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Halimah Yacob raises concerns for Palestinians in Rafah amid bombing: ‘Where can they go?’

Former Singapore President Halimah Yacob addressed the bombing in Rafah, expressing concern for civilians amidst the conflict. She questioned where they could seek safety as Israel rejected a ceasefire deal accepted by Hamas, leading to further bombings.



Halimah Yacob raises concerns for Palestinians in Rafah amid bombing: 'Where can they go?'

SINGAPORE: Former President of Singapore, Madam Halimah Yacob, known for her outspoken stance on Palestinian issues, recently addressed the bombing incident in Rafah during Israel’s ongoing military invasion.

On Wednesday (8 May), she expressed her concerns on Facebook, poignantly asking, “Where can they go?”

She noted that despite the ceasefire deal brokered by the US, which included the release of hostages and was accepted by Hamas, Israel rejected it. As a result, Rafah, a town sheltering 1.5 million Palestinians displaced from other parts of Gaza, was targeted in Israeli bombings.

Madam Halimah emphasized the residents’ plight in Rafah, questioning where they could find safety amidst the conflict. “Where is it safe for them?” she asked.

She also highlighted the blockade imposed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), which has prevented essential supplies from reaching the already vulnerable population, describing the situation as a “complete siege” and reiterating her concerns for the civilians’ safety and well-being.

Media reports state that leaflet drops by the Israeli military above eastern Rafah advised communities to move to the supposed safe zone of Al Mawasi, west of Rafah by the Mediterranean Sea.

However, UN humanitarians have criticized similar evacuation initiatives by the Israeli military as forced displacement.

“In Al Mawasi, the lack of infrastructure, including water, makes it infeasible to support tens of thousands of displaced people,” said Louise Wateridge, UNRWA spokesperson in Gaza.

Over 400,000 people are already sheltering in this coastal location, as per the latest UN assessment, which noted an influx from the nearby city of Khan Younis. To assist them, UNRWA has set up two temporary health centers in Al Mawasi, along with other newly established medical points in the area.

“Contrary to claims, it is far from safe because nowhere is safe in Gaza,” stated Juliette Touma, UNRWA Communications Director.

Mdm Halimah urges international action amidst Palestinian crisis

Mdm Halimah added further weight to her statements by citing a New York Times article revealing harrowing statistics.

She highlighted that, according to the article, a Palestinian child is wounded or killed every 10 minutes, with a staggering 14,000 innocent children having lost their lives.

In her impassioned address, Mdm Halimah emphasized the overwhelming odds faced by Palestinians, who are subjected to bombings, tanks, snipers, and the weaponization of starvation.

The grim toll of conflict was underscored by the staggering figure of 35,000 Palestinian deaths.

Amidst these dire circumstances, Mdm Halimah lamented the apparent indifference of the international community.

She decried the erosion of international humanitarian law, which now lies buried in the graveyard of impunity.

She warned against the dangers of apathy, stressing that impunity is not a sudden occurrence but a gradual process fueled by indifference.

“The problem with impunity is that it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long process and it can happen only because people don’t care,” she stated.

“They turn their backs to humanity,” Mdm Halimah declared, urging for a collective stance in defense of humanity.

Hamas accepts ceasefire as Israel continues operations in Rafah

In a potentially significant development for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the militant group Hamas has announced its acceptance of a ceasefire deal brokered by Egypt and Qatar, aiming to bring an end to the prolonged seven-month conflict with Israel.

Hamas confirmed the agreement in a statement released on Monday (6 May), detailing discussions where Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas’s political bureau, conveyed their decision to both the Qatari prime minister and the Egyptian intelligence minister.

While Hamas’s acceptance of the ceasefire deal signifies a potential breakthrough, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed reservations.

They stated that the proposal agreed upon by Hamas falls short of meeting Israel’s demands.

However, despite this discrepancy, the Israeli government has decided to send a delegation for negotiations.

Simultaneously, Israel has announced its intention to continue military operations in Rafah, a move that underscores the complexities of the situation.

The Israeli military has begun striking targets in the eastern part of the city, emphasizing its commitment to ongoing operations despite ceasefire negotiations.

To mitigate potential harm to civilians amidst continued military actions, Israel’s military has issued a directive urging residents and displaced individuals to evacuate eastern neighborhoods of Rafah and relocate to an “expanded humanitarian zone” in southern Gaza.

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Why she never say anything about the tragic speeding accident at Tampines junction? Score 3 own goals very quiet, issit?

For 5 years she sat down and kept quiet while being our Kelong Queen. Now suddenly why she is shouting nonsense about something that is frankly none of our business. WHY, hor?

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Aiyoh, what a dumb question from the Kelong queen. Completely no Cause-and-Effect thinking before shooting her mouth; really question how she approved using large amounts from our reserves with no brains to think about root causes and the accountabilities. The Palestinians could have happily stayed where they were if Hamas had not carried out the 7 Oct terrorist attack.

She throws a rock, broke a window, rain came and flooded her house through the broken window. She then blames whoever brought the rain instead of which bodoh threw the rock.

Where can homeless children go to when Hamas murdered their Israeli parents? Where can grandparents or parents go or dependent on, when Hamas murdered their children on Oct 7 th? Where Palestinians in Rafah go to is NONE of Your Bloody itchy backside and evil tongue business because that’s the Hamas problem and Hamas can answer you, stupid woman when they started the Killing of Israelis on Oct 7th, their planning would take into account Israel response and plan for Gazans and Rafahns well being when they started killing. So you make yourself part of the problem when u asked… Read more »

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Milo Aunty, your Yishun house got spare room or not? 6 years you on the throne all you did was tell us chicken expensive then eat fish. Now you concern for other country affairs.

Frankly speaking I don’t take sides. The only side, if there is I take on, is the humanity side, colour blind, sex blind, ages blind.

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