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Singaporean taxi driver forgoes treatment, holds appreciation dinner for loved ones

A terminally ill Singaporean taxi driver recently held an appreciation dinner to express gratitude to loved ones, donating S$3,000 to charity and planning his funeral. Despite needing kidney treatment, he refused, fearing more financial strain on his family.



SINGAPORE: Suffering from renal failure and autonomic dysfunction, a terminally ill Singaporean taxi driver decided to forgo dialysis treatment, fearing the additional burden it would place on his loved ones.

Aware of his limited time, he arranged an appreciation dinner to express gratitude to family, friends, and doctors.

Additionally, he donated S$3,000 to charity and made arrangements for his own funeral.

Soh Zhixiong, aged 46, also battles hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia, and suffered the loss of two toes to diabetes in 2019.

His autonomic dysfunction causes dizziness and potential fainting spells when standing for extended periods.

Fear of burdening his family’s financial constraint, Soh refused dialysis treatment

Singapore’s Chinese media Shin Min Daily News reported that despite a diagnosis of kidney disease requiring treatment, he adamantly declined medical intervention.

“In the past four years, I’ve spent extensive periods in the hospital, sometimes enduring stays of 12 to 18 days,” he recounted, expressing concern over the exorbitant cost of dialysis and his reluctance to further strain his family’s finances.

As his health declined, so did his relationship with his mother, strained by the financial pressures at home.

Persisting despite worsening health, Mr Soh continued driving his taxi until March, when deteriorating vision signalled a worsening condition.

Mr Soh reportedly attempted self-harm, thankfully intercepted by vigilant medical professionals.

Reflecting on his experiences, Mr Soh shared, “When asked by my doctor if there was a personal goal I wished to achieve, I expressed a desire to host a dinner party, inviting relatives and friends to share a meal and celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother.”

Grateful for the compassionate care of his doctor, Mr Soh emphasized, “I’m immensely thankful to have a doctor who demonstrates such genuine concern for my well-being.”

Responding to his request, Ambulance Wish Singapore (AWS), a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling the desires of terminally ill individuals, stepped in on 16 April.

After meticulous planning with Mr Soh, the organization seamlessly executed a banquet at Hai Tien Lo in Raffles Boulevard on 25 April, coinciding with Mr Soh’s birthday.

Approximately 50 relatives and friends, including Mr Soh’s mother, doctors, social workers, and former colleagues, graced the occasion.

AWS commemorated the profound significance of Mr Soh’s last and final birthday with a heartfelt Facebook post. On this poignant day, Mr Soh harboured hopes of realizing all his wishes.

Firstly, he sought to honour the unwavering support of his devoted partner, cherished friends, and loyal ex-colleagues who accompanied him throughout his life’s journey. Secondly, he embarked on a heartfelt endeavour to mend ties with his mother.

Finally, he aspired to extend his kindness beyond himself by donating to AWS, an act aimed at amplifying efforts to fulfil the wishes of fellow patients grappling with similar hardships.

Girlfriend’s unwavering support

Among the attendees that night was Mr.Soh’s girlfriend, Yang Yajuan, aged 38.

Mr Soh disclosed that he had attempted to end his relationship with Yang, his partner of three years, but she steadfastly refused to leave him.

“She didn’t agree to it and encouraged me along, expressing her desire to be the miracle in my life. As my illness worsened, I became concerned about my limited time and the challenges she might face after my passing, so I decided against registering our marriage,” Mr Soh revealed.

Presently, Mr Soh and Yang spend their days planning together, contemplating Yang’s future once Mr Soh is no longer present.

Mr. Soh further remarked, “Her birthday falls on 23 May. I only need to prepare her birthday gift now. Everything else has been taken care of, making it much simpler.”

In conversation with the press, Yang expressed, “Mr Soh takes excellent care of me, and I am committed to reciprocating. I will stand by him and provide support when he needs it most. ”

“Our relationship remains strong, even without formal marriage registration.”

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This is the result of policy failure. The medisave is n’t enough to cover all medical because of increasing medical costs. Are doctors saying this 46year old man cannot be saved or is it costs that made him choose this path? If you force us to pay medisave, we should have the choice for TCM treatments and the medisave should cover all costs.

Cancer treatment medications are very strong … Cause the body to deteriorate even faster … Like my Real Pa … I think better to opt out of such costly treatment that won’t heal you anyway. No?!?

A One In A Million human being..

Looks like the fact that it is difficult for us to obtain generic medication is real. Refer to the article “The hidden costs of the US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement” here.

In Singapore, you can afford to die. But cannot afford to be ill.

Cowards die many times
Heroes die only once.

Peace be with you Mr Soh.

It does appeared that Mr Soh consider and put others ahead of himself when he forgo treatment and ask his girlfriend to leave him.

Unfortunately, our ministers are nothing like him else we will not be in the dreadful situations we are in today.

Didn’t pap said that no one is going be left untreated because they cannot afford health care?

This China lady Good

Why you want to choose this man

He is smart, He knows when to call it aday.
There is nothing more for him to treat. Rather then sent his money to those evil money minded doctors at least he had he last wish to do what he felt he could do with his money.
While many cancer stricken ex PAP or present PAP cronies would pour their ill gotten gains just for those last few months!