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Love Aid Singapore extends support to 700 Palestinian orphans amidst conflict

Gilbert Goh announced Love Aid Singapore’s support for 700 Palestinian orphans in Gaza. He highlighted the dire situation, with 20,000 orphans needing aid. Mr Goh urged support and revealed plans to expand sponsorship to 1000 orphans.



Love Aid Singapore extends support to 700 Gaza orphans amidst conflict

Singaporean activist and founder of Love Aid Singapore, Gilbert Goh, shared a positive update regarding the organization’s Orphan Sponsorship Program through their Instagram account on Tuesday (14 May).

Mr Goh announced that Love Aid Singapore currently supports 700 Palestinian orphans struggling inside Gaza.

He expressed gratitude to Singaporeans for their ongoing support.

The Orphan Sponsorship Program, launched in February, aims to assist families caring for orphans in Gaza.

This initiative was created in response to the large number of children in Gaza who have been lost or separated from their parents since the conflict on 7 October.

Initially, the program supported 300 orphans.

Over time, Love Aid Singapore has expanded its support to 700 orphans, recently adding 300 orphans from North Gaza to their sponsorship pool.

Mr Goh expressed hope for further expansion, stating that Love Aid Singapore aims to eventually sponsor around 1000 orphans in Gaza.

Love Aid Singapore expands support for orphans in Gaza amidst conflict

Mr Goh highlighted the dire situation for orphans in Gaza, stating that there are currently 20,000 children in need of food, clothing, and other aid.

These children often live with close relatives, such as aunts or uncles, after losing their parents.

Many also find themselves waking up in hospitals after airstrikes, having lost both parents, a situation that has led to the use of the acronym WCNSP – wounded child, no surviving parent.

Mr Goh noted that, tragically, about ten new orphans are added to this list each day as the conflict continues unabated.

Given the chaotic and unstable ground situation, Goh mentioned that Love Aid Singapore would strive to provide updates on their three food kitchens and orphan sponsorship program whenever possible.

He also highlighted that more than 300,000 Palestinians have fled Rafah for Al Mawasi and other areas during the current invasion in Eastern Rafah.

Love Aid Singapore has allocated US$200,000 for the Orphan Sponsorship Program, with US$42,000 required monthly to sustain the initiative.

Each orphan costs US$60 or S$80 for sponsorship.

Mr Goh announced that there are still 200 slots available for sponsorship and encouraged those interested to support a child by donating via PayNow to 87745281, indicating “orphan sponsorship.”

The sponsorship is a one-year commitment, payable at the beginning of each month or any day of the month, and supporters can sponsor more than one orphan.

He expressed gratitude to Singaporeans for their support, urging them to sponsor a Palestinian orphan to provide hope amidst the chaos and destruction in Gaza.

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There is a famous Chinese proverb saying when you are not loyal to someone or country: Fingers bending outwards and not inwards. What do you think?

Does GG knows Singapore is having a 9% GST?

Thank you GG.

SG needs more citizens to improve the TFR numbers ..
Perhaps some families with the means can apy to adopt these poor kids..thro legal channels of course..
These children are innocent victims…sad..