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New scheme to be introduced to support unemployed Singaporeans announced Tan See Leng in May Day Speech

Manpower Minister Tan See Leng announces a new scheme to aid involuntarily unemployed Singaporeans, promising financial support and skill enhancement.



The Singapore government has unveiled plans for a new initiative designed to assist citizens who find themselves involuntarily unemployed. Manpower Minister Tan See Leng, in his May Day message, introduced the scheme, which aims to provide temporary financial assistance and opportunities for skill enhancement to help retrenched workers.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong first mentioned this initiative during his National Day Rally in 2023, emphasizing the government’s commitment to supporting individuals in transition.

The scheme, according to PM Lee, will serve as a “temporary safety net to help you meet immediate needs to free you to upskill and train, as you prepare yourself for a good long-term job.”

Dr Tan, addressing Parliament on 4 March, reassured that the government was progressing well with the plan. “We are close to finalising the scheme parameters,” Dr. Tan stated, adding that the government has “indeed looked at best practices around the world”.

In his May Day message, Dr Tan further elaborated on the Ministry of Manpower’s priorities for the coming year, stressing the importance of adapting to economic changes and disruptions.

“The pace of change in the economy is accelerating, and we know that more workers will likely be thrown curveballs. We have heard and heeded the call to further support our workers who find themselves displaced through no fault of their own,” he noted.

The scheme is part of a larger effort to ensure fair, progressive, and safe workplaces while preparing workers for future job markets. It includes enhancements to Workforce Singapore’s Career Conversion Programme and the introduction of the Overseas Markets Immersion Programme, aimed at providing global market exposure and reskilling opportunities.

Dr Tan also highlighted the government’s ongoing efforts to ensure fairness and meritocracy in employment practices.

He affirmed, “We will continue to work with tripartite partners to shape workplace norms in tandem with the upcoming Workplace Fairness Legislation that will strengthen protections for workers against workplace discrimination.”

Additionally, the Ministry, along with tripartite partners, is focusing on supporting Singapore’s growing older population. Dr Tan emphasized the commitment: “We will empower senior workers to continue working if they wish, and are able to do so, by progressively increasing the retirement and re-employment ages to 65 and 70 by 2030.”

Historically, the idea of fending for the unemployed Singaporeans, such as unemployment insurance, was discussed but not pursued by the People’s Action Party government.

In 2020, former Manpower Minister Josephine Teo addressed a suggestion by Ms Sylvia Lim, Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC and chairperson of the Workers’ Party, about introducing unemployment insurance or redundancy insurance.

During a Budget debate, Mrs Teo acknowledged keeping “an open mind” but highlighted potential downsides, such as diminishing workers’ motivation to find work and employers’ willingness to provide retrenchment benefits.

The opposition party proposed the idea in its manifesto as early as the 2011 General Election, and Ms Lim brought it up again during the 2016 Budget debate.

Mrs Teo argued that the government’s approach, focusing on retraining and upskilling through programs like Adapt and Grow and SkillsFuture, was more sustainable and had broad support from unions and employers, contrasting with countries that provide unemployment insurance and often experience higher unemployment rates.

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Is he christian?

Bo Bianism is anti-democracy.

As long as some sporeans continue to brainwash themselves in a defeatist manner using the technique called Bo Bianism , they will continue to accept everything whatever it maybe no matter how bad they are affected.

COE: “Bo Bian one lah. We no need talk about it.”

ERP2 : “Bo Bian one lah. We no need discuss it.”

CPF lockup : “Bo Bian one lah. We no need think about it.”

GST : “Bo Bian one lah. We only need to accept it unquestioningly”

What I like is SG is unlike other countries, no vote buying. 🤭👀😉

As far as I know, the pappies aren’t able to resolve unemployment for those 40 yo and above for umpteenth years till today and now what are they talking about. Just showed that they are incapable of finding a solution. Why should we vote for the pappies then and seriously we need to find another solution now????

By now Singaporeans should generally understand MOM’s narrative. When the employment rate increase, this will be referenced to “residents” meaning they benefited everyone, regardless Singaporeans or not. When stressing the availability of un-employment schemes, they will specifically refer to “Singaporeans“. Clearly it obvious any increase in resident employment figures comes from PRs and not Singaporeans. Unemployment figures are supported by Singaporeans hence the need to stress the availability of schemes to help displaced Singaporeans. Is this a fact that Singaporeans need to accept? Meaning whether they like it or not, if it has to be non Singaporeans residents AND non… Read more »

I see ppl giving excuses that TSL’s hands are tied because of the policies he has to work under. Please lah, TSL is paid million$ so that he cannot do this, cannot do that, meh? He wants to go toilet also must ask boss for permission, hor?

So, we should be very fearful what is the expectations of LawlanWong, hor. So far, it seems like he cannot do a lot of things already. “Cannot” or incapable of achieving is the main question, isn’t it?

Who created the most jobs for foreigners in 2023 ? tsk tsk tsk

1. Do the Ordinary Singaporean IS FULL AWARE what ACTUALLY is SG’s Economic Model? 2. Fies He or She knows where is the Direction Of SG Economy Pointing to. 3. Is the Average Singaporean MADE to KNOW from the PAP Administration WHAT is the Annual Planned Target for Econ Growth? 4. Do the PAP Administration CHART and MADE it KNOWN to Sheeps, Purpose of WHICH TO UNIFY a SINGLE ECON OBJECTIVE, 5. Do the PAP Administration ADVISES and PROMOTE its CORE or CORES Strategic Econ Objectives to SG and to CLEARLY ENCOURAGE ALL, MOTIVATE all to TRUELY achieve, and for… Read more »

We must understand TSL background to understand why he is failing in MOM: 1) His prior experiences were mainly in the healthcare sector, little national policies making background, little understanding of the employability issues across various sectors. The usual fallacy like ASSUMING ex-Army generals can be good at running Rail/transport operations? 2) He entered politics through the usual GRC backdoor in 2020, i.e. not by his own merits but likely because someone saw him as a good carrier, or he projected himself as one. 3) Entered politics in 2020, and made MOM minister in 2021. Whaa, can become minister in… Read more »

MayDay, MayDay ….. True blue locals careers are crashing, I say again …. True blue locals careers are crashing …. MOM is repeating their bull shits again giving pathetic financial support and irrelevant useless skill courses, both of which are covers for their loose foreign policies …. These bssssss are in TSL may day speech …. MayDay, MayDay, mayday ….. Booomm..

all true blue locals careers die …. PAP got re-elected again because of stupid asses ….. MayDay continue for everyone. ….

The solution is to replace the minister. The problem is TSL was probably dug up from the proverbial bottom of the barrel.

The better solution is for Singaporeans to send a message to the PAP at the coming GE.

While I don’t expect the opposition to form the government, it is very possible to garner 35 seats to deny the PAP the two thirds majority they (the PAP) craves. Without the two thirds majority, their (PAP) ability to ram through changes in parliament will be circumscribed.

Just another mil$ TCSS king trying to show his master hes still useful.

Last edited 21 days ago by W.A.J.

There is no point repeatedly doing the same things when it is proven not to be the solutions. pap need to do the thing.

If Sin City is doing fabulously , then why are the people living on handouts… ???

Hahaha..TSL means give you one time handout then later take back whole chicken but the jobs are for foreigners only. You die your problem don’t say he never help.

Huh? Dr. Tan stated, adding that the government has “indeed looked at best practices around the world”. I thought the government alway have their own mind about what is best? Anyone highlighting what other countries are doing are wrong as these countries are not doing well. Only what they say is right and good.

TSL is using this last desperate ‘handout ‘ measure to tie over the election. I predict as the election approaches, he will even dish out FREE CASH for those who are technically unemployed ( like doing part time , food delivery etc )inbetween jobs, too old to find a job or simply need cash now. And once election is over and the PAP is still in power and so is TSL, you locals are FUCKED! Once that was revealed that 94.5% jobs went to FTs in 2023, it was almost ‘game over’ liao for their years of deceiving scheme and… Read more »

This PAP Millionaire Administration has a BILE- filled hatred for Sheegaporeans. The PAP DO NOT, WON’T allow Sheeps to prosper, to do well, exceedingly far better than the current doldrums they are LANGUISHING in, with the Foreign Trash Support, at which it’s DAMN EASY for this MANIPULATIVE to control AND ACT on their Brand of Hegemonic Politics. If the PAP is to loosen, to succeed in birth rates TFR to RISE, to IMPROVE productivity – the PAP legitimacy IS DEAD. This is, AND MUST BE the PAP Administration SOP. Why drive away people like Lee Sheng Wu, Hsian Yang, Wei… Read more »

This Looks like The Great Replacement Doctrine of Sinkies
Soon, we will be sitting in a coffee shop, with 1 kopi for 4 hours.
Because Work or Progress—- is Non Existent.

Con Projects After Con Projects.
Just To Print More Money!!!
Then Inflate All HDB & Private Property Prices.
This is PAP’s modus operandi.
The Financial World Has Seen Enough Con Projects, but as a country do it is absurdity.
Bye Bye.

Why don’t the PAP say they are the Modern Day Dinosaur 🦕 hunters.

6 million dinos 🦕 is huge for them to predatorise.

“The scheme, according to PM Lee, will serve as a “temporary safety net to help you meet immediate needs to free you to upskill and train, as you prepare yourself for a good long-term job.”

The only long term job is a politician under PAP.
Voters are eager not to allow you and your gang members to retire
Though you have designed the parliament to ensure no retirement anyway.

Why Sheegaporeans are so 😂 excited – are they really – when PAP returned 5% of what was stolen from them $100s of $1000s for ages?

And Sheegapreans still believe the National Funds Reserves Vault still contain $billions – for UNLIMITED handouts to their children, and children’s children?

When we see band aids instead of root issues being addressed, we know it is another epic FAILURE of our million$ PM/ministers, dressed as another No Blaming Culture incident to save some face.

Face it, this TSL has proven to be just as useless as the preceding MOM ministers. The common denominator is . . . . . all by the same Kayu Boss.

An handout initiative!

No surprise, Singaporeans already getting so used to handouts and vouchers!

It is easier and better to be fed than to learn how to feed themselves. Singaporeans style!

No matters how much Oppositions trying to oppose this in Parliament, Singaporeans still think vouchers and handouts are still better. And PAP knew it!!

Singaporeans would rather having jobs given to FTs than having employment for themselves. They just like sitting at home waiting for handouts.

I wondering when Singaporeans going to learn???!!!!

Pap Mom had been preparing financial support and skills enhancements for unemployed for many years. The fact that these are proposed till today is an indication they are not resolving the problem of underemployment in sg and therefore not the solutions. As of today, the key reasons for unemployment and underemployment today, remain the high influx of foreigners taking locals jobs. 94.5% of the jobs last year went to foreigners is a good sign that solutions suggested by mom has not worked all these years.


Millionaire Politicians Telling lies one after another.
Rebrand the original lie.
Publish the new lie.

Importantly it’s Sheegapreans are to be blamed. How? Why?

1.Never learnt new skills. 2. Nvr adapt. 3. Lazy. 4. Lack spurs. 5. Nvr take advantage of Globalisation. 6. Victims of tech advances. 7. Didn’t bcome rich so as to create jobs for others. 8. Voted for upgrading to think upgrading means flats prices enhanced, TRUE?
9. BELIEVE in COTTON COME from Sheeps.

If these people keep voting in the lightning strike , then they deserve all this suffering…no sympathy..
My 2 sis were like them…i keep sending them articles from for them to digest about reality in one is finally realising her folly…the other still defending the lightning! strike party 🤯😵‍💫

Not forgetting all make citizens have to sacrifice at least 2 yrs and another 10 yrs reservist in their prime working life. It was 2½ yrs 13 yrs reservist previously.

All for? To protect the free serving foreigners to come in freely, make their money while enjoying life at the pubs and bars while the citizens sweated buckets in the camp and training areas, some injured and some died along the way

Looks like it’s just more of the same, but just branding it as “new”, and, … it’s quite possible that the idiots and imbeciles that make up the majority, will buy into and fall for this, .. and SillyPore will not be SillyPore if it’s any different and SillyPore will be a duller place for it !!!

The so call skill enhancement by Singapore PAP government Minister is to train Singaporeans how to be be a cleaner, security officer, delivery men with all the Singapore PAP policies,logic and mind concept about diversity of serving foreign workers and put them in the first priority and serve them just like they are the ones who contribute a lot to Singapore not Singaporeans

Another scheme or scam? We have all heard these schemes that get us either into further debt or after upskilling get a lower paying job. Minister Tan, the problem is you allow too many people with the same job skills into Singapore to compete with citizens. You are the only govt. in the world that doesn’t protect the citizens. So enough of the talk and as a fellow poster has written we will work to deny you a 2/3 majority. For your information Vietnam refused to sign the CECA to protect their citizens and it is now the fastest developing… Read more »

ForeSEE a big retrenchment tsunami is approaching our Singapore shore soon.

What see leng 死龙can do now is to temporarily delay voter’s wrath by giving them temporary financial support, win the upcoming election and then ditch these sinkies to unemployment death altogether. The real solution is to vote out this 死龙, get a pro-singaporean minister in his place so local citizens can get their jobs back. Deny pap their 2/3 majority. Vote for opposition vote for Singaporeans jobs!

May Day coming.loh…Labor Day…..means day for workers doing shit jobs are ….appreciated….
Time for wayang loh….we support you…re-train……re-skill… if you are a convict😆😆
New scheme….new and higher tech jobs…..500,000 good jobs availiable….cos cannot be 100,000 since that was last used by Josephine Teo and it was all wayang shit!

Assistance scheme and opportunities for skill enhancement to help retrenched workers……support…support..continue to work with tripartite partners…

Election coming…..your local dafts heard enough of this?😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆

The older demographic is getting larger and larger. They represent a potential and untapped labour pool. Not all of them are DESPERATE to get into yet another 996 type job. Some might be willing to try something new, but are not willing to commit to 996 type requirements. More of a part time stint.

Speaking of which, some might be willing to help out in F&B type establishments on a as and when needed or have time basis and be paid like GIG workers. Does this so called “new scheme” cater or take into account such considerations?

Lai lai lai….come again….new scheme…support locals…for jobs…
2024….guess the right number in % of jobs goes to ………..foreigners… lah..
Better guess the % of jobs goes to….locals…PR not included….easier this way…..cos THIS WILL ONLY BE A SINGLE DIGIT!!!!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😘😆😆😆🤣🤣😆😆😆

Jobs displaced? 2023 most of the jobs go to foreigners? Who approves it?

ka ki kong , ka ki song. tsk tsk tsk. What do you think?

Will politically black or white listed be told to the individuals or Politically Enslaved individuals. No?!? Then why should we believe anything your say?!?

One scam errr scheme after another….like the Skills Future ….get skills but no future…this TCSS ministers will still shout out that they still need to b ring jn FWs,FTs and whatnot..
only their mil$ rice bowl is secure eh?
Not effective in one , they get invited t o a game of musical chairs…,

We have enough of NATO!!!!!