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Israeli military responds to Hamas rocket attack, tensions rise in Gaza

Israeli soldiers killed in Hamas rocket attack prompt border closure. Attack near Gaza prompts Israeli response, including airstrikes on Rafah, escalating tensions.




Three Israeli soldiers were killed and 11 more wounded in a rocket attack claimed by Hamas on a staging ground near the Gaza Strip on Sunday (5 May).

The attack prompted the Israeli military to close a key border crossing.

Israel’s military reported that 10 projectiles were launched from Rafah in southern Gaza toward the area of the Kerem Shalom crossing, leading to its closure for aid trucks entering the coastal enclave.

Other crossings, however, remained open.

Hamas’ armed wing claimed responsibility for the attack but did not confirm the origin of the rockets.

According to a source close to the group quoted in Hamas media, the commercial crossing was not the intended target.

In response, Colonel Lerner of the Israeli military announced that military planes had destroyed the launcher responsible for the attack and targeted other “Hamas military infrastructure.”

Colonel Lerner also stated that the military had anticipated the possibility of rocket attacks due to its “preparations on the ground” near the southern border.

Soldiers were guarding heavy tanks and bulldozers in the area, with “pre-positioned protective elements” in place for them to take cover.

An internal investigation will be conducted to determine if soldiers took appropriate cover after sirens sounded.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the recent attack, stating it as evidence of Hamas’s disinterest in allowing aid into the territory, despite reports of dire humanitarian conditions by a United Nations official.

The ministry emphasized that while the Israeli army is actively facilitating humanitarian aid through the Kerem Shalom crossing, Hamas continues to launch rockets into the same area.

Israel reaffirmed its commitment to providing lifesaving aid to the people of Gaza, contrasting it with Hamas’s destructive actions.

Following the attack, Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel’s national security minister and a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet, urged Netanyahu to authorize a long-anticipated military assault on Rafah.

Shortly after a Hamas rocket attack, an Israeli airstrike hit a house in Rafah, resulting in three deaths and several injuries, as reported by Palestinian medics.

With over a million Palestinians seeking shelter in Rafah near the border with Egypt, the strike underscores the heightened tensions in the region.

Confirming the retaliation, the Israeli military stated that the airstrike targeted the launcher used by Hamas to fire projectiles and a nearby “military structure.”

The military condemned Hamas for exploiting humanitarian facilities and using Gazan civilians as shields, referring to the launches near the Rafah Crossing.

Amid the escalating violence, a subsequent Israeli air raid just before midnight claimed the lives of nine Palestinians, including a baby, in another house in Rafah.

Gaza health officials stated that the strike raised the death toll to at least 19 people on Sunday alone.

Ceasefire negotiations face challenges amid Gaza conflict

Meanwhile, negotiations for a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict have reached a critical juncture.

Hamas insists on an end to Israel’s assault in exchange for releasing captives, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu firmly rejects such terms.

In Cairo, where talks are mediated by Egyptian and Qatari officials, both sides blamed each other for the deadlock on Sunday.

Hamas reiterated its demand for an end to the war as a precondition for any agreement, while Israeli officials did not attend the talks but reiterated Israel’s objective to disarm and dismantle Hamas.

Netanyahu expressed Israel’s willingness to halt hostilities to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas, estimated to be over 100.

However, he emphasized that Israel cannot accept Hamas’s demand to withdraw all forces from Gaza, end the conflict, and leave Hamas in power.

The conflict was ignited by a cross-border raid by Hamas on 7 October, resulting in casualties and hostages.

According to Israeli tallies, the raid claimed the lives of 1,139 people and took 252 hostages.

The Gaza health ministry reported that more than 34,683 Palestinians have been killed and over 78,000 wounded in Israel’s assault.

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The ones attacking others or attacking Israel is calling Israel genocide……what a big joke!

On hand crying fro cease fire, on the other hand firing missiles at Israel.

Now you know how hypocrites these terrorists are?

WE all can see now that Hamas is a hypocrite !!!

Interesting the article refers to the Hamas 7-Oct attack as a “raid” and then refers to the Israelis response as an “assault”. Why not call the former as a “terrorist assault”, and the latter as a “counter-raid”?

What was not reported here is that Egypt is furious with Hamas about this killing of Israeli soldiers at Kerem Shalom because:

1) aid operations there are now halted because of Hamas’ willing to put aid corridor(s) under rocket/mortar fire.
2) it probably shows Hamas doesn’t give face to the latest Egypt-Qatari sponsored negotiations to halt/stop the war.
3) it renews impulse for refugees to stream towards the Egypt-Gaza border, especially with the pending Rafah operation. And everyone knows the Egyptians is adamant of NOT letting fellow Arabs/Palestinians/Muslims (women and children), facing “genocide/famine/hamas propaganda/whatever” across their border.

Hamas did not want to sign the truce, is it because they have already killed all the hostages? what do you think? anyone knows?

Last edited 13 days ago by john lim

Netanyahu already said : No Hostages, no Cease fire !!

Last edited 13 days ago by john lim

” Hamas’ armed wing claimed responsibility for the attack but did not confirm the origin of the rockets.”

Is this how Hamas negotiate for a peace truce?

Is this how Hamas called Israel genocide?

Will Hamas later play victim cards by protesting again?

Last edited 13 days ago by john lim

Just pull IDF forces out of all Occupied Territories. Release the thousands of Palestinians in Israeli prisons. Hamas in return will release all hostages. Houthis will stop the attacks on ships and the Hezbollah will stop firing missiles at Israel. Vote in a Palestinian State The UN and the ICC can then begin their work. There is no need for Israeli or American involvement in the reconstruction of a Palestinian State. Of Course this will not happen as Rafah has not been flattened and more Palestinians have to be killed and all world leaders will offer lip service. Our govt.… Read more »