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Singapore Democratic Party elects Central Executive Committee for 2024-2026 term

he Singapore Democratic Party elects its Central Executive Committee for the 2024-2026 term. Dr. Tambyah and Dr. Chee highlight the team’s readiness for the upcoming General Election, emphasizing unity and innovation for a democratic Singapore.



The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) cadre members gathered on 3 February 2024 to elect the Central Executive Committee (CEC) during the 21st Ordinary Party Conference (OPC).

The newly elected CEC, which will serve from February 2024 to February 2026, showcases a blend of continuity and fresh faces, reflecting the party’s commitment to stability and innovation in its pursuit of a more democratic Singapore.

The composition of the CEC remains largely unchanged, except for the departure of Mr Alfred Tan, who stepped down from his position, making way for the inclusion of Mr Abdul Salim Harun, a dedicated long-time party member and professional caregiver.

Mr Salim, 41, has been an active volunteer with the SDP since 2013 and became a full-fledged member in 2018.

Known for his leadership as the captain of the Marsiling-Yew Tee (MYT) GRC Ground Operations team, Mr. Salim has played a crucial role in organizing house visits, walkabouts, and social programmes aimed at fostering community ties and supporting residents in need.

His efforts led to the creation of the Befrienders Team, a testament to his commitment to community service and engagement.

The re-election of members from the previous CEC underscores the party’s confidence in its existing leadership and signals a strong endorsement of their efforts to advance the SDP’s vision for Singapore.

Chairperson Dr Paul Tambyah expressed optimism about the CEC’s composition, highlighting the diverse talents and dedication of its members towards achieving a more democratic Singapore.

“Singaporeans can be confident that our team will be able to run a great town council, or two, and raise critically important questions in parliament with creative solutions for a better future for all of us,” Dr. Tambyah stated.

As the party gears up for the General Election anticipated in the latter half of the year, Secretary-General Dr. Chee Soon Juan stressed the importance of a coherent and unified approach to strategic planning and public engagement.

“We’re gearing up for an election towards the second half of this year and everything from getting out our message to our groundwork must continue apace. The nuts and bolts of election activities need to be put in place in the coming weeks and months,” said Dr Chee.

With the election of its CEC, the SDP reaffirms its commitment to championing democracy, transparency, and social justice, aiming to make a significant impact in the forthcoming General Election and beyond.

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We are confident that sdp will have a couple of representatives in parliament this time round.

However, do be careful as they will lay landmines in the form of privilege committees to remove you. Watch for rajah.