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Love Aid Singapore suspends humanitarian operations in Gaza amid ongoing bombings

Love Aid Singapore has suspended all humanitarian activities in Gaza due to ongoing bombings, which have destroyed many food kitchens. The organization plans to resume operations once the situation stabilizes.



(Gilbert Goh/UNRWA Facilities Attacked by IDF)

Love Aid Singapore announced a suspension of all humanitarian activities in Gaza due to the ongoing bombing campaign that has resulted in numerous casualties.

Gilbert Goh, the founder of Love Aid Singapore, conveyed this decision through an Instagram update on Sunday (9 June).

Goh expressed the gravity of the situation, noting that many operational food kitchens have been destroyed in the targeted attacks.

He emphasized that the decision to halt operations was not made lightly, especially considering the significant donations received and the donors’ expectations for transparency regarding the use of their contributions.

Earlier this year, Love Aid Singapore suffered a tragic loss when nine of its members were killed in a bombing at their kitchen in North Gaza.

“We don’t want to lose any more men; it would be a terrible burden for all of us,” Goh said, highlighting the emotional toll these losses have on the organization.

Despite the current suspension, Goh assured supporters that Love Aid Singapore plans to resume its humanitarian activities once the situation stabilizes.

The severity of the conflict in Gaza was further underscored by recent reports received by Gutzy.

According to information from Mr Goh, the region is engulfed in a state of war with widespread bombings.

Additionally, a photographer associated with the organization is missing.

An NGO collaborating with Mr Goh reported, “The problem is that they kill everyone who works in a kitchen there. Now, we are the only ones who still have ten pots of food in our kitchen, and we make food every day.”

The NGO mentioned that they have been trying to contact the authorities, but there has been no response yet.

In May, three Palestinian men who operated a soup kitchen in the Nuseirat refugee camp were killed in an Israeli strike on their car.

These men had volunteered to support their community during Israel’s bombing and starvation campaign against Gaza’s civilians.

The Israeli military has launched airstrikes targeting Palestinian refugee camps as part of their efforts to combat Hamas.

On Thursday (6 June), Israeli forces bombed a United Nations-linked school in central Gaza, killing at least 40 displaced Palestinians and injuring dozens more.

The military confirmed the bombing, stating that its fighter jets struck a “Hamas compound embedded inside a UNRWA school in the area of Nuseirat,” claiming it eliminated terrorists planning attacks against its forces.

A few days later, another Israeli attack resulted in the deaths of 210 Palestinians and left more than 400 wounded.

This incident followed a special operation by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that freed four Israeli hostages from the camp on Saturday (8 June).

Videos circulating on social media depict the devastating aftermath of the attacks, with the bodies of Palestinians scattered on the streets, underscoring the human toll of the conflict.

Love Aid Singapore continues medical relief efforts in Al Arish Sinai

Despite the suspension of humanitarian activities in Gaza, Love Aid Singapore will proceed with a planned visit to Al Arish Sinai next week.

This area, located in Cairo, is currently providing medical relief to several thousand Palestinians.

Goh noted that while the visit will continue as scheduled, its proximity to the Rafah border raises concerns about safety.

“Please pray that everything will be safe and go as planned,” Goh urged.

In addition to the visit, Love Aid Singapore has sent over US$100,000 in relief aid to an NGO.

This funding will provide US$100 each to 1,000 wounded Palestinians, demonstrating that they are not forgotten.

Goh highlighted that, to his knowledge, this is the first large-scale effort to visit and support these individuals.

Moreover, the scheduled Korban donations on 16 June will proceed as planned, ensuring that the intended support reaches the recipients.

“Hope is something that the Palestinians need, and we have to give them that,” Goh emphasized.

He called for continued prayers for all aid workers operating inside Gaza and for the hope of a ceasefire, however remote it may seem.

Goh also encouraged ongoing donations to their cause, providing a contact number for contributions: 87745281.

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Please give this guy a Palestine citizenship.

Palestinians are Hamas. Hamas are Palestinians.

Didn’t he know that? Singapore more important or Hamas and Palestinians?

Kudos Gilbert. Keep up the good work.