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Israeli protesters block humanitarian aid convoy bound for Gaza

Israeli protesters blocked aid trucks from Jordan to Gaza, scattering food on the road. Four were arrested at the Tarqumiya checkpoint. Videos showed supplies being thrown from trucks, and settlers reportedly set some trucks on fire.



Israeli protesters block humanitarian aid convoy bound for Gaza

Israeli protesters blocked aid trucks headed for Gaza on Monday (13 May), strewing food packages on the road in the latest incident amidst Israel’s pledge to allow uninterrupted humanitarian supplies into the region.

The aid trucks were coming from Jordan to Gaza.

Four protesters, including a minor, were arrested at the Tarqumiya checkpoint, west of Hebron in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, according to a statement from the lawyers representing the protesters.

Videos circulated on social media showed protesters throwing supplies from the trucks onto the ground, with the contents of opened cartons spilled across the road.

In a subsequent video reported by Suppressed News on X, Israeli protesters set fire to trucks carrying humanitarian aid destined for Gaza.

“The aid that the State of Israel transfers goes directly into the hands of Hamas,” said a statement from the Order 9 group, which organized the protests.

The group argued that as long as Israel “gives gifts to Hamas and allows them total control over the distribution of aid in the Gaza Strip,” Hamas would have no incentive to negotiate the release of over 100 hostages it holds captive.

According to Quds News Network, Israeli sources suggest that these mobs are orchestrated by Israeli officials through organized groups, providing them with routes and timing of the convoys to prevent their arrival in Gaza from Jordan.

In response to the protests, Israeli police stated, “In light of incidents of disorderly conduct today, law enforcement has initiated an investigation culminating in the arrest of multiple suspects. The investigation is actively ongoing.”

On 7 May, six people were arrested after a similar protest in which dozens of demonstrators blocked an aid convoy heading to the Gaza Strip.

The protesters blocked roads at various points along the trucks’ route from Jordan to Gaza, damaging some of the goods and spilling them onto the road.

The White House has condemned an attack on an aid convoy heading to Gaza by Israeli settlers who threw packages of food into the road and set fire to the vehicles.

“It is a total outrage that there are people who are attacking and looting these convoys coming from Jordan, going to Gaza to deliver humanitarian assistance,” US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters.

“We are looking at the tools that we have to respond to this,” he added.

“We are also raising our concerns at the highest level of the Israeli government and it’s something that we make no bones about – this is completely and utterly unacceptable behaviour.”

Israel has faced heavy international pressure to increase the flow of aid into Gaza, where international organizations have warned of a severe humanitarian crisis threatening a population of more than 2 million people.

On Sunday, Israeli authorities announced the opening of a new crossing into northern Gaza, and a temporary port built by the United States is close to opening.

On 7 October last year, Israel initiated a military campaign in Gaza aimed at dismantling Hamas following the group’s assault on southern Israel.

Israeli authorities reported approximately 1,139 fatalities and 252 individuals taken hostage during the conflict.

Since then, according to data from the Palestine Health Ministry, over 35,090 Palestinians have lost their lives in Gaza, with more than 78,800 sustaining injuries.

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Ask yourself. Do you want a Hamas leader to be a member of UN? thank you

Again Israel faults?

You all forgotten Hezbollah terrorists hijack a big ship in the Red Sea. It also affect Singapore shipment. No?

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Are ALL Gaza civilians guilty of “supporting” Hamas? The last elections held in Gaza was in 2006. The PLO lost because of corruption allegations. Now, children make up roughly HALF of Gaza’s population, meaning only a fraction of the territory’s current population ever cast a ballot for Hamas. For almost 2 decades, Hamas has been controlling the flow of goods into and out the territory through the tunnels and they charge high taxes for it. They have the money and the guns. If the school bully runs the cafeteria, you’ll be cheering for the bully too, if you’ve learnt that… Read more »

Yet there is little news about Hamas hijacking or commandeering aid convoys, and “distributing” the aid to only their ardent supporters, while selling it to the more passive ones. This is how Hamas controlled the Gazans. Israeli forces had come across concealed/locked stocks previous under Hamas’ areas of control. There was a video of one that was discovered and the civilians simply rushed pass the Israeli soldiers (and this was in an active zone) to fight over the stocks. The scale of the stockpile and the large number of “civilians” involved made it unlikely to be a stage video. It… Read more »

Palestinians chose not to leave Gaza after so many warnings from Israel.

Palestinians chose to listen to Hamas. 34,000 dead ,they must blame Hamas.

Hamas are genocides. They wants to invade Israel. tsk tsk tsk

Free riders love riding camels in desserts. They love handouts. tsk tsk tsk

Last edited 7 days ago by john lim

Why should the whole world be so stupidly generous to owe the arabs in Gaza a living ?

The humanitarian aids cannot be just temporary but could very well stretch into many years, at least 7 years before Gaza could rise from its ashes and reconstruct itself to become productive again and economical self sustainable.

Billion of dollars of the worlds money and resources are channelled unproductively to these idiots who proclaim in their charter to repeat the massacre again and again.

Charity and free handouts for terrorist community must stop.

Palestine was known as Judea. Romans changed the name to Palestine. Romans invaded part of Israel land in the 600BC . Romans are invaders. Israel are occupiers.

why people just can’t understand period

Last edited 8 days ago by john lim

The retaliation is coming and the Zionists will not be able to survive the onslaught. As Hamas is the govt. in Gaza and has to protect its own people.

I’m SURE if Israel allow Hamas to escort the aid convoys, there will be no problems with these “protesters” 🙂

No matter what, this is too extreme…too much hatred and vengence…on both sides.
Will never end…

hahaha….. Palestinians protest. Now Israel protestors protest?