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Citilink under fire for unilateral dismissal of employee over political activities

The Federation of Indonesian Airport Workers’ Unions (FSPBI) demands PT Citilink Indonesia reinstate Christian Natalius Imeldivan, terminated for political involvement, alleging improper procedures and violation of labor agreements, and calls for respect for workers’ political rights and compensation for losses.



FSBI Demands Reinstatement of Laid-Off Citilink Employee

INDONESIA: The Federation of Indonesian Airport Workers’ Unions (FSPBI) is calling for PT Citilink Indonesia to reinstate employees who were unilaterally laid off due to alleged involvement in political party management during the general election.

This demand comes after the dismissal of Christian Natalius Imeldivan, who was accused of participating in the management of a political party.

FSPBI, a collective organization of workers’ unions at Indonesian airports, includes the Citilink Cabin Crew Association (ACCI) as an affiliate.

Christian Natalius Imeldivan, a member of ACCI, was terminated based on a PT Citilink Indonesia circular issued on 6 November 2023, which prohibits employees of State-Owned Enterprise Groups (BUMN) from participating in political party activities, elections, or holding political office.

In October last year, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir has issued a directive, barring BUMN directors, commissioners, supervisors, and employees from engaging in the 2024 General Election and Regional Head Election campaign.

The directive aims to prevent BUMN personnel from participating in political activities.

Additionally, individuals employed by BUMNs who are running for public office must either resign from their positions or risk facing dismissal.

According to Imeldivan’s Instagram page, he is a legislative candidate for the South Tangerang City Regional People’s Representative Council from the Labor Party.

The termination of Imeldivan’s employment was communicated through a letter numbered CITILINK/JKTOCQG/20003/0324, which cited disciplinary reasons.

In an official statement, FSPBI argues that this action was unilateral and not based on proper procedures.

PT Citilink Indonesia also cited a violation of company rules that prohibit employees from becoming members of a political party.

FSPBI disputes this, stating that PT Citilink Indonesia has not shown clear evidence that it is part of a state-owned enterprise group that would require such a rule.

FSPBI further contends that the termination did not follow the proper steps outlined in their labor agreement, which requires a legal decision from an industrial relations board before someone can be fired.

Instead, Imeldivan was dismissed without following this process.

Additionally, from 17 December 2023 to 6 March 2024, Imeldivan faced financial losses because his flight schedule was blocked without clear reasons, preventing him from working and earning his income.

In response, FSPBI demands that PT Citilink Indonesia re-employ Christian Natalius Imeldivan, respect the freedom of association and assembly, and guarantee the political expression rights of all citizens.

FSPBI also calls for the compensation of the losses suffered by Imeldivan.

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