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Hit-and-run victim’s father’s pursuit of justice: “Must one be deceased or paralyzed first?”

A father’s plea for justice reverberates online after his daughter’s hit-and-run incident. Despite evidence, he laments the police’s inaction, questioning if paralysis or death is needed for justice.



Hit-and-run victim's father's pursuit of justice: Must one be deceased or paralyzed first?

UPDATE on 28 April: Police say in response to a media query that the alleged driver in the incident was arrested, and investigations are ongoing. The Police also shared that they contacted the girl’s mother—most likely after the father’s post was made—to clarify the matter and update her on the status of investigations.

SINGAPORE: A father’s plea for justice reverberates across social media platforms as he shares the harrowing tale of a hit-and-run incident involving his daughter.

The story, accompanied by video evidence, was shared on the Facebook page on Thursday (25 April), shedding light on the turmoil endured by Fong LY and his family in the aftermath of the tragic event.

Despite presenting compelling evidence, including video footage and witness statements, Fong LY expresses deep disappointment at the apparent inaction of the traffic police regarding the case.

The incident, which transpired on 4 January 2024, saw Fong’s daughter becoming the victim of a hit-and-run by a vehicle identified by the police number SNM1858B.

The severity of the situation is underscored by the video evidence, which captures the black car striking a person as it makes a turn.

Sharing his turmoil, Fong stated, “I’m posting this because I’m at my wit’s end.”

Despite the compelling evidence at hand, Fong laments the lack of decisive action by the traffic police.

Efforts to escalate the matter to higher authorities within the traffic police have yielded little response, according to Fong’s account, with a feedback manager only assuring that their concern would be forwarded to the relevant investigator.

Adding to the distress, Fong highlighted that despite the passage of several months, the driver in question had not filed a police report.

He alleged that the driver denied hitting his daughter, as conveyed to him casually by the investigating officer on 23 January 2024.

He further disclosed that the investigating officer suggested the driver file a report, highlighting the mandatory nature of such action and the need to indicate in the statement that no collision occurred.

However, Fong notes that their lawyer has faced obstacles in obtaining crucial details and paid reports from the traffic police.

Shedding light on hit-and-run victims’ struggles

Fong emphasized that sharing their story serves to raise awareness about the plight of victims who have been hit but not fatally injured or paralyzed.

He posed a poignant question, “Does a person have to be deceased or paralyzed before the police will bring about justice? Is this what the traffic law in Singapore is?”

Despite being victims, Fong highlighted the additional burdens they face, including attending psychiatrist sessions and enduring nightmares.

They must also navigate the arduous process of providing documentation to their lawyer, who then submits them to relevant organizations, prolonging the quest for justice.

The emotional toll of the incident is palpable, with Fong mentioning the sacrifices made by parents, including time away from work, and the enduring fear and haunting images of the accident that will linger throughout their lives.

Fong directly appeals to the driver of SNM1858B, urging them to shed their cowardice and take responsibility for their actions.

“Watch the video since you are in denial of what you have done,” Fong stated firmly.

Netizens rally behind father seeking justice for daughter in hit-and-run tragedy

Several netizens offered advice and support to Fong, acknowledging the distressing ordeal he and his daughter are enduring.

One user empathized with Fong’s plight, emphasizing the importance of persistence in following up with the traffic police and higher authorities to ensure justice and accountability.

Additionally, they suggested seeking assistance from advocacy groups or legal aid organizations specializing in such cases to navigate the process effectively and address concerns.


Another user voiced worry about the seriousness of hit-and-run cases, wondering why action is taken only when victims are severely hurt.

They pointed out that the victim, a student, was simply crossing a traffic light when hit by a reckless driver.

They tagged the Singapore Police Force, stressing the importance of removing dangerous drivers from the streets to prevent further harm.


Addressing Minister for Home Affairs and Law, K Shanmugam, another user, pleaded for intervention in the matter, expressing concern that the investigating officer’s alleged negligence is unjust given the availability of video evidence.

They cited a recent case where swift action was taken, underscoring the need for consistency in ensuring justice.


Furthermore, one user urged pedestrians to remain vigilant, citing the increasing frequency of accidents involving pedestrians being hit by drivers.

They emphasized the importance of caution and alertness, attributing such incidents to drivers’ distractions or pedestrians’ inattentiveness while crossing roads.


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These acts are more fitting of a crime than accident. Pedestrians & motorists use to believe that traffic lights, in your favor, give one the right of way to cross safely. It’s not the case, today. You cross with more care & apprehension. It’s about time the authorities ACT & apply the punishment that befits the act, in this case, the crime. If you wield an instrument that can take someone’s life and choose to use it with such callous behavior, the intention to hurt is clear. Evidence is available, the appropriate punishment for the act should be pursued. Young… Read more »

shame the driver, its clearly shown hit n run, sure mps must have seen this clip and should not stay sideline, that’s bad democracy

“In response to queries, the police confirmed with Mothership that the alleged driver was arrested on the same day, and police investigations are ongoing” Comment: this quote was copied from the article which appeared on Mothership today (28 Apr). If the driver was arrested on the same day of this incident ie 4 Jan 2024, why is the investigation taking so long despite video footage available. Additionally, the driver is alleged to have been involved in another accident minutes later that morning. In the same Mothership article, it was stated the driver refused to submit a breath specimen and was… Read more »

No use going for meet the mp seesion… fruitless.
I kno family & aquaintances who did so…result still negative..not as if they were asking for money or special favours…
The mps are there for show only we locals say ” wayang wayang”.

Driver’s “guanxi” is too strong. Even though someone could have been seriously injured. Have you tried meeting your MP and making them do their job?

This is really one country two systems. Now you all know why the Tampines accident even occurred in the first place. How many dozens of similar cases have yet to see the light of day?

How many drivers on the road today believe that they can get away with attempted murder? Perhaps we should all start carrying a brick in our bags.

Last edited 25 days ago by Blankslate

In the DARK Age, the richest are the Top. They can enslave, predators and all sort of nonsense. Like now … Total no control except using their own White entities as sun to hurt others for their benefit!

They just preparing for Dark Ages. Their Political Game they always play!!!

No justice in Sin island. Just elite Overlords pushing blame to others… You observe and you should know. Sexual Predators no name especially for Loong Empires. Vaccine injury selected compensation by Demo Empires. Using Accident by Pa Empires. Scamming cheating lying by All Empires. Expecting Justice on this island …. They now waiting to blame on scapegoat entities for all the shit they created. No?!?

Highlights the quality and sincerity of the SPF does it not !!! There’s video evidence and yet !!! It occured on the 4th of January !!! Again, stating the flippin obvious here, … if it had occured involving an elite or minister or their branch of cronies, .. just watch the SPF, ST, AG and judiciary spring to action !!! You know what they say, … proofs in the pudding and until it happens to you, one has no idea or inkling as to how effective, efficient and earnest “they” really are !!! C’mon, … what happened to SillyPoreans deserve… Read more »

Want to pursue, ownself go sue loh!
That was the hint by the IO anyway.
This is afterall a civil matter to pursue for compensation.
But the father is after more than this, he is after blood….blood of that BM diriver and wants the state to use state resources to do this!
Sorry lah…Ridout man already say they lack of manpower and resources and definitely got no time and resource to accomodate private vendetta.😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

Better verify such allegations before posting. This type of article can easily can pofma or sue for defamation if there is more than what is known. Don’t just listen to one side of story, be prudent.

Better to ban this Singapore Grandprix F1 Night Racing before more drivers are addicted and hooked on it.

F1 racing does nobody any good.

Reckless drivers causing road death accidents, bribery and corruption bringing the downfall of the Transport Minister and to others who are also implicated with him.

LW recently said this :-

Let me assure everyone: We will always have your backs,” Deputy Prime Minister and Finance …

Lets see if he keeps his promises to us citizens when he becomes PM from next month on..

In some countries you can write to the President or PM ..and even get a reply…
Mr Fong, i feel you should do so…
Why not? After all citizens are paying our ministers out of this world salaries…
Theres been many senseless accidents lately….its got to stop.

The government DOES take prompt action to ensure justice.

Try asking questions or highlighting issues that might “defame” a minister.

You’ll see an amazing response.

SG minister all take rock star wages but sleeping. Only they active when Oppo dig their policies then they wake up to defend their million dollar salary.
You wanted this kind of government right?

Sir, please “fight back” at the coming GE…