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Alternative parties warn PM-in-waiting Wong on tackling Singapore’s ground issues

Singapore’s alternative parties warn Lawrence Wong of impending challenges, urging action on ground issues. Some politicians blame PM Lee’s leadership for failing to address key issues, exacerbating cost of living and housing woes.



Singapore’s alternative parties acknowledged the impending change in premiership in the city-state, following Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s official announcement of his decision to step down and pass the baton to Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong on 15 May.

However, some have cautioned the PM-in-waiting about the impending challenges, urging him to address the pressing issues faced by ordinary Singaporeans.

This includes the urgent necessity for concrete policies to alleviate the pressures felt by citizens and the imperative need to build a more democratic, inclusive, and compassionate society.

Certain politicians have criticized the PAP’s failure under PM Lee’s leadership to effectively tackle key issues, resulting in a heightened cost of living, job insecurity for locals, escalating housing prices, and a declining total fertility rate (TFR), among other concerns.

Calls for stronger strategies from Lawrence Wong and Cabinet to address Singapore’s critical challenges

Hazel Poa, Secretary-General of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), extended congratulations to DPM Wong on his upcoming assumption of the premiership on 15 May.

However, PSP voiced the expectation that in his new capacity, Mr Wong would wholeheartedly dedicate himself to enhancing the well-being of all Singaporeans, especially those in the working class and middle class.

The party further urged Mr Wong and his cabinet to devise more robust strategies to address housing affordability, optimize the allocation of Singapore’s fiscal resources for improved outcomes, and ensure fair opportunities for Singaporean workers in the job market.

Ms. Poa, who also serves as a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP), underscored the diverse voices present in Singapore, particularly within the political realm, where socio-economic matters often intertwine.

“We hope to see Mr Wong embrace this diversity for the betterment of Singapore, ” concluded Ms Poa.

Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party, also conveyed a congratulatory message to Mr Wong for his forthcoming assumption of the premiership.

He expressed the party’s anticipation for a fresh and, hopefully, more democratic, inclusive, and compassionate leadership that is dedicated to guiding Singapore towards a future where all Singaporeans can flourish.

Alternative party Red Dot United also expressed its eagerness to collaborate with the future Prime Minister Wong for the betterment of Singapore.

Lim Tean criticised PM Lee’s tenure ending in failure

Lim Tean, the leader of the alternative party People’s Voice (PV), has sharply criticized PM Lee’s tenure, characterizing it as a failure.

He highlighted various economic challenges, including a significant decrease in exports, heightened job loss anxiety among citizens, high rental costs, and a declining total fertility rate (TFR), among other issues, as evidence of this failure.

Calling PM Lee’s premiership as ‘disastrous,’ he suggesting that it had led to many ordinary Singaporeans becoming poorer.

Furthermore, Lim Tean mocked Lawrence Wong, Lee’s successor-in-waiting, for borrowing the slogan “For the Many, Not the Few” from the British Labour Party.

During the launch of the Forward Singapore road map in 2022, DPM Wong called on Singaporeans to contribute ideas to shape a future that benefits many, not just a few, and provides opportunities for all to improve their lives.

“I think he should have reversed that and said – “For the Few, Not the Many”. That is how I would describe Lee Hsien Loong’s premiership and I am confident that when history is fairly written in the years to come, that is how he would be remembered,” said Lim Tean.

Reform Party chief speculates on PM Lee’s continued influence despite step-down

Meanwhile, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, the Secretary-General of the Reform Party, suggested that despite stepping down, PM Lee could still wield considerable influence behind the scenes, akin to the late Lee Kuan Yew’s influence during his son’s tenure.

Mr Jeyaretnam criticized the state media for portraying Mr Wong in a positive light, despite what he perceives as the PAP’s disregard for the welfare of Singaporeans while its members benefit financially.

He questioned whether Singaporeans would continue to accept the lack of accountability from the government, particularly concerning issues such as the size of reserves and the financial arrangements within Temasek.

Highlighting various grievances against the government, including the high cost of living, long working hours with comparatively low wages, and job insecurity for locals, Jeyaretnam pointed out the disparity between the government’s vast financial reserves and its failure to provide basic welfare services to citizens.

Mr Jeyaretnam speculated that Mr Lee might call for a snap election, leveraging global instability to maintain power by perpetuating the narrative that only the PAP can ensure Singapore’s stability.

He urged citizens to remember the role of the opposition in holding the government accountable, particularly in matters concerning reserves and citizens’ welfare.

Workers’ Party silent on DPM Wong’s ascension to premiership

Notably, the Workers’ Party, led by Opposition Leader Pritam Singh with seven MPs in Parliament, has yet to issue any statement regarding the upcoming succession of Singapore’s premiership.

Several PAP Ministers have earlier pledged their support for DPM Wong’s leadership and his vision for the party and the nation’s future.

Interestingly, while acknowledging the succession, some PAP leaders have omitted congratulatory messages to DPM Wong on social media.

Instead, they have shared lengthy messages of gratitude towards PM Lee’s service to the country, with only a few brief mentions of DPM Wong, expressing eagerness to collaborate with him.

In a Monday statement, the PMO claimed that “DPM Wong has the unanimous support of the PAP MPs.”

Mr Wong is expected to guide the PAP into the upcoming elections slated for November 2025.

In a recent Facebook post, Mr Lee Hsien Yang (LHY) raised questions about prospective leadership dynamics within PAP following his estranged brother PM Lee announced decision to step down.

LHY’s post casts doubt on whether Mr Wong will wield full authority or if the outgoing Prime Minister will continue to exert significant influence, especially within the PAP.

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Lets give him warning that HDB leases are running to zero lease soon. Can he solve? tsk tsk tsk

The new EP is still a puppet … cant or wont say anything…
After all the bullshit promises he made on the campaign trail.
I never believe these PAPs.

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Even SG’s public housing is getting out of reach for many due to quickly rising prices…imagine that, publuc housing!

LW seems like another puppet…last time we had a puppet president…controlled by PAP.
Now LW is the puppet PM.
LHL still wants to be in control of the party!

Believe me, nothing is going to change.

Remember someone said the PAP have lost their way. Well, they’re fucking off track now.
Does anyone believe this replacement has the iron to govern and the brains to juggle the economy and the balls to fight for citizens?
Track record has shown all they do is jack up prices and throw scraps to us.
PAP are like weeds, you pull one, another three appears rain or shine.