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SDP’s Dr Tambyah: Singaporeans face long work hours in world’s priciest city

In his Labour Day message, Singapore Democratic Party’s Chairman Dr Tambyah highlighted Singaporeans’ long work hours and high living costs. Urging wise voting in the upcoming GE, he called for support of SDP candidates to ensure accountability in government.



SINGAPORE:  Dr Paul Ananth Tambyah, Chairman of the Singapore Democratic Party in his Labour Day message, urged PM-to-be Lawrence Wong to address the challenges faced by workers in Singapore.

He noted that May 1st is celebrated worldwide to honour those who fought for an eight-hour workday, yet highlighted that Singaporeans endure some of the longest work hours globally and live in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

While congratulating Lawrence Wong on his imminent appointment as Prime Minister, Dr Tambyah stressed the need for him to institute changes to tackle the current challenges.

He noted that SDP has proposed a minimum wage for decades and has also proposed unemployment insurance to make sure that workers and their families are taken care of in between jobs.

“We are glad the government is finally paying attention, although the progressive wage model appears to place unnecessary emphasis on training programs that may not be suitable for Singaporeans.”

“We are hard-working people, we don’t want handouts, we just deserve a fair deal,” he added.

In his message, Dr Tambyah also criticised the constitutional changes which were passed in the Singapore Parliament on 22 November last year.

These changes allow the president and ministers to hold positions in foreign and international organizations in their private capacity, such as the World Economic Forum if deemed beneficial by their cabinet peers.

Dr Tambyah condemned this as “a privilege enjoyed by very few Singaporeans.”

Despite opposition from the Members of Parliament from the Workers’ Party and the two Non-constituency MPs from the Progress Singapore Party, the amendments passed through Parliament with the PAP’s two-thirds majority.

With looming speculation of a General Election at the end of this year, Dr Tambyah urged Singaporeans to vote wisely in the upcoming GE.

He emphasized the need to elect more SDP candidates into Parliament to pose critical questions and ensure accountability in how the government serves the people of Singapore.

On 30 June 2020, Tambyah was fielded as SDP candidate against PAP’s Liang for the Bukit Panjang Single Member Constituency during the 2020 Singaporean general election.

He lost the election to Liang with 46.27 per cent of the votes.

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Long hours at work complain?
Did this thambi even realised by now, if the LOCALS CAN GET A JOB NOW,THEY ARE ALREADY TOO LUCKY?
You mean he is NOT AWARE OF THE 94.5% JOKE OF THE YEAR?


SG’s employers only think employees stay longer at work is productive!

That’s the reason employers prefer foreigners who have no family to go back to in SG.

If our MOM is not going to do something about it, SG’s will has more FTs and no baby.

Productivity is not staying longer at work!!! Let’s be clear about it!

and yet we have more than 2 million receiving handouts. 1st World ? what do you think?

Dr Tambyah & Dr Chee must work very hard to gain into parliament to see a breakthrough for SDP. We hope to have more oppositions, those with a heart to serve and not to serve with the hope to get a million dollar salary for themselves.

Frankly, it is both sad and disappointing that the SDP having previously won in 3 SMC seats in 1991 is still at zero currently.

Chee Soon Juan must find ways to revive the SDP’s glory days. In so doing, the SDP will contribute towards denying the PAP from getting the two thirds majority it (PAP) craves.

In this vein, potential candidates like Prof Tambyah and himself (CSJ) should choose the right parliamentary seats to stand in.

It will be a pity if the good Prof and CSJ are not elected this time round.


We have reach 1st world status

It’s sad and sickening at the same time, … that the locals who are vocally loud and broadcasting “it’s cheap” when “abroad”, .. aren’t able to be as vocal, firm and loud when it comes to their lives, future and their childrens future !!!

The pap’s got their tongue, minds, …… and votes !!!

Paradise for slavery … Cos the top elites believe in it … So those on top who loves slavery will love this regime. No?!?

There are people proclaimed SG is the best place. Who are they who make such absurd statements to compare with from where the came or raised.

Obviously some of PAP Administration MEGA LIES HAS been bloody effective to reach even places in Timbuktu.

I m waiting to come across people who gonna say Singapore is a Paradise under the PAP Administration.