Migrant worker in Singapore left incomeless after Sept 2022 workplace injury

A Bangladeshi worker paid S$7,260 for his first job in Singapore in 2019.

Just as he neared debt clearance, tragedy struck in September last year, a fall from a step ladder left him severely injured.

As shared by TWC2, despite ongoing physiotherapy, he’s received only four months’ medical leave wages, rendering him incomeless.

WP Jamus Lim calls for strengthening unemployment safety net and aligning retraining with market needs

WP MP Jamus Lim highlights challenges faced by a resident who lost his job as a PMET to corporate downsizing.

In a recent Facebook post, the Worker’s Party MP for Seng Kang GRC advocated for a seamless transition from redundancy to reemployment through proactive measures, stressing the importance of aligning retraining programs with market demands for meaningful job placements.

Notably, after persistent advocacy by WP for redundancy insurance for years, PM Lee introduced a government initiative during NDR 2023, offering interim financial support to those facing retrenchment, emphasizing skill enhancement for long-term employment prospects.

Bangladesh PM rejects further pay hike after garment worker protests

Bangladesh’s PM Hasina rejects additional pay hikes for garment workers, leading to protests. The government raised wages, but workers demand more. The situation sparks violence and international concerns, with the US calling for a wage addressing economic pressures.