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Spate of anti-Palestine graffiti emerges in Ang Mo Kio HDB stairwell, police respond

Instances of anti-Palestine vandalism have emerged in a stairwell at an Ang Mo Kio HDB block. Despite efforts to cover it, offensive graffiti reappeared twice, prompting police intervention and a stern warning against such behaviour.



SINGAPORE: Acts of anti-Palestine vandalism have become an issue within a stairwell at Block 586 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, prompting police intervention and a stern warning against such behaviour.

The situation was first brought to public attention when a TikTok user, Love by Umm, shared an image dated 25 February 2024, showing the words “F**k Palestine Hail Israel” scrawled on the wall.


Despite efforts to cover it up, similar offensive graffiti reappeared on 8 March, accompanied by lyrics from the song “Kill or Be Killed” by the metal band Spite, prompting the TikTok user to escalate the matter by filing a police report.


The vandalism didn’t stop there.

On 14 March, yet another instance of offensive writing was discovered in the same location, this time incorporating lyrics from the song “O Father O Satan O Sun!” by Behemoth, adding to the concern and prompting further police action.


Love by Umm emphasized that police reports were filed on both 8 March and 14 March, expressing hope for finding the perpetrator.

Additionally, in a comment on 10 March, they mentioned that police had visited on 9 March 2024, after a prior report was made by another individual.

They expressed gratitude towards the person who made the initial report.


In a recent comment posted on 5 May, Love by Umm expressed gratitude towards those who have reached out and provided support regarding the case they’ve been covering.


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♬ AlAqsa sound – yaraa 🦋🤍

They emphasized their appreciation for the attention the case has received, hoping that it will aid in the ongoing investigation and raise awareness about the events unfolding.

Authorities issue stern warning against vandalism

In response to these incidents, the authorities issued a police advisory on 15 March emphasizing a zero-tolerance stance on vandalism.

The advisory, issued following reports on 9 an 14 March, highlighted the serious consequences offenders would face, including potential jail time, caning, and hefty fines of up to S$2,000 (US$1,480).

The advisory serves as a reminder to the public of the legal repercussions associated with vandalism, aiming to deter further acts of defacement and promote respect for public property and communal spaces.

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All these nonsense and rubbish only at low ses places.
No wonder, some ppl die die MUST ONLY stay at Ridout Road!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

What about the anti-Israeli posters put up at at university toilet few months back? Judging from the inefficiency of the police, let’s see how efficient they are dealing with this case.

Recall the local Indian-vs-expat Indian spate at Pasir Ris park:

  • Local Indian – called up within 3 days, investigated and given a stern warning for “disturbing the peace”.
  • Expat Indian – cannot find him, despite having stayed in SG for 12 years (no local or mailing addresses, hor). Not wearing mask at that time was an offense punishable by a fine and/or jail.

Arrest them. Not a difficult task as there must be CCTVs. Name them publicly and get them to wash, rectify and repaint the wall. They should be reminded that an American named Michael Fay was caned for vandalism during LKY’S tenure despite the then President Clinton ‘s appeal.

Meanwhile police no updates on investigating the 3 hooligans who hung an anti-Israel banner at GBB bridge.

Loong said wealthy people welcomed intoSG to create jobs for him.

Why arrest the people responsible for the graffiti – create jobs for police is bad?Loong’s logic cannot swim.