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Israel calls for urgent evacuation in Rafah amidst anticipated military action

Israel’s military issued an urgent evacuation call for eastern Rafah residents after the defense minister’s warning of imminent intense action. The move follows ongoing tensions, including the closure of the Kerem Shalom border crossing after a rocket attack claimed lives.



(Photo: X/UNRWA)

Israel’s military has issued a directive urging residents and displaced individuals to evacuate eastern neighborhoods of Rafah and relocate to an “expanded humanitarian zone” in southern Gaza.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) emphasized the importance of this evacuation through various communication channels, including announcements, text messages, phone calls, and media broadcasts in Arabic.

Avichay Adraee, head of the Arab media division of the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, specifically urged those residing in the municipality of Al-Shawka and neighboring areas to relocate to expanded humanitarian zones at checkpoints for their safety.

Israel has been insistent on a full-scale offensive in Rafah, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressing the necessity of victory against Hamas.

The region is believed to harbor four remaining Hamas battalions, comprising thousands of fighters, raising concerns about civilian casualties in the event of a wide ground operation.

Western and Arab powers, along with the UN, have repeatedly cautioned against such measures due to the potential for significant civilian harm.

The ongoing bombardment of Gaza by Israel since 7 October has inflicted immense devastation on the enclave, leaving entire neighborhoods in ruins and exacerbating shortages of essential supplies like food, fuel, and water.

The resulting displacement has forced many Palestinians to seek shelter in Rafah multiple times during the seven-month conflict.

Aid agencies have vehemently opposed a full-scale ground invasion, warning of further suffering and death among the 1.4 million displaced Palestinians in and around the southern city.

According to the IDF, the operation is of “limited scope” and will progress gradually based on ongoing situation assessments.

The military estimates that approximately 100,000 people will need to be relocated as part of this initiative.

On Sunday (5 May), Defense Minister Yoav Galant’s announcement of “intense action in Rafah in the near future” underscores the escalating tensions in the region, driven by Hamas’ refusal to agree on hostages and a ceasefire.

A senior Hamas official, Sami Abu Zuhri, has condemned Israel’s directive for civilians to evacuate Rafah, labeling it a “dangerous escalation that will have consequences.”

Abu Zuhri’s remarks, conveyed to Reuters on Monday (6 May), underscore the heightened tensions in the region.

The announcement for evacuation follows the closure of the Kerem Shalom border crossing to humanitarian trucks after it sustained a rocket attack, resulting in the deaths of three IDF soldiers and critical injuries to three others.

The attack, claimed by Hamas’ military wing, prompted Israel to shut down the crucial humanitarian route into Gaza.

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They better move their a55 out because if not when the operation begins, they’ll get caught in between and probably lose their lives. It’s known that HAMAS uses them as human shields and force them to stick around for this very reason. The casualties and fatalities will rise for sure.

Terrorists need re-education. Also need condoms for family planning.
Who wants to accept Hamas?
Who wants to accept Palestine? tsk tsk tsk

They were told to move South of Gaza but the choose not to listen….

Now they were told to evacuate from Rafah. Will they listen or cry genocide again? or protest later?

To stop this war, Hamas just needs to do 2 simple things:
1) release all hostages;
2) surrender their remaining leaders to the Israelis, or to an international tribunal, or to a country willing to accept them in exile (which probably means ONLY Iran in the whole world. Maybe can get China to shoot them to the moon for exploratory purposes).

If they don’t evacuate, they will start protesting later again or calling genocide. tsk tsk tsk

US Vice President has already warned against an attack on Rafah. She said she has studied the map and the civilians have nowhere to go. So if the Zionists continue, it is a massacre unfolding right in front of us. Is our govt. continuing business is as usual with the Zionists? Why not restore all business with Russia? What is the difference? Except that they want to continue to kiss the American ass. Next sanctions on Iran named Terrorist by the Americans? Don’t have to keep kissing the American asses. Please grow your own spine. What are we going to… Read more »