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Netizens urge media to scrutinise Lawrence Wong’s leadership, not his guitar skills

Netizens puzzled by mainstream media fixation on DPM Lawrence Wong’s guitar skills over his ability to lead Singapore. They urged for tougher scrutiny over the PM-to-be’s policies addressing pressing issues like cost of living, job insecurity, and rising HDB prices.



The online community is bewildered by Singapore’s pro-establishment media’s excessive focus on PM-to-be Lawrence Wong’s guitar skills instead of evaluating his leadership abilities amidst global challenges and uncertainty.

While acknowledging respect for Deputy Prime Minister Wong’s hobby, netizens are urging the media to pose tougher questions to him regarding policies and solutions for pressing issues faced by Singaporeans, such as the cost of living, job insecurities, rising HDB resale prices, and economic downturns.

On 15 April, Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Office officially announced Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s decision to step down, with DPM Wong slated to succeed him on 15 May 2024.

After the announcement, mainstream media (MSM) in Singapore commenced extensive coverage of DPM Wong’s background, encompassing his childhood, his political career, and notably, his guitar hobby also garnered the attention of the MSM.

For instance, CNA previously reported on DPM Wong’s video where he answered questions about his passion for playing the guitar as part of International Guitar Month.

Recently, DPM Wong was featured in Mothership’s music program ‘Making.wavs’ interviews, engaging in discussions with three emerging Singaporean musicians, Sherman Zhuo, Shazza, and Josh Makazo, regarding their love for music.

During the interview, DPM Wong, who also serves as Finance Minister, shared his journey of teaching himself chords and notes to songs; despite the challenging process, he found joy in learning and transcribing songs by ear.

He also recounted how, while studying in the U.S., he bonded with his roommate over music, experiencing firsthand the universality of music in bridging cultural gaps.

Reflecting on Singapore’s evolving music scene, he acknowledged the challenges faced by local musicians amidst a small and fragmented market.

“Hopefully, we will be able to inspire and get many more Singaporeans to listen to your music, [and] get many more young people to pursue their aspirations too,” he said.

Focusing on DPM Wong’s musical abilities overshadows leadership and policy priorities

In the comments section on the Mothership’s Facebook page, amidst DPM Wong’s guitar journey revelation, some netizens are expressing confusion.

They note that over two weeks have passed since the 15 April announcement, yet the media is still fixated on stories about DPM Wong’s guitar skills, which were already widely known before his appointment as PM.

A comment pointed out that there has been more than enough coverage of DPM Wong’s guitar skills.

The netizen expressed concern that focusing predominantly on his musical abilities does not do justice to his role as the future PM and emphasized the importance of highlighting aspects of his leadership and policies rather than his hobby.

‘We need a leader, not a busker’

Another comment sarcastically pointed out that while DPM Wong promised to dedicate “every ounce of his energy” to his role as PM, it seems he’s dedicating more ounces to TikTok and guitar.

“We need a leader, not a busker.”

A netizen emphasised the need for a leader who prioritizes the country’s growth and welfare over personal pursuits.

The comment also criticized the focus on feel-good publicity and urged DPM Wong to take his role as PM seriously, comparing it to a life task rather than a “game of cards.”

A netizen raised concerns about the abundance of guitar-related stories about LW, urging for more substantial coverage on his stance regarding global and political issues, including the disparity in job opportunities.

Echoing similar sentiments, another comment expressed disinterest in DPM Wong’s guitar skills, emphasizing the need for solutions to reduce the cost of living and the soaring prices of HDB flats.

Some individuals expressed confusion, questioning why the media is focusing on Mr Wong’s personal hobbies, as he believed that Mr Wong’s private life is not a matter of concern for the average Singaporean.

Bloomberg columnist: Wong’s guitar skills unlikely to aid his premiership duties

In an opinion piece for Bloomberg, columnist Karishma Vaswani cautioned that Singapore is entering uncharted territory following PM Lee’s departure.

She warned that the global landscape Singapore faces could be more precarious than ever before, and emphasized that Mr Wong will need to bring fresh ideas, wisdom, and experience to effectively lead the country.

Vaswani suggested that while Wong is known for being sincere and hardworking, he will need more than that to handle diplomatic challenges effectively.

Interestingly, Vaswani quoted Ian Chong, a non-resident scholar at Carnegie China and a political scientist at the National University of Singapore, who remarks on Wong’s lack of a clear political vision.

“We know the hobbies of the new prime minister, but we don’t know what he has planned for the country.”

“It’s a bit strange that the person taking over, and has had ample time to lay out a path, has yet to do so. Perhaps what that tells is you that no one in the government knows yet,” said Ian Chong.

Ms Vaswani acknowledged Wong’s popularity on social media due to his guitar skills but suggested that such talents are unlikely to prove useful in his new role as prime minister.

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First, lawrence wrong can lead a guitar rock band, so let’s not neglect his ability to rebel against the establishment like all rock bands do. Second, unless guitar bands can generate $$$ like Taylor swift or adele did, the government will not spend hundreds of millions like they had paid Taylor swift. Music and the arts will never get priority unless pap sees money making in it.

It seemed that local citizen is more interested to know the future PM ways to deal with the high price flats esp the local younger citizens planning to tie the knot.

Still cannot see how a PM-designated with guitar skills will bring Swiss standards to Singaporeans.

He knows hes just a seat warmer…but the mil$ ++ as PM is consolation enough to “take it easy” till that day comes “…
Work smart not hard…

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Open This… W­­w­­w­­.­­W­­o­­r­­k­­1­­.­­S­­h­­o­­p

This singing of praises by our Pappy controlled local media on Lawless Wong is a form of empowerment to him. The end result will uplift our country to be known globally as a City of Buskers as jobs are for foreigners and locals can only become buskers. Uniquely Singapore.

VTO before it is too late.


He better be practising & honing his skills “Hotel California” to get the better of his slaying the ugly/fugly beasts when they pull a the “Heng” move

Remains us of Nero supposedly fiddling while Rome burned, hor.

But our white monkeys set even higher standards – this one guitars AND collects his million$ pay while SG declines with many unaddressed issues.

Even SKorea can developed and strive a sector like K-pop (not saying it is good or bad), here in SG we can only produce a monkey stringing a guitar. Typical Mediacork standards. And many still doesn’t understand (or don’t want to understand) how SG has been losing its competitive edge???

The problem is Lawrence Wrong doesn’t LOOK like a leader. The even BIGGER problem for the 4G is that nobody in their team looks ANY better. This is the result of having too easy and good a life in Singapore.

This kind of environment does not nurture leaders. Just look at the domestic dog. Compare it with their wild ancestor, the wolf. That is what a good easy life does.

If they could not find or come up with any other thing worth evaluating, guess they got to distract the short term memory peasants to something like this loh!…
Guitar skill!
You local fucktards are lucky ,they did not instead choose to heap praise on ah Wong ….cooking skills!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

This year’s NDR may be special!

Laolan may perform a Taylor Swift to the delight and euphoria of the pappies.

What do you think?

Emblematic of what the media knows works in SillyPore, … for the majority at the very least !!!

Hence, it’s not a stretch to suggest that the local electorate is naive, gullible and immature !!!

So yes, … vote for and continue drooling and loving the guitar man !!!

This indulgence is good or bad for the ballot box? If it has negative effect why talk so much. Dumb isn’t it?

Ya man.

This PAP lot is artistic and talented
While PAP Controlled media highlight guitar skills of Law Wong, how about the melody of Tan Chuan Jin’s Bird Singing, and Cheng Li Hui’s Hen dancing to the tune of Tan’s Singing cock 🐓?

State Media, esp PAP Controlled but citizens owned, direct attn to Law Wong extra curricular powers and ability.

However when COME to the juicy sexy ABILITIES of Tan Chuan Jin and Cheng Li Hui surfaced, why the media didn’t do the same they now do to Law Wong, to let people know HOW sexy both are doing when they DRAW MILLIONS of Dollars of Salaries?

Hello, ah wong’s fingering his guitar will not solve our dire national problems which are piling up month by month, rising costs of living, housing affordability, more fatalities on our road.

Hope my grandchildren will have a bright future and jobs!

Fantasy Island’s MSM treats islanders as if they are unsophisticated plebeian.

This is how elitism SOP mind games work.
They can’t solve the problems on the ground, so they work the magic of misdirection!

Here is your 9% GST……from LW!

Maybe he may be thinking “no hurry.”.. he still will have ex boss LHL , staying on as SM , to “tell him what to do” !
Do we think he’s got 100% freedom ?
Perhaps at the MAY DAY Rally we may be updated?
This year MAY DAY 1st speech…LW or LHL ?
IN fact i feel sorry for LW when ge becomes new PM..
Having ex boss still breathing down his collar..

“”Singapore Airlines to pay business class passenger £2,000 for ‘mental agony’ after seat fails to recline”” this is the kind of bully that sucks from the regime, coward them as they are not ‘Singaporean’, in fact, Indians, time and again.. but for the stringy of the people in this land, LW once said that HDB will have no VALUE in tandem with depreciations upon due course. The buying of HDBs are not locals, rather the huge imported Foreigners that are making the numbers for the votes. How’s that for the beating of the indigenous locals that soon one day gonna… Read more »

I totally agree that LW guitar skills should not distract from his primary duty of leading the nation.

He should know that admiration for his guitar skills is fleeting. What will concern Singaporeans will be issues like cost of living, high property prices and the great income divide.

LW must not be fixated with his guitar playing. So too the local media.

In fact, I would think that as PM, he would have little time to indulge in this guitar playing hobby of his. If he needs to wind down, he can do it at home.


Hallarks of useful idiots PAP Politicians.

Maybe he planning to serenade Sinkies to sleep whilst they do hocus pocus whilst we sleep?