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Singapore Democratic Party to launch GE2024 Campaign upcoming Saturday

Amid early election speculation, the Singapore Democratic Party invites supporters to the launch of its “General Election 2024 Campaign” this Saturday (11 May), 2 pm, at the party’s headquarters.



SINGAPORE: The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is gearing up to launch its General Election 2024 Campaign this Saturday (11 May), at 2 pm, hosted at the party’s headquarters.

On Tuesday (7 May), the party on its official Facebook page revealed plans to introduce key election issues and engage in a panel discussion.

Topics will include challenges to fair campaigning, the evolving socio-political and media landscape, and the party’s policies.

Supporters interested in attending the event are encouraged to reserve their spots online by May 10th. Registration can be completed either by scanning the provided QR code or by visiting the following link:

With Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong set to assume leadership from PM Lee Hsien Loong next week (15 May), speculation is mounting regarding an imminent early election.

Mr Wong is expected to lead the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) into the upcoming elections slated for November 2025.

Sources suggest a strategic possibility of holding the election in September, potentially coinciding with cash handouts from Budget 2024 and preceding major elections in the United States and the United Kingdom in November.

SDP has been visibly gearing up for the next General Election (GE) since the conclusion of GE2020.

Last November, SDP marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of its new headquarters in Bukit Batok, a clear testament to the party’s readiness for the impending GE.

Located at WCEGA Tower along Bukit Batok Crescent, the two-storey facility epitomizes SDP’s vision for the forthcoming GE.

It boasts a dedicated “green screen studio” aimed at enhancing their social media presence, along with well-equipped conference spaces tailored for party meetings and press briefings.

In February of this year, SDP elected a new Central Executive Committee (CEC), presenting a blend of continuity and fresh faces.

The party’s active presence on the ground is evident. For instance, in Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, demonstrated their commitment to community service, a tradition carried over from previous GEs.

SDP’s vote share surges in GE2020

In GE2020, the SDP chairman Dr Paul Tambyah contested in Bukit Panjang SMC but was defeated by PAP’s Mr Liang Eng Hwa.

However, Dr Tambyah managed to secure 46.26% of the vote, a significant increase from the 31.62% he received in GE2015.

Mr Liang was a Member of Parliament (MP) for 14 years in Holland-Bukit Timah Group Representation Constituency (GRC), transitioned to Bukit Panjang after the retirement of its incumbent MP, Dr Teo Ho Pin.

SDP’s Secretary-General, Dr Chee Soon Juan, contested in Bukit Batok SMC against incumbent Murali Pillai from PAP.

While Mr Pillai retained the seat, Dr Chee’s vote share increased to 45.2% from 38.77% in the 2016 by-election.

Overall, SDP garnered 4.45% of the popular vote, up from 3.76% in GE2015.

In Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, the SDP team, consisting of Mr Alfred Tan, Dr James Gomez, Ms. Min Cheong, and Mr Tan Jee Say, received 33.64% of the vote.

They competed against a PAP team led by Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Ms Sim Ann, Mr Christopher De Souza, and Mr Edward Chia.

Both parties had also gone head-to-head against each other in GE2015, with SDP winning 33.38 per cent of the vote then.

Similarly, in Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, SDP’s vote share increased to 36.82% from 31.27% in GE2015.

The SDP team, comprising Mr Bryan Lim Boon Heng, Mr Damanhuri Abas, Mr Khung Wai Yeen, and Mr Benjamin Pwee, lost to the PAP team led by Mr Lawrence Wong, who was the National Development Minister at the time.

In Yuhua SMC, Mr Robin Low’s vote share increased to 29.46% from 26.46% in 2015, although he lost to PAP incumbent Ms Grace Fu, who was then the Minister of Community, Culture, and Youth.

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I will be ready to be part of the 30% that votes for SDP in my SMC. Though I do hope for a higher percentage in the upcoming election. Perhaps, 31%? Best to keep expectations low.

I do hope to see Dr Chee Soon Juan in parliament. It would be nice to finally have an adult there.

Best wishes to All SDP. Your success is due. Parliament will open doors for you. PAP is NOT CERTIFIED to be the next Administration.