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Malaysian bus driver suspended after viral verbal altercation with passenger

A TikTok video shows a bus driver in JB verbally berating and forcibly removing a female passenger. The incident, sparking widespread discussion, led to the suspension of the driver pending investigation by transport authorities.



JOHOR BAHRU, MALAYSIA: A TikTok video capturing a disturbing altercation between a bus driver and a female passenger in Johor Bahru gained traction online.

The 50-second clip depicts the driver verbally berating the woman before forcefully chasing her out of the vehicle.

This incident, originally posted on TikTok by user bouquetsurprisedelivery on Sunday (5 May), has sparked widespread discussion.

The video depicts a tense confrontation between the driver and the passenger.

The footage captures the driver saying, “You record it. Report it to the police. I’m not scared that you’re recording,” to which the passenger responds, “Are you scared? Don’t you feel scared that I will report it?”

Subsequently, the driver persistently urges the passenger to exit the bus.

Amidst escalating tension, the driver screams, “Get out!” and forcefully ejects the passenger from the vehicle.

A check into the local bus schedule reveals that this particular bus operates as part of the public transportation service connecting Permas Jaya and JB Sentral, with stops at JB Checkpoint for passengers continuing their journey to Singapore.


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According to the Johor Bahru South District police chief, the altercation occurred on 2 May at approximately 9:10 am.

Confirming the receipt of a report regarding the incident, the police chief stated that “the 31-year-old local woman promptly informed the police, alleging verbal abuse by the bus driver.”

The passenger allegedly didn’t pay the bus fare

The video, which has amassed over 900 thousand views, has garnered significant attention from netizens, accumulating over 5.7 thousand comments.

Some condemned the bus driver’s actions as wrong and dangerous.

Specifically, one netizen highlighted the importance of taking action against the bus driver for dropping passengers off midway through their journey.


Expressing concern, one netizen suggested that authorities should take action, arguing that individuals prone to impatience and emotional outbursts should not be entrusted with public transport responsibilities.


Conversely, some netizens speculated that the bus driver’s reaction might have been provoked by passengers’ misconduct, highlighting a perceived lack of intervention from fellow travellers in the video.


Some netizens emphasized the typically calm demeanour expected of bus drivers due to the responsibility of safeguarding passengers’ lives.

The consensus was that a display of anger from a bus driver could indicate a lapse in patience in handling passenger interactions.


It is noted that according to preliminary information by the police, the viral video on social media depicts a female passenger being verbally abused by the bus driver for allegedly not paying the bus fare.

Bus driver suspended after alleged misconduct

The Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) of Malaysia took action following the incident, suspending the bus driver pending a thorough investigation.

In a statement issued on 6 Monday (6 May), APAD emphasized the importance of preventing such occurrences in the future, directing the bus company to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the matter.

Citing the severity of the issue, APAD reiterated its firm stance against any actions that undermine public trust in land transport services.

The agency made it clear that it will not compromise with operators or drivers who fail to uphold standards of professionalism and safety.

The case is slated for investigation under Section 352 of the Penal Code, which pertains to the use of criminal force and carries a maximum imprisonment term of 3 months and a fine of up to RM1,000 (US$211)

Additionally, it falls under Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act 1955, relating to committing an indecent act, which incurs a fine of up to RM100 (US$21)

Authorities are urging individuals with any pertinent information about the incident to step forward and assist with the ongoing investigation.

Those who can provide relevant details are encouraged to contact the Johor Bahru South District police headquarters at 07-2182323.

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To put some context into the situation. In the state of Johor, there are free bus services for Malaysian citizens and regular bus services all operated by the same company that runs Causeway Link. I’m not sure why the passenger wanted to board the regular buses without paying since there is significant route overlap between the free buses and regular bus service for that area. Maybe they couldn’t wait for the next free bus to arrive. Either way, bus drivers should not be suspended for berating free loaders and telling them to leave the bus at the next bus stop… Read more »