving U.S. military support, stating, “Give us the tools and we’ll finish the job a lot faster.”

The U.S. provides $3.8 billion in annual military assistance to Israel, and in April, Biden signed a law granting Israel an additional $17 billion in aid amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Despite this, Washington confirmed last month that it had held up a shipment of 1,800 bombs weighing 900kg (2,000 pounds) and 1,700 bombs weighing 226kg (500 pounds) to the Israeli military due to concerns about civilian casualties in Rafah, southern Gaza.

Since then, the Biden administration has authorized further weapons sales to Israel, including a $1 billion package last month.

The Washington Post reported on Monday (17 June), that the administration also pressured top Democratic lawmakers to approve an $18 billion sale of 50 F-15 fighter jets to Israel.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Blinken reiterated the U.S. commitment to Israeli security, stating that arms transfers to Israel continue on a “regular basis.”

He noted that weapons shipments were moving as usual, given Israel faces security threats beyond Gaza, including from Hezbollah and Iran.

However, he confirmed that the hold on the heavy bombs remains in place due to concerns about their use in densely populated areas like Rafah.

“We, as you know, are continuing to review one shipment that President Biden has talked about with regard to 2000-pound bombs because of our concerns about their use in a densely populated area like Rafah,” Blinken said.

“That remains under review. But everything else is moving as it normally would move.”

The White House also denied Netanyahu’s claim that the U.S. had been withholding weapons for months, emphasizing that only one shipment of bombs had been paused.

“We genuinely do not know what he’s talking about. There was one particular shipment of munitions that was paused,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters.

“We continue to have these constructive discussions with Israelis for the release of that particular shipment… There are no other pauses – none.”

The Biden administration has faced pressure to halt military aid to Israel due to reports of Israeli abuses in Gaza, including allegations of targeting civilian infrastructure, using starvation as a weapon of war, and torturing detainees.

In April, Biden warned Israel that the U.S. would stop supplying it weapons if Israeli forces launched a major invasion of Rafah, a refugee-packed city in southern Gaza.

Despite U.S. and international warnings, Israel launched its assault on Rafah later in May, displacing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, many of whom had already fled other parts of Gaza.

Israeli forces claimed Hamas militants were hiding there and reiterated that eliminating Hamas and bringing back hostages were Israel’s main goals.

Scrutiny of Israel’s conduct in its military operation in Gaza has increased as the Palestinian death toll from the assault has soared to above 37,300, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

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Please ask the Palestinians go back to their desert lives.

King David conquer Israel in 1000 BC. Romans steal the land from Israel and called it Judea

Dear Netanyahu, please change back the land Judea to Israel please. !! Thank you

Dear Prophet Nethanyahu,

Please change the land back to its former original name.

The West Bank to be returned to its original name “JUDEA”.

Gaza shall be renamed as ” WEST JUDEA”.

This will settle the decades of land ownership once and for all.

Since the Palestinians chose Hamas to rule them, it is not Israel or U.S responsibilities to provide food and medical aid to them.

Israel has never depended on U.S since biblical times……. King David can fight with so many terrorists.

It’s what’s referred to, in these parts, … as a wayang lah !!!

Enacted with script and details, … to appease the FreedomFighters of Hamas and their supporters and fans !!!

Whilst at the same time, projecting that Israel is running “low on ammo” and US support, … and quite possibly, that the US is reconsidering it’s position in the conflict, … as they may wanna team up with Iran instead !!! !!!

Talk is cheap. Cannot even defend itself without the Americans but terrorizing it’s neighbours and boasting about its all knowing. It is just a vassal state of the Americans.

America is starting to display some anti-semitism. To start proving to the world that it is not anti-semitic, America can start shipping out ALL its available weapons to the divine/chosen/elite/supreme race to help make the world a better place. Maybe throw in a signed blank cheque, because they’ll need a lot of money to courageously bomb refugee camps from high altitudes.